Tuesday, June 29, 2021

June on the Bayou and a CS Finish

 I was about to let June go by without documenting the bayou. June has been such a blessing to me. I have enjoyed the days so much even if many were raining. I wondered to myself the other day why was I loving the summer days so much this year ---and then it hit me.

Last year a good portion of the summer was spent with taking care of Mama with her most awful case of shingles. I wasn't even ready for summer to end last year because I had felt it was spent dealing with that.

I thought, "No wonder I am loving the days so much. Mama is doing pretty good right now. Certainly, NOTHING like last summer.

I took pictures of the bayou at one point when I thought there would be nothing but rain to take. Even after the tropical storm in the Gulf, many days rain just spun up out there.

I don't know if you can see it, but the next two pictures of the bayou were raining. I did one out to the bigger waters and one across the way.

Last Saturday, I reminded myself that I should be sitting out and sunning like a good summer day calls for. Now, I don't care two cents about a tan anymore...but I do love to just sit and enjoy the views.

I watched boats and people enjoying the water.

I took a few shots from my lawn chair on the dock.

The first is not a shot I do very often. It is back toward my side of the bayou and down the way.

The water is kind of red from all the rain we have had of late.

Then a shot down towards the entry to our bayou.

There was actually a salty breeze before lunch that day and very pleasant.

Then Monday morning, I thought the light was pretty.

June's bayou pictures recorded.

I am throwing in a cross stitch finish. I made my Cats on Parade drum this month.

Here are several pictures to show you all around it.

#1 kitty

#2 kitty

The back side where it is joined with year.

The top.

#3 kitty.

We are heading away from the beach for the 4th to our Auburn home. I am hoping for a quiet few days. Happy Independence Day to all,

Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Hodgepodge of Topics

 I am letting my phone pictures inspire this random assortment of topics if you will...

First up is a picture I took at Mother's house the other day.

That will take you back --huh? A classic Tupperware container from back in the day. It was sitting out because she had baked a cake. What do the two have to do with each other you ask?

Mama stores her hairnet in it, and she wears a hairnet when she bakes a cake. No hair on her head is going to show up in a cake she bakes. Now, I have not really investigated this topic with her in depth, but knowing her she has probably found a hair in a cake at some point in her life and been shocked by the sight--- so she wears a hairnet. That is what I am speculating.

Speaking of her and cake...

This is a picture from several movies I made of them interacting over cake. It was fun to watch the interaction. He wanted to go over to her house one day and as soon as we entered the front door he asked if she had cake.

He is quickly learning that Grandma means cake. She had some in the freezer so she got it out and defrosted for him. They had quite the conversation going.

This was all good for her. A good day.


A picture left off from birthdays that I thought was very cute.


I have always said Jeff's purchase of our  Jeep was his midlife crisis. Not a sports car but an old YJ Jeep. We have the last year that model was made. It has square headlights is how you tell the model. Anyway, he babies that thing and to be honest I thought he was nuts when he got it, but I love it. It is the dog mobile and the beach mobile. Here is a picture of just two things that show his love for his Jeep.

Katie found him the wheel cover for Christmas one year. I think it goes well with the Jeep and our love for our home state. BUT...don't miss Sasquatch carrying a flag. That is his most recent acquisition. It joins a redfish tag on the front and missile firing button that sits where the cigarette lighter goes. You just never know what comes next. I am sure a 60 year old silver haired lady driving to the beach is not one expects to see driving it:)


Jeff, Paul Allen, and Katie went on a fishing trip down to Melbourne. This was Jeff's 60th birthday present. They caught tarpon. 

Did you notice there are no photos of Jeff? I think he enjoyed being the photographer of the other two as much as fishing.


Then there is Father's Day at Harbor Docks in Destin with Tyler and Tucker....

There has been lots of rain with the Tropical Storm and then lots of just Gulf inspired rain. It has cut into my outside time so there will be a stitching post soon.

The storm caused a tornado in my hometown just across the line in Alabama and a horrible horrible traffic accident on I 65 that was hard to get the mind off of...killed lots of kids. Those are just hard to fathom.

It reminds me to be so very grateful for all my blessings of days.


Moving on to a happier topic.

We had one more celebration of two good friends retiring...
Cindy and Betty are officially joining my ranks.


I have also read 2 more good books. The first was The Winemaker's Wife by Kristin Harmel. It is another novel about the French Resistance during WWII, but had a twist I didn't see coming. 

BUT,  this one is a true winner...

It is a new release and the first for Virginia Hume. I really enjoyed Haven Point

I have also got Mother reading which is wonderful. Our library has a whole section of large print books. She will tell me she doesn't need one, but she reads through it in no time, so until she actually doesn't read one I am continuing. It is far better than TV and she is not able to handle any technology.

I will leave you with Gus on a very lazy morning.

Very unusual for him. I think it was because he had already expended a day's energy that morning. The rain has had him going nuts. He looks as if he is saying, "Don't bother me, I am resting!"

The sun is shining this morning so I am going to get out there in the humidity and enjoy it today. 


