Monday, April 13, 2015

April Showers and a Baby Shower

This morning is a very wet fact, I think it rained all night. I pulled a muscle in my chest yesterday and spent most of the night listening to rain, as I tried to find a comfortable sleeping position. 

I had bought some colorful chalk this past week to do my chalkboard. I usually just use white. I had no idea that writing it down would start the actual showers!

This past weekend, my daughter and I hosted a baby shower for a long time friend of hers. As always, I get so busy scurrying around that I forget to take pictures. I am definitely the Martha instead of the Mary. I try really hard to be Mary, but I am by nature always stressed about hosting events. I took just a few to share.

We went very simple. We don't know the gender which would be so me if I were the one having it, but as a possible grandma one day...not so much. I need to be sewing for the little one. 

My roses are hard to see on the left, but they were all blooming. They are new hybrid teas, so they are still low to the ground, but just let me say they put on a show. I am a rose nut.


We bought a picture book for the guests to sign.

The pool table which is a room that should be a formal living room was used to place presents.

Then onto the dining room where we had the food. My daughter made the banner. 

This is a view back into the signing table and pool table room. 
I made this shot pre food. I really wish I had gotten a picture with the food. It really looked nice.

A shot of my daughter and her friend.

After the guests got their food, they walked through to the kitchen to get their drinks.

Then made a full circle in the house to our family room, which we call the living room, to eat.

After eating, the guests strolled back into the kitchen to play our one game. 

I am not sharing many pictures of the guests, because I didn't ask if they were ok with being out there on a blog. We had a great group and enjoyed ourselves. It was a very low key, informal group. My favorite kind!!!

Lynnlee went around checking everyone's string to the one that actually fit around her belly.

We did order a cake, because..."what is a shower without a cake?" Right?

It was kind of funny, but we served it after opening presents and I figured no one would really eat it, but they did. Lynnlee is one of those Disney lovers, hence the Mickey ears. 

My Lindsay wanted the blocks to have a bit of pink and blue, but she thought she might not have explained it well, because the girl that makes the cakes is awesome. She made Lindsay's wedding cakes.

It was adorable though!

You may notice caution tape in the background. We are getting a new deck on the back for the top and bottom. The builder tried really hard to finish the upper level for me on Friday. They worked so hard, but the steps just could not be finished. The deck looks great and that is just life.
So, maybe there is a little Mary in me after all.

Lynnlee's sister-in-law made her an adorable diaper cake present. The diapers are Disney diapers. Cute as can be.

It was the last present we pulled out. I think you can tell she liked it.

Fun day. The baby is due is June, so I will have to wait to find out the gender so that I can sew it a cute little outfit. Looking forward to it.

I may be crazy, but we are hosting a bridal shower this coming weekend. I figured I would keep the house clean for the week and get it done. I think those showers are important for the girls.

Not sure if it is supposed to rain all day, but I have to get busy.
I feel a song coming through..."Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down."
No, not me, I am going to get busy and enjoy the day. Lots to do.


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  1. Just adorable Sandy! I love throwing showers too and your parties look like so much fun!
    Thanks for sharing at the Something to Talk About link party!


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