Monday, July 24, 2023

A Little Stitching and a Birthday

My latest stitching...

The whale caught my eye, and I just had to stitch it. It was hard with all the color changes. Probably not the best time in my life to choose something so hard, but then again it was a much needed distraction. I could only stitch in a 10 X 10 block. This means the back looks like an explosion of new starts and stops. I found that if I tried to travel further I would end up pulling it out. Not sure if that was my eyes on the darker linen or just the many many colors involved. I did love stitching it though. I think it is truly adorable. I downloaded a seahorse as well, but have stored it away until next summer. 

I did get my July Christmas ornament stitched. It will be given to a lady that works with Jeff. She is having a daughter in September. 

Palmer turned 2 years old.

Palmer enjoyed his party with family and friends who live close. He really liked all of his presents. I think Tucker and Miles enjoyed it all as well. Here a few pictures of the grands...


Tucker with his friends.

and Miles.

Miles has a birthday very soon.

I love my little boys.

Life is still really hard around here, but we are plodding along. Mother doesn't seem to be making it through this fall. The leg is healing but it has brought on a multitude of other issues. I am losing hope that she won't end up in a nursing home. She is still with us at our house. We tried things at her house and it was a big disaster. I am about to make some phone calls for some home care to tide us over the next few weeks to see how things go. 

My visiting y'all is sporadic at best. It is not a fun season, but feeling like I just need wisdom about what to do.

Take care and enjoy summer. I am trying really hard to embrace the goodness along with the hard.


Thursday, July 20, 2023

Thursday Treasures: Things from Germany

Today's treasures' post is things I have saved from childhood. These are things that my parents bought while stationed in Germany in the early 1960's. We left for Germany in 1961, when I was just 9 months old. These things were in our home growing up and came to my house at different times along the way.

The first is beer glasses. My dad collected a glass from each little town we visited during our time there. The have been stored in a china cabinet their entire life. There are about 20 of them. I think they would actually be fun to drink out of, since they are a wonderful size and weight, but they have been just a display item. They have always been one of my favorite things even though I am not a beer drinker, but because I can just imagine him getting one at each stop and placing them in the cabinet.

Here is one section of three of the glasses displayed in the cabinet.

This glass was always my favorite. I have no idea why other than that it is maybe it is the most decorative.

Next up is my little desk. I got it for my second Christmas. It has some German lettering on the drawer. I have had this in every bedroom of mine until graduation from college. I used it as my teacher desk when I was young--- foretelling my future career. It is truly a treasure to me. When I moved into my first apartment after Auburn, I used in my living room to hold my TV. Since then, my own children have used it, and now my grandchildren. It has held up well with much use over the years.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. I just took a picture of a picture rather than pulling it out and scanning it in. Behind my head is a boxer stuffed animal. I still have it and a bunny both bought in Germany. They were probably bought at the Post Exchange though.

Just the other day Palmer was sitting at it and coloring. 

The beer stein is another purchase that I have held onto. It is in the china cabinet as well, but last October I had the genius idea of bringing out as part of my fall decor. It will be used again for that purpose. Oh and it plays music when you lift it up.


Another favorite treasure bought while in Germany is the little music box. It actually came from Switzerland. It remained on my dresser throughout my life. Only when we moved in our current home did I move it to the china cabinet. I always loved it as a child. Unfortunately, it has been wound too tight and doesn't play anymore. Pooh.

A few other purchases are...

The Bavarian German Shepherd. My dad would have chosen this since he and I shared a great love for dogs that Mama has never possessed. I will say my dogs have grown on her, but she would have never owned a dog if she had any say about it. 

This little vase that is on the dresser in Lindsay's old room. I love the amethyst color of it.

And this little vase.

I have always loved this vase. I think it is the color blocking on it. It is cracked at the top, but it is truly a unique piece. It has West Germany stamped on the bottom and I think there was quite of a bit of unique pottery and ceramic pieces done during the early 60's.

The ashtray.

The candle holder and cigarette holder. 

I have loved this candle holder my entire life. I have used it so many times. I remember walking around a dark home after (hurricanes) Erin and Opal hit in the same year in 1995. I actually didn't know the other piece was a cigarette holder until a few years ago, I was looking around trying to find out information on these pieces. I learned that is what it was, and it totally makes sense with the top. I don't think my parents knew that either. It has held marbles since Paul Allen was a little kid. 

The painting.

I always have loved oil paintings anyway, but this one just speaks to me with the colors. I am a no mountain girl, but I really love the grassy field here and as a kid I always wanted to make up a story to go with the painting. It hung in the formal living room until I started college. My folks moved to a different home in town and being older I took it and hung it in my bedroom. It made it to my home about 10 years ago.

