Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Weekend Getaway

Hubby and I took a weekend trip. I just felt like we could use a getaway: him from work and me from running to doctor appointments and trying to sell land for my mother.

So, off to our place near Auburn. We went to the baseball game on Saturday night after just roaming around Auburn on Saturday. The game was supposed to be a noon, so that is when we arrived only to find out they had postponed it to 5:00.

Auburn won over Georgia. Always good! We have been so busy the last couple of years that it has been a while since we have gone to a baseball or basketball game. We love attending all sporting events, but lately it has only been football. We have to remedy that.

Before we made it to the game, one of our stops was to the Robert Trent Jones golf course in Opelika. Hubby wanted to check on golf tournament tickets for the summer. Yawn!

However, on our way in, we spotted a model home tour. We stopped and peeked in. I LOVE looking at those to just see what is new.

I loved the dining room. The mirrors had me a first glance. I do have mirrors in my dining room. I have always loved them, but I must say I always choose to sit with my back to them. Just not sure I want to see myself eating. They do show off a dining room though when not in use.

My absolute favorite thing was this table on the screened porch. Oh my, I love original things like this. They said it was made from a ship's door.??

The master bathroom caught my eye too. Love the colors of the counter and cabinets.

Then, on Sunday we traveled to my old stomping grounds of Columbus, Georgia. My first time living there was in the early to mid-sixties when my dad was stationed at Fort Benning.

We went to the new Infantry Museum. It is super nice. I love history and was blown away by the museum. It is done with excellence. The drive into it is gorgeous as well with the pines and oaks dripping with Spanish moss.

The building is so pretty. The setting around very nice. I know they will be adding more for awhile.

I won't bore you with my museum pictures, because I know not everyone is a geek like me. I do love the big exhibits they have telling the story of the infantry, but the thing that I love to do is look at the real pieces of history. I have just been on a cursive whine lately. I think it is so pretty and hate to see young people who can't even read it. Not good. You wouldn't be able to read the wonderful pieces of primary sources of history.

We went to find my home on Trask Drive. I lived here and they were some of favorite memories before I lost my dad to cancer at a young age. I spotted it even before we saw the house number. I actually was surprised that after 50 years it looked this good.

There was a toddler in the door looking out at us. 

Here is it in 1964.

I have several more, but not any of the front with my sweet family. 
I loved sharing this with Hubby. I kinda think he enjoyed seeing it too. I have told so many stories about this neighborhood.

The next time I would arrive in Columbus was fresh from college with a teaching degree. A friend from our methods teaching classes and I rented an apartment called Club Hill. They were newly built on Warm Springs Road. I would drive north to teach in the neighboring county at a very rural consolidated county high school. She would drive south to teach in an inner city Columbus school. Oh the tales we could tell each evening. 

Club Hill had a pool and a pond (aka lake) in the center. Jill and I were both dating boys that were finishing up in Auburn(we both married them), so we either went to Auburn every weekend or home. Occasionally, Hubby would visit. My favorite thing to do was feed the ducks.

I was again most surprised at the condition. It looked the same. Still very nice.



The next picture is of my outside my apartment. I was a high school teacher. Smaller than most of the kids. I have great memories of that year. I was thrown to the wolves in my job. Little or no materials, but I did what I had to do and am proud of what I accomplished there.

I think that was favorite pair of tennis shoes ever. I bought them at Gayfers (Cordova Mall) in Pensacola while in college. Anyone else miss Gayfers?! Nike was just getting started.

Hubby and I walked around the lake to where two guys were fishing and had them take our picture. After all, this is the place where Jeff popped the question.

There is lot more of us, but a bunch more blessings to go with it.

Our last stop for the day was in Pine Mountain. We shopped in a few antique stores. There was one to linger in and wish on. It had so many beautiful pieces of furniture. The real deal!

My only purchase for the trip was a McCoy planter. I love dogs and I just thought I needed this somehow. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet.

We stayed the night at our cabin, and then headed home Monday. I hope a weekend away from work was good for Hubby. I know it helped me. 