Friday, June 18, 2021

A Stitching Post and Flowers

   I am finally sharing a stitching post. These early summery days have found me not wanting to sit still for stitching and then being too tired for much stitching in the evenings. I do have two things to share.

I finished the Cats on Parade by Blackbird Design.

I will make this into a drum like the cover of the pattern. I chose an orange linen rather than the called for peachy linen. I like my choice very much. I think it lends itself to an old school look. I hate to say vintage because that would mean I am vintage, but it does make me think of something from my childhood.

It also calls for a stitched top which is cute but I think I will do a fabric top and bottom using one of these two things from my stash.

Each one of these cats would be so cute stitched individually.

The next stitch...

I also finished up the very old Auburn pattern that I had been holding on to for years. It is rather large and would probably be better suited for framing but I made into a hanging thing instead. It will be fine on my Auburn tree at Christmas or in my sewing room on an easel.

I have also worked on some other stuff but progress is nothing worth showing. I am about to start and finish Palmer's name for Lindsay. Then I must do him his ornament for the first Christmas. We are about 5 weeks from his arrival.


I am also going to throw in a few pictures of my day lilies I planted this year. I had ordered them and really didn't know what they would look like. I went out every morning waiting with bated breath for each of them to bloom. It was like watching a boiling pot. I thought they would never bloom. 

This one is called Rocket Blaster. *Remember Jeff said I picked them because of their names:)

When they finally did they did not disappoint. 

Jeff said I probably should have planted them in a clumps of the species rather than a straight line. I think he was right and maybe I can correct that for next year. It is sort of like imagining a straight line of flowers in separate containers on the counter rather than one big bouquet. It would be a little more eye catching.

However I am fully loving the pops of color when I walk back into the cul de sac from a walk.

My favorite has been Alabama Jubilee which is the orange red.

In the bright sun of midday it is really more orange.

When I ordered them the company sent one freebie. It was called Inkheart. 

I just love that purple center and it matches the shrubs so well that I think I need more of them next year.

These are the ones I have had for many years.

I go out each morning early to water my potted plants and look to see what is popping up. 

I will end with a duck video. They are still hanging out close by and last weekend they walked right up on the deck. 


Gonna try to stay dry over this weekend as we are about to get the outer edges of a tropical storm. We could use rain - not flooding but rain. IT is all starting early this year. Whew! 

Hanging on,


Sunday, June 13, 2021


 Late May and the first half of June are some of the busiest times of the year for our family. This year it was even busier. We have celebrated with friends retiring and had two birthdays with family. 

My post today is to document the celebrating, but if you stick around to the end you will see it has been a little bit harried to say the least. The celebrations were still special and sometimes the craziness that comes with the days makes the good times even more important.

The first celebration ended up being a 2 FOR 1 Deal. Our niece Kristan comes each year from Texas. We try to get our small family together each year. Kristan is Lindsay and Paul Allen's only cousin. I have no siblings and Jeff has only one niece from his two siblings. Until Tucker arrived on the scene, Kristan's twins were the star of the show.

They still are but now they share it with Tucker. We planned our visit for Tuesday night. With Jeff's birthday two days away and it being his 60th, I decided to see if I could make it a surprise birthday party for him. FAMILY only party, but just a way to celebrate him.

The kiddos.

You may remember last September I had my 60th and the kids gave me a themed party. I loved it. At our age we don't need anything but what fun that was! 

After texting back and forth with the kids we came up with a "Born to Rock" party. 

Jeff has always loved rock music. It makes for "discussions" in the truck on trips when I want some calming old country music and he wants to listen to rock. I can take about two songs and I am out.

I did manage to surprise him and for me that was the goal!!!!

I ordered 3 banners to hang around the house. Here is one of them.

Tucker and PaPa rocking out.

Tucker was with me that day...More about that later. He was a little concerned that all the attention was going to PaPa and not him. I think he might need a little brother:)

Mother made a cake. 

When it came time to blow out the candles he wanted to help.

I made some brownies for the kids adding guitars to carry on the theme.

Donna added the fun with a shirt that Jeff wouldn't be caught in. I am sure I will have it as a sleep shirt or work shirt later.

We enjoyed pizza and family time.

On Jeff's actual birthday we had a simple out to eat at the Mexican restaurant where we had a long wait. There is a story coming soon about waiting in restaurants. Not today though.

We celebrated Paul Allen's birthday on Saturday. Jeff and Paul Allen have birthdays two days apart. Lindsay and I both have September birthdays.

I didn't have any candles so I made him blow out a candle in a votive:)

Now, there was one more birthday in all this! Gus turned 4 this week also. Mommy can't forget to celebrate him too. He got in on all the festivities.

Oh and Jeff and Paul Allen had a morning fishing since my last post. This happened Saturday a week ago. Paul Allen really gave his dad the best birthday present he could have given him with time on the boat fishing with him. They caught supper that night.

Jeff, Paul Allen, and Katie are leaving after church today for an overnight fishing trip to the east coast so I am grand dog sitting.


Now, as you can see we have had some really good times, but wow...it has been crazy too.

Mother had an episode that involved a visit in the middle of the night to her home and then having her spend the next night with us. Watching a parent age is not fun. Good good days mixed in with some hard too.

