Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Little Finishing and a Question

I have some cross stitch finishes or not.

I do NOT want to let them pile up again.

I like to stitch far more than finishing. I wish that weren't the case, but I think it is having expectations that aren't reasonable.

Life has been rather busy lately and somehow they just piled up in the sewing room. I planned to spend the day in my sewing room last Thursday. I even wrote it in my planner! I will say that I enjoyed my day that I penciled in for crafting, but I found that just finishing them into pillows and stuffing them took longer than expected. My plan was to use what I had and I did that, but I stressed over every decision. This caused it all to take much longer than maybe it should have.

I am better than I was once, but still have a long way to go in the finishing department. The only way to get better is do it, so...

My first one I shared a while back. "Batty about Halloween" by Sandra Sullivan. I stitched it on 28 count...? with called for colors.

One of my problems with finishing is embellishing. I don't seem to be able to decide when enough is enough. I am simple, but I see things out there and think I need to do more...but, then I can't make it turn out to my liking. My husband said leave off the button, but my daughter liked it. I honestly don't know what I think yet. I know the picture is horrible and you can't see it to give me advice, but I was having computer /phone issues.

Next up is "Spell of the Moon" by Blackbird Designs.
I just went with the simple pillow backed in the same fabric as I used on "Batty about Halloween."
I felt the stitch itself was enough. See, I think I am just simple.

Stitched on 32 count Tin Roof by Weeks Dye Works in called for colors.

Then there is "Ye Old Crow Sampler" by Heart in Hand.

Stitched on 32 count ??? with called for color.
I did use some tiny buttons on this and the back is black and white homespun gingham, but I think I will add some black cording when I get some time to the sides. I loved stitching this one for some reason.

My next finish was a Christmas ornament from Just Cross Stitch's 2015 Christmas Ornaments. It was titled "Christmas Test Drive" by Mosey 'N Me.

My final finish is getting changed before I do anything else. I absolutely hated the ribbon. I had success previously with this finish, but the ribbon was too stuff. Again, I think some cording in the green would look tons better, so off the ribbon comes tomorrow. 

"Let Us Adore Him" by Country Cottage Needleworks. 28 count and called for colors.

I will share the two I am adding cording too again. I hope to do that this week and get those completely finished to my liking.

That is it for my finishes. I have spent the weekend ripping out my winter piece that I started. I am actually glad I made a costly mistake, because I was just not liking how it was turning out. Sometimes you just need to slow down I guess.

I have a question for anyone who might read and know. I want to know how or what Faye might be using to get a flat pillow finish such as the one below...???


As for upcoming stitches, I am putting my Autumn pieces aside until next summer. It is time for Christmas and winter pieces. I have some ornaments I want to stitch. I still have a Prairie Schooler Santa to stitch and then I will have two that need to finished into ornaments. I have some ideas but nothing in stone. Either way, I will stop and finish them before I move on. I am going to work on my winter monochromatic piece periodically until completion along with my Helen Keller piece. I was not liking having so many things in the rotation. I think I got off kilter with that.

I am slowing it down and trying not to look at everyone's finishing and just go at my own pace. It is hard to do sometimes!

One more thing...BLOG commenting.
If Blogger doesn't stop messing with me, I am going to give up. I can't comment on some blogs. I can leave messages on some with my Google account, on others I have to leave my name and URL (then jump through a million hoops to verify I am not a robot), and on some nothing at all.
I have read SOME are having similar problems, but not all of them seem to be the same as mine.
I thought it might have coincided with an update I did for Safari on my MacBook. I think that is why my photos were acting up...I have wondered if I had a different browser it would be better, but I am holding out that maybe it will all get worked out soon.

Dreaming of fall temperatures even though they are not coming anytime soon,


  1. So many wonderful finishes. I like them all.

  2. Blogger is being a pain. Still finding comments that I got NO notifications for!! So not I am back to checking awaiting moderation comment boxes. I love your finishes. I think that if you like simple, go with what you like as they will be displayed in your home. I have to do some finishing this week and like you, it is not my favorite thing. I am really dreading that drum but I am going to try to get er done!! I think I am going to try rice instead of walnut shells. I saw that another blogger used rice without a problem and it is much easier to get! I got two Christmas pieces done last week. I still have two sleds to complete for the grands. Before we know it Christmas will be here.

  3. Your finished finishes are all super looking, Sandy. I think you should finish them however you like. Sometimes, I think simple or less embellishment showcases the stitching better. Just my two cents! Have a good week!

  4. Sandy... first of all I love every one of your darling pillows! So cute. I have the same problem with commenting on some blogs. I think it may be an issue between Blogger and Wordpress. In any case, it's a pain. Have a fabulous week!

  5. Sandy: I love the fabric button it is lovely, the rouching is beautiful, I have done the same in the past taken a trim off and started over.
    Your finishing is amazing.
    I did a similar pillow, I used batting on the front and back then stuffed with batting clumps.
    I hate blogger sometimes, it will let me comment sometimes and the another time not.

    have a great stitching week.


  6. I didn't get to do any cross stitch last month so I am anxious to get started again. I have finished one small piece but wasn't sure what to do with it. I guess I should make a little pillow with it! I can see this will be hard for me to decide on too! Hugs!

  7. Oh, my! You really have been busy lately, Sandy--good for you!! I have five pieces just sitting on my work table wanting to be finished. I have been procrastinating lately. So sorry about the commenting issues. I've noticed that commenting is down on my last post so perhaps many bloggers are having this issue. It is very frustrating, I'm sure!

    P.S. I like the button on the Batty piece :)

  8. Hi Sandy, oh, I think that all of your finishing is gorgeous - well done, you. Maybe she used walnut shells for the flat pillow finish? Lastly, I have a Mac and I use Chrome not Safari - maybe try that? Also, apparently it is easier to comment on a pop up comment box rather than an embedded one - I have changed all of my blogs to the pop up comment box. Hope that this helps.

  9. Oh my goodness you talented lady you!! Your cross stitch pillows are absolutely incredible. The Batty about Halloween looks great with the button, I'd leave it. I get the whole wanting to finish thing, I've spent the better part of yesterday and today binding some quilts that have been sitting around way too long. It feels good to get them completely done. One of them was a Halloween quilt I made a year ago. Now with the binding done I can enjoy it!
    Have a good Sunday!

  10. I found this solves the issue of not being able to comment on a particular blog: clear your browser history. I first try clearing an hour, and if that doesn’t work, clear a day or two’s worth of history. Voila! You should be able to comment.

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