I have a very busy rest of the week, so I need to get up and get started on it.

Blessed to get to spend a weekend alone with my fellow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Deck Progress

The top deck is complete, but rain is hampering progress on the bottom levels.
The top deck was completed just in time for the spring rains. The rains have kept me from cleaning up and doing the touch up painting that is needed from where the old and new didn't meet. Yesterday was the first sunny day, but I spent the whole day inside with doctor appointments for Mama. Today we had more of those, so I am hoping the sunshine will hold for tomorrow so that I can get busy outside.

Without further ado, here is the top level.

I went outside early this morning to get a few pictures. This view was taken on the side by the stairs going down and looking back across the deck. The table and chairs are right outside our kitchen door. 

We used a composite material for the deck boards. All other material is the regular pressure treated lumber used along the water. I chose the  darker color because when the other boards age they will be similarly colored.

The next shot is where I keep my geraniums.

Unfortunately, they are not blooming. They will be popping soon though. They do well here, and I love to look out my kitchen window while washing dishes to them. They also make a great little side note for suppers on the deck. 

I love to sit in the tall chairs. We had them especially built for the deck so that you could see over the rail. They are wonderful, and I thank God every time I sit in one for the view that I am so lucky to have.

The grill is right out our family room door. Hubby is a fine grill master, I might add.

This is the view to the right from my chair.

This is straight ahead.

To the left is a tree, and if it looks like a long way down, it is.
The truth is that this deck is much like three levels up. I will show you in a moment.

Going downstairs, the second level is the downstairs to our home. It has a tile porch and the former top deck rested on the stone wall. It had finally given way to the deck. So, we moved the support beams out further and they are in the ground with concrete. It actually added about a foot and a half out on the top deck.

We have to get the stone wall repaired. We are pulling up the tile and putting in a metal rail on this level. It will have a gate which I am so excited about. The dogs will not be able to sneak off at will for a swim.

The tile is awful. It is impossible to keep it nice looking. The only thing I don't like about the new deck is the big posts. In order for us to get a real secure deck that I won't worry about made them a necessity. 

We didn't redo the bottom level because we can a few more years out of it. When we do we will use the composite material to do it as well.

I purposely didn't make these big because I have a mess to clean up down there. Everything is just dirty. Hopefully, next week I can get outside and get it done.

This is looking back from the dock.

 The second level will have railing when we get the stone repaired and tile repaired.

Now, for an interesting note. The water levels are way down during the winter months, but during the summer they rise to the top to where no sand is showing on a regular day. The right side of the yard is grass and you have to step directly into the water. We have a ladder on the dock to climb down in the water.

When hurricanes come in, it is hard to believe, but the pilings directly in the front and center of you are covered with water very early. During IVAN, water came up to the top of the stone but never overlapped onto the tile. VERY scary.

As for Mama...we are continuing to try and get her feeling better. After her blood pressure shot to stroke levels back in January, I have had her going to all kinds of doctors. Yesterday, we finished our visits to the urologist. She has a kidney stone embedded and some para pelvic cysts, but everything checked out ok there. Cardiologist has gotten her blood pressure settled down, and we are done with him. She has a massive sinus infection, so we are working on that with a month long prescription of antibiotics specifically designed for her problem. Possibly a balloon procedure on tap for May.
We visit her new internist, now her primary care physician next week.

busy, busy, busy....

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bridal Shower

Last weekend, I hosted a baby shower...this weekend a bridal shower.

The way I see it, I had all my serving pieces pulled out, and the house spic and span, so why not?

My good friend's son is getting married to the absolutely sweetest girl. They have the definite look of love in their eyes.

We had a very similar set up as last week, but instead of a brunch, it was an afternoon tea. I had a friend helping this week. She brought several chalkboards to use. We added this sign since last week I fretted over everyone remembering to step down when placing their gift on the pool table.

The table minus the mini quiches which were set out right at the last minute.

Once their plate was filled, then into the kitchen for their drinks.