Lindsay and Tucker have been really sick. I have kept Tucker so much that I was completely exhausted and plan to spend the day while Jeff and the kids are fishing too lay on my tail...praying Mama stays healthy and happy so I can do just that.

I will say keeping a baby is much easier than keeping a 2 and half year old. He is better and for that I am thankful.

Lindsay has had an awful cold and finally had to take an antibiotic and was told she could take Sudafed. In true family form (like her dad and brother) that was a HUGE no no. She ended up in the hospital ER for a day with an extremely high heart rate and then contractions that wouldn't let up. It was way too early for a baby to come.

Each time she thought she would be able to go home something else would happen. She ended up having to take the drug that is used to stop contractions. She is starting to feel better. 

Yea, in between the good there was lots of stress and tiredness. 

I actually made it all the way to Sandestin to the hospital through so much traffic that I began to wonder how in the world will she ever get to the hospital when she actually goes into labor. I am still pondering that and PRAYING about that.

Then I left to go back into that madness to go pick Tucker up from daycare. Just par for the course there was a bomb threat at our courthouse and that locked traffic down in the other direction even worse than I had already been through. 

In between all that celebrating I was a tired stressed girl but like I said at the beginning...it can make you even more grateful for the good.

Counting blessings,

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Streamlining and New Patio Furniture

A few years ago picking one word for the year became quite popular. Yes, I know it is June 1st and I am taking about a word for the year. HA! 

I read the book and attempted to do that because the author makes a good case for doing such. Honestly, I read more posts from other bloggers about one words each year that were far more deep and thoughtful than anything I ever come up with on my own. 

Anyway, more than once over the past 7 years the word simplify has popped into my mind. In fact, one night a few weeks ago it popped into my mind again. I decided to give it some thought as I lay in bed. I think it arose again because there is always conflict in my mind. There are two things duking it out up there. 

One is dealing with the stuff we accumulate over time knowing we don't want to be dealing with stuff for the remainder of our lives. The other is being too sentimental!!! I written about it more times than not. I have declared many times that I am a sentimental, organized packrat. 

My wonderings that night led me to pull out my phone and actually look up the word, simplify. I thought the following three definitions were appropriate to me in defining what I was looking for and what I was NOT looking to do ....

1. to reduce to the basic essentials (this one really is not what I am striving for. I am way too sentimental for that!)
2. to diminish in scope or complexity. (I liked this one...it was more what I had in mind with the word simplify.)
3. to make more intelligible: clarity. (I liked this one too.)

By now, you can see I wasn't falling asleep! I decided to click on the synonyms since the first definition led me to think that I hadn't hit on the word I was exactly looking for all these years.

STREAMLINE came up. I then looked up streamline.
---smooth flow -less resistance. 

Now, this spoke to my analytic more scientific nature. 

I thought, "Yes, this is more what I need in my life." 

Smooth flowing ---less resistance.

All that to say---that is why I got rid of all my plants downstairs and as I cleaning and moving through life this summer I have streamline on my mind.

I need things to move a little more smoothly. I have a lot of people to see about and yet, I still want to enjoy my hobbies. I want my routines to be more streamlined. 

That new focus is helping me to move some things out. Funny how just a new way of thinking can set some things in motion. 

Jeff decided we needed some new outdoor furniture. I was actually against it and voiced my opinion, but he was just so adamant that I knew it was pointless. I started rearranging things going along with my "streamline" thinking. If he was going to buy a table and chairs to put back upstairs on the deck then some more plants were just going to have to go!

Honestly, I was already thinking they needed to go because over the years the light on the deck has changed so much with the pine tree growing bigger and providing more shade. I moved out my two plant stands and again got rid of some more plants. I kept two geraniums upstairs. They are beautiful right now but by July 4th they will be struggling to shine because of heat. Geraniums love our spring and fall temperatures here in north Florida.

On Memorial Day, we went to Lowe's and bought a table and chairs and he spent the afternoon putting them together. We had one out there for many years and enjoyed it. I was resistant because we had added these two big blue chairs and I didn't think we needed to crowd the deck.

We had our first meal out there Memorial Day evening with Mother and Jeff's brother. Sounds of boats, kids playing across the bayou, and birds singing were heard while eating our meal.

I readily admitted I had been wrong. It was delightful. So delightful that this morning I had my quiet time out there. 

AT 7:20 AM this morning it was a wonderful 69 degrees with a wonderful salty breeze. Gus liked it so much that he fell into a hard sleep with his little fur ruffling in the breeze. Yep, I was wrong. I like the table a whole bunch.

I have narrowed my pots downstairs to a row I can water easily with the hose. The hostas (on the right) are amazing. I had them up front and have found their happy place. My rose is loving life too. I may add another NEXT year. 

You may have noticed that white table and chairs. It is at least 37 years old. It is getting a little worn, but I think it has a couple more summers in it. It is a little too big for the upper deck.

Oh, and to make things even sweeter, I have a great like for mallards. A whole group of them have been hanging out on the grass next door. They have kept Gus and me entertained.

Planning to do summer with a grateful heart,