Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Streamlining and New Patio Furniture

A few years ago picking one word for the year became quite popular. Yes, I know it is June 1st and I am taking about a word for the year. HA! 

I read the book and attempted to do that because the author makes a good case for doing such. Honestly, I read more posts from other bloggers about one words each year that were far more deep and thoughtful than anything I ever come up with on my own. 

Anyway, more than once over the past 7 years the word simplify has popped into my mind. In fact, one night a few weeks ago it popped into my mind again. I decided to give it some thought as I lay in bed. I think it arose again because there is always conflict in my mind. There are two things duking it out up there. 

One is dealing with the stuff we accumulate over time knowing we don't want to be dealing with stuff for the remainder of our lives. The other is being too sentimental!!! I written about it more times than not. I have declared many times that I am a sentimental, organized packrat. 

My wonderings that night led me to pull out my phone and actually look up the word, simplify. I thought the following three definitions were appropriate to me in defining what I was looking for and what I was NOT looking to do ....

1. to reduce to the basic essentials (this one really is not what I am striving for. I am way too sentimental for that!)
2. to diminish in scope or complexity. (I liked this one...it was more what I had in mind with the word simplify.)
3. to make more intelligible: clarity. (I liked this one too.)

By now, you can see I wasn't falling asleep! I decided to click on the synonyms since the first definition led me to think that I hadn't hit on the word I was exactly looking for all these years.

STREAMLINE came up. I then looked up streamline.
---smooth flow -less resistance. 

Now, this spoke to my analytic more scientific nature. 

I thought, "Yes, this is more what I need in my life." 

Smooth flowing ---less resistance.

All that to say---that is why I got rid of all my plants downstairs and as I cleaning and moving through life this summer I have streamline on my mind.

I need things to move a little more smoothly. I have a lot of people to see about and yet, I still want to enjoy my hobbies. I want my routines to be more streamlined. 

That new focus is helping me to move some things out. Funny how just a new way of thinking can set some things in motion. 

Jeff decided we needed some new outdoor furniture. I was actually against it and voiced my opinion, but he was just so adamant that I knew it was pointless. I started rearranging things going along with my "streamline" thinking. If he was going to buy a table and chairs to put back upstairs on the deck then some more plants were just going to have to go!

Honestly, I was already thinking they needed to go because over the years the light on the deck has changed so much with the pine tree growing bigger and providing more shade. I moved out my two plant stands and again got rid of some more plants. I kept two geraniums upstairs. They are beautiful right now but by July 4th they will be struggling to shine because of heat. Geraniums love our spring and fall temperatures here in north Florida.

On Memorial Day, we went to Lowe's and bought a table and chairs and he spent the afternoon putting them together. We had one out there for many years and enjoyed it. I was resistant because we had added these two big blue chairs and I didn't think we needed to crowd the deck.

We had our first meal out there Memorial Day evening with Mother and Jeff's brother. Sounds of boats, kids playing across the bayou, and birds singing were heard while eating our meal.

I readily admitted I had been wrong. It was delightful. So delightful that this morning I had my quiet time out there. 

AT 7:20 AM this morning it was a wonderful 69 degrees with a wonderful salty breeze. Gus liked it so much that he fell into a hard sleep with his little fur ruffling in the breeze. Yep, I was wrong. I like the table a whole bunch.

I have narrowed my pots downstairs to a row I can water easily with the hose. The hostas (on the right) are amazing. I had them up front and have found their happy place. My rose is loving life too. I may add another NEXT year. 

You may have noticed that white table and chairs. It is at least 37 years old. It is getting a little worn, but I think it has a couple more summers in it. It is a little too big for the upper deck.

Oh, and to make things even sweeter, I have a great like for mallards. A whole group of them have been hanging out on the grass next door. They have kept Gus and me entertained.

Planning to do summer with a grateful heart,


  1. How nice the patio looks with your new additions! What a great place for your morning quiet time AND for dining! You have such a green thumb. The plants looks great and will continue to thrive, I'm sure! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great theme for this year.... I am trying to do that as well. I got rid of all my craft things except my cross stitch. I gave each child a BOX of pictures of their families. I just do not have the room for them here. I love your outdoor area. We need to get a table and chairs for our patio as well. Spring and fall will be the prime time for eating outside here as well.

  3. Love your new table and chairs, Sandy. What a beautiful view you have! I hope you have a wonderful week.

  4. Now, that is what I call constructive streamlining! I love that you now have a place to enjoy the early morning cooler temps and watch the birds/ducks, etc. while having your devotions and/or breakfast. You have a very lovely place to enjoy the outdoors. My frustration with our back deck overlooking the pond is that it faces the west, and the afternoons are brutal, even with the roof over the deck now. But early morning and later evening is nice...except now the deerflies are becoming quite the nuisance in the evenings. So enjoy your lovely spot as often as you can, and take more pictures of those pretty Mallards for us! Our geese are gone from our pond, but we are still watching the bluebirds, waiting for the babies to fledge. Any day now. I like your word "Streamline". I should try it sometime. LOL>

  5. Sandy: What a great post, I am one that loves words in my life, I had never thought of STREAMLINE this is a great one, yes I too am an organized packrat also but only in my craft room, it seems I always find a way to keep the things I do not need but cannot let go.
    What a sweet day you had on the patio, it is so refreshing to be able to have company and go visiting to friends now and without a mask.
    Have a lovely day.


  6. What a beautiful spot for your morning time, Sandy! Streamline is a great one and I am going to ponder it this summer.

  7. Beautiful post. Your table is chairs are lovely. Gus photo is marvelous. lol
    Streamline is a good word! Upbeat, direct and anti-grumble about it.

  8. I really like the thought you put into your word. And it's a great word. I'm getting back into this mode of clearing some things out and I find your post inspiring today.

  9. Streamline is an excellent word! While the new table and chairs are a wonderful addition, I do really like those blue chairs! :-)

  10. Love your word of choice for the year, Sandy! I'm trying to do that around here as well and just not add any more "stuff" into my life... I do love your new table and chairs and with that deck and beautiful view, I can see why your husband wanted them. I'd be eating out there every night before it gets too hot! Enjoy your weekend--it's getting up into the 80's here finally. I've been still wearing my winter pj's :(

  11. We met with my builder earlier this week. Probably won't move till early 2022 but in the meantime, I'm taking notes on the plants you have in containers outside. I plan to do a lot of that in the next home. Could do more of it now, but transporting the big heavy pots is a problem, so I'll just make do with what I've got here for the time being.

    Your new deck furniture is really pretty.

  12. Your renewed patio will be your friend all summer, it looks lovely.


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