On the kitchen table, we had the cake. It was so cute. I didn't think of this myself, rather my daughter's workplace gave her a bridal shower last year and had this cake in gold with the dress looking much like her dress. 

Elise, the future bride is using green for her bridesmaids' dresses and yellow flowers.

We played a cute game. The future bride and groom answered a series of questions. My other hostess typed up their answers and tossed them into a basket. We each drew and tried to guess was it his or hers that the answer belonged to. It was sweet and the bride really enjoyed the answers.

Whose answer is it? His or Hers

Here is the bride to be with her mom and future mom-in-law.

Here she is opening presents.

We got the cutest hostess gifts. My friend, Betty knows me well. I have not met a plant I don't like.

I love bridal showers. Lots to look forward to. Two sweet young people in love, and they love the Lord which makes it even better. 

I hope to give an update with pictures of my new back deck...if it ever stops raining.

As for the next couple of months, I am focusing on family. Just being present with my family and getting my mama feeling good. Doctor appointment on Tuesday this week. 


Monday, April 13, 2015

April Showers and a Baby Shower

This morning is a very wet morning...in fact, I think it rained all night. I pulled a muscle in my chest yesterday and spent most of the night listening to rain, as I tried to find a comfortable sleeping position. 

I had bought some colorful chalk this past week to do my chalkboard. I usually just use white. I had no idea that writing it down would start the actual showers!

This past weekend, my daughter and I hosted a baby shower for a long time friend of hers. As always, I get so busy scurrying around that I forget to take pictures. I am definitely the Martha instead of the Mary. I try really hard to be Mary, but I am by nature always stressed about hosting events. I took just a few to share.

We went very simple. We don't know the gender which would be so me if I were the one having it, but as a possible grandma one day...not so much. I need to be sewing for the little one. 

My roses are hard to see on the left, but they were all blooming. They are new hybrid teas, so they are still low to the ground, but just let me say they put on a show. I am a rose nut.


We bought a picture book for the guests to sign.

The pool table which is a room that should be a formal living room was used to place presents.

Then onto the dining room where we had the food. My daughter made the banner. 

This is a view back into the signing table and pool table room. 
I made this shot pre food. I really wish I had gotten a picture with the food. It really looked nice.

A shot of my daughter and her friend.

After the guests got their food, they walked through to the kitchen to get their drinks.

Then made a full circle in the house to our family room, which we call the living room, to eat.

After eating, the guests strolled back into the kitchen to play our one game. 

I am not sharing many pictures of the guests, because I didn't ask if they were ok with being out there on a blog. We had a great group and enjoyed ourselves. It was a very low key, informal group. My favorite kind!!!

Lynnlee went around checking everyone's string to the one that actually fit around her belly.

We did order a cake, because..."what is a shower without a cake?" Right?

It was kind of funny, but we served it after opening presents and I figured no one would really eat it, but they did. Lynnlee is one of those Disney lovers, hence the Mickey ears. 

My Lindsay wanted the blocks to have a bit of pink and blue, but she thought she might not have explained it well, because the girl that makes the cakes is awesome. She made Lindsay's wedding cakes.

It was adorable though!

You may notice caution tape in the background. We are getting a new deck on the back for the top and bottom. The builder tried really hard to finish the upper level for me on Friday. They worked so hard, but the steps just could not be finished. The deck looks great and that is just life.
So, maybe there is a little Mary in me after all.

Lynnlee's sister-in-law made her an adorable diaper cake present. The diapers are Disney diapers. Cute as can be.

It was the last present we pulled out. I think you can tell she liked it.

Fun day. The baby is due is June, so I will have to wait to find out the gender so that I can sew it a cute little outfit. Looking forward to it.

I may be crazy, but we are hosting a bridal shower this coming weekend. I figured I would keep the house clean for the week and get it done. I think those showers are important for the girls.

Not sure if it is supposed to rain all day, but I have to get busy.
I feel a song coming through..."Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down."
No, not me, I am going to get busy and enjoy the day. Lots to do.