Then there is the cuckoo clock. Again, I just took a photo of a photo and didn't edit. 

It hangs on the wall behind Dad.

How could you leave Germany without one? It hung in Mother's home for decades. It finally was taken down and never put back up after a move from house to another house. The chains and weights are off. It has been in a box now for 30 years. I I had it on my list to try and find someone to repair it this summer, but I can't find a local person. I have watched a few videos to see if I could at least put the chains and weights back on. I may at some point try it, but it won't be this summer. I have thought of passing it on to someone, but haven't yet been able to part with it. I know it I can't get it working and hang it up that it will drive Tucker me crazy with questions as to why it won't work. He would love it if I could get it working. For now, I have decided to stick it back in the closet for another day. I did look it up the other day and it is a Hubert Herr Black Forest Swiss Ski Chalet Style clock.

Here it is in the box for another year.

The coat... I am not sure if the coat is German, but I think Mama must have purchased it over there; maybe at the Post Exchange. She has it on in many pictures over there so she wore it during this time period. That is my reasoning for putting it in this post. It has both German and English writing on the label.

It is a lovely coat and I have thought about wearing it myself, but I haven't. Maybe one day I will style and wear it. It fits so well and could certainly be in style now, but you can tell it is old.

The final item I am sharing is a stereo that I parted with. This stereo was a big part of growing up and playing records on. I really hated to see it go, but when Mother decided she didn't want it anymore I think she thought I would take it. At the time, we lived in another house and there was simply no room for it. It now lives with a cousin. It makes a great side table even though knowing there is a radio and record player is pretty cool. I love thinking about the records that were played on it.

The photos are mostly poor quality. I wouldn't call it lazy on my part, but just no time to do them right. I have had this post on my mind for ages. If I keep waiting to get it all perfect, it will continue to be an idea rather than memories documented for my children.

There are a few more items like some crystal, but I think these were the most loved of the Germany treasures. I might even think of others later. I have the memories documented, so that will suffice for now.

Monday, July 10, 2023

Life Lately

    I don't have tons new to share since mostly I am caregiving. I have had some sad moments, but some good ones too. I sort of felt like I missed the 4th of July...I really did try to make good use of the time, but it definitely felt off this year. We missed the Blue Angels as well this year, however, the show was cut short due to weather so ---like I said this year's patriotic season was just off. I got up this morning and tucked away a portion of my patriotic stitches and pulled out sunflowers and beach themed stitches. Maybe next year I will be more in the mood.

Lindsay and her crew came by on the boat on the 4th. I took a picture of them on the dock. That little Palmer is just not into posing these days.

The boys wanted to come in for a snack, so of course Mimi obliged. Lindsay grabbed a picture of us with them.

Jeff and I had already been out for a boat ride. We got out early that morning and took a boat ride. It was actually far more crowded on the weekend before the 4th than on that day.

Paul Allen and Katie also got out on the water early in the day for a little fun time. Miles loves to swim, but the float finally rocked him to sleep.

He is just the cutest thing. 

I decided I had to make the best of a hard thing and I didn't want to miss my favorite season moping about my troubles, so even before the 4th I took myself outside and used a raft one day in the water. I tied myself up and floated an hour just relaxing. Jeff took off the Monday and Wednesday around the 4th. We had been planning to go to Auburn, but that got waxed. He just took it off anyway and was just such a huge help to me with Mama. He cooked and helped with her in ways that I can't even express how much it was appreciated. He kept my chin up. I cleaned off the bottom deck to my liking. I have just kept plodding along with those outdoor chores in small bites.  I got out early one morning before the 4th and got it all nice looking down there. 

I even got out the kiddie pool for Miles. I got my recliner chair fixed up for shade or sun relaxing. I have tried to go down a good bit and capture as much time just relaxing. The 4th didn't seem quite right, but I have enjoyed some down time outside here. Gus is using the pool more as a drinking pool. 

I don't have much to share in the way of stitching because I can't quite get my mind together there. It will come. It has just been a lot lately and I have felt like I needed the outdoor time more right now. I am having trouble seeing to stitch at night. Hopefully that will be better after the cataract surgery which is the last week of July.

Mother is progressing. I did take her home because her aunt came to stay with her until Thursday. I am not sure it was the best idea, but we will see. I am hopping back and forth a lot and that is how it will be for the next few weeks. We are trying to sort out future plans for her and just praying through all of that. I have put a deposit on an assisted living place that is refundable. I will take her to see if when she is able to do so. I know He will guide me to the best thing. Until then, we just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

As I said, not too much fun stuff to share over here. I will probably not post again for 2 weeks in hopes that there will be more to share then.

Summer is my absolute favorite season. I am doing my best to find all the good in it.