Friday, September 30, 2016

Decorating Ideas for the Farmhouse Part 2

Yesterday, I shared my dreams/plans for the gathering room. Today, you will get a glimpse of some other things I am planning/dreaming for the other rooms.

The kitchen was fully stocked and is really a cute little kitchen.  Country, but not primitive rustic, so there will be a combo of those two themes going on.

There was an area for a table between the kitchen and family room. Since we made the living and dining room combo a huge eating area (the gathering room) we don't need a table for the kitchen. In fact, it would kind of be in the way if your are coming in the screened porch area.

I saw this little table on Pinterest and thought this might be something to put under the hanging light.


This is the area in the kitchen it would go.
Under that light.

My other thoughts were doing something with the wingback chairs that are already there facing out  towards the glass doors. The glass doors lead out to a screened porch and the pond can be seen from them.  Maybe a reading /stitching area. I saw something like this in a magazine, but I haven't found the picture yet. 

Now, onto the master bedroom thoughts.

This is what it looked like when we bought it.

BTW, this past weekend was our 1 year anniversary of purchasing it.

Mother walked in that bedroom and fell in love with the bedspread, so I pulled it off and gave it to her. She ended up not liking it in her room. She still loves it, but it didn't work with all her all of her stuff and she didn't want to change out all her other decorative items, so it is sitting in the closet at the farmhouse.

I then bought a navy matelasse type spread which was just so so. It has stayed that way with all the chaos of the summer.

The bedskirt definitely was the wrong size. The one with the yellow is a perfect fit.

Now, for my plans and my decision.

You may remember I took louver doors off of my laundry closet. I have held onto them in case I ever wanted to put them back. As long as we have dogs which I believe will be forever they can't be on the closet.

I am planning to take them and put them behind the bed. I will not rough them up or make them rustic because, well, I just can't. 

The decision now - is do I put the yellow toile bedding back on and keep, OR do I add a gingham bedskirt and pillow shams and change out the curtains with the matalesse spread???

Here was my Pinterest inspiration.


Of course, that bed is amazing, but I am doing the farmhouse on a budget.

There are two great chairs in the room which you can't see that would lead me to go with the toile...

Decisions, decisions, decisions, but fun.

I do envision when Hubby retires, that we will actually stay up there for a portion of most weeks. Maybe a night or two, but home will always be where it is now.
Oh my goodness, I should know better to even write that. God writes our story, not me.

I have more things also, like painting something in the bathroom, so as I go I will share the progress. All will labeled farmhouse.

I will share my fall decor on Monday. I will take a break over the weekend. It is finally all out even though I have not been motivated at all to think autumn with all the heat.

Needing more hours and energy in the days,

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The New Pie Safe and Pulling Some Decorating Ideas Together Part 1

After the crazy summer of storing my daughter's stuff at the farmhouse, I am finally getting motivated to get back in the process of decorating it.

I have got tons of ideas going on in the mind, now I just need to act on some of them.

The farmhouse seems to be very important to Hubby, so I have made a running list to take each week and have a little pile going in the bedroom. For instance, I had these cute little birdie candle holders that I thought would look good on the mantle, so I painted them this week. One thing down.

The birdies with a few other goodies to take.
Next up, our friend made us the most AMAZING pie safe.

I told him what I wanted and he drew it up.  We picked it up this weekend in Auburn. 

A little about him before I show you the piece. Hubby and he have been friends since Junior High days, roomed in college, and basically are best friends. Our families have done life together for a very long time.  He is an engineer by trade, but also the most incredible handyman.

He and his wife just bought a second home in Auburn, a ploy to get all of their kids to come there as they had to move to Tennessee after all their boys graduated from high school. None of them like it there. It isn't really home, FWB is...
Almost EVERYthing in this house has been built my him.
Y'all it is good stuff. Sometime I will have to take some pics of that.

He definitely has a second career if he wanted it, although I really don't think he would ever get enough for the labor.

Here it is as we pulled it out of his vehicle on Saturday.

Happy dance!

We stopped back by the farmhouse on the way home to drop it off. Hubby is so excited that he was putting all kinds of things on it to take pictures. I wanted it to look finished and decorated, but I just had to let him do it what he wanted at the moment. He is that excited!

I have all kinds of ideas for it. I am going up this weekend to start trying to pull it all together. I want this room done before Thanksgiving. We started a new tradition last year.

I have been on Pinterest as well as adding pages from magazines to my farmhouse folder.

I love this GATHER sign below. The link was broken, so I can't give credit for it, but I want to recreate it in some form for the room. I ordered some letters from old galvanized tin from ETSY. They are smaller than this though.

Now for the Hoosier cabinet. You can't see it in this picture, but I realized we had the top on upside down on Sunday. It was why a few of the parts weren't fitting. 

Think the shelves on the right and the doors on the left. All of worked perfectly.

Maybe the GATHER sign where that fake plant is that will be moved to another room.

We are going to paint it as someone along the way did paint it and didn't do a good job. I was struggling with the paint color, but I think I found one on Pinterest that I like. I am going to take some samples this weekend to see if they work with the pie safe.

The blue grey in the cabinet below is my inspiration color. We will see if it works with the pie safe.


On the other side of the room, I am thinking about a small table much more rustic like the table to act as a serving table. 

For a couple of months now, I have been mulling over a gallery wall of family pictures in that room. A family tree of sorts. My mother-in-law has a bunch of framed prints of Hubby's grandparents that I have stored under the stairs. I am planning on digging them out and then grabbing some from Mama to frame of my side. I think it would make a great conversation piece for family gatherings and see all the family resemblances for the younger ones. 

I saw this on Pinterest. My would be a bit more hodgepodge as I don't plan to have matching frames. I am going for a more rustic feel in the room.


The other thing we are mulling over is adding some wood to the walls and floors in that room only. I don't plan to do big changes in the rest of the house, but that room will be the gathering room, so maybe a bit more there. That will be down the road a bit.

There will be a Part 2 to this post as I have some ideas I am sharing for the other rooms.

Just a random picture to leave you with. I think Duck Dynasty is to blame for the beard and the activities that my son takes part in at night up there. Imagine three like him in a johnboat in the pond.

This mama is hoping beards go out of style real soon,

***STRANGE things happened to the blog last night. My blog roll has disappeared. I hate technology sometimes.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Birthdays and Picture Taking

This past weekend Hubby and I left on Friday for a day at the cabin and then to the game on Saturday in Auburn. We had to rush back Sunday morning to prepare Sunday supper for our daughter.

My daughter and I share September birthdays and the men in my life share June birthdays.

My reason for sharing was the photographs taken that day.

I have always tried to make sure every occasion is recorded for the photo albums, but as the kids got older and me got harder to get them to pose.

I am not a great picture taker. Hubby is...well, used to be. He actually has the skills, but for some reason he just doesn't enjoy the process anymore and gets a bit impatient as you will see by the last photo.

Because I was a bit rushed getting back...we were almost through eating and into the dessert when I thought ..oh my goodness, I haven't made a picture.

Quick shot at the table.

Moved to the living room for presents. I snapped one AFTER she was through opening presents. I was way off my game.

Then Lindsay told her dad to get one with me in it as I am never in them. I am the photographer.
We told Paul Allen to pop in too. Before we could get ready...Hubby is snapping.

A little scolding by Paul Allen didn't help. He is still snapping.

So that my friends is why I have very poor pictures to mark the occasion of Lindsay's birth.


The only one that has it together in all of them is Lindsay.

Hard to believe it has been 27 years.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What My Grandmother Wore that Made Me Stop and Think

Last week, while waiting for a repairman over at Mama's house, I looked through some old photo albums.

This photograph caught my eye and caused me to ponder on it for the next few days.

The photograph was taken in Monroeville, Alabama at the Vanity Fair Mills.

My grandmother is on the back row, second from the right.

She along with most members of my family and many from our little community of Range, Alabama carpooled to work each day. I could go on and on about just this aspect... the hard working women of my life. Coming from a rural community, etc...the loss of those jobs lending to many problems for those rural communities. 

All that is left of Vanity Fair now is the shipping facilities and an outlet store. I still have an uncle who works at the shipping facility and he probably has the best job of anyone in my rural neck of the woods.

HOWEVER, that is not what stopped me for the longest time that day and made me go back to the photo and take a snap of with my iPhone to share it with the family.

It is how the ladies are all dressed.

All have dresses on...probably owned five -one for each day of the week. Nice shoes...mind you they are flats. Hair done. 

In other words, pride in how they looked, even for factory work.

Now, I remember the beginnings of pants suits. How ladies wanted to wear them so bad!...I can remember it being added to the teacher's dress code. During my middle school years, I can remember the teachers wearing pant suits. IT had to be a pants SUIT, not just pants with a top.

It just had me thinking of how sloppy everyone dresses these days. I probably wouldn't want to wear a dress everyday of the week, but we have slipped so far. Once my slip was showing, and an older teacher came up to me at school and told me it was "snowing down south." I had never heard that one. Off topic, I know, but it just popped in my head.

My daughter dresses so cute to work each day and actually scolds me for wearing too many pants.

I actually wore dresses ALL the time when I was her age. I learned early on that when I was dressed up that students seemed to behave better. I started in secondary, but I think it is true even for little ones. They notice that their teacher looks nice.

That is what I have been thinking on even before I saw the picture. I think as women get older and fatter and have whiter legs, we have just covered them with pants thinking that we looked better and it was easier. 

Truth be told, some of them do look better in pants, especially if they didn't take the time to get a dress that is flattering. But, don't those women in the picture all look good!!!!!

I am not telling all women to pull their dresses out, but it has me thinking that maybe I want to improve in that area.

I want to make sure I look a bit more feminine each day.... a bit more put together ----like I have pride in how I look.

I have been making a bit more effort to look nicer when I hop in the truck to go to the grocery store that is 2 minutes from my house and surely no one will see me. I always run into people when I look the worst. You would think I would have learned that lesson too.

I have plenty of clothes, so it is not like I can't do this.

I love to sew, so I made the skirt below. My daughter went on and on when I had it on one afternoon at the house with my shirt untucked. I made sure to wear it again last Tuesday when I went to volunteer at church. I tucked my shirt in and put on a cute necklace, etc. 

I snapped this photo to send her before I left home.  Keeping it real folks...yes, Lemony is taking a drink from the toilet and my laundry basket is showing.

Determined to see if I can up my appearance even if I am not planning on being seen by many. You look and feel better and I am of the age that I should be setting an example.

Just a few thoughts whirling around in this old head,

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Meeting a Blog Friend

This past Thursday, I met Arlene from Nanaland in Pensacola for lunch. Arlene visits Gulf Shores from North Alabama each year. This year we decided to meet halfway in Pensacola.

I actually don't even remember how I found Arlene's blog, but I am so glad I did. Her blog is the kind of blog I love...real life and sharing those things you love.

We have a lot in common and we are hoping to do this again. I have seen on other blogs where people meet, but I figured I would be too chicken to ever do that. It was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone, but worth it.

I had been so busy that I didn't do anything creative or come bearing gifts and as I was driving over I figured Arlene would show me up. She did! She came bearing birthday gifts that were so perfect.

An Auburn bracelet! and she is a bama fan. Friendship and families go way beyond the biggest rivalry in the country.

Cute bracelet huh?! I wore it Saturday to pull Auburn through for a victory over LSU. 
Feeling sorry for Les Miles though.

Arlene also gave me some of the most precious gift cards. She has definitely paid attention to me on my blog. They are so me. The bicycle with flowers and verse is me to a T.

I have several things to share this week, so we will see if I can sit long enough to do just that.
some fall decor...
some thoughts on blogging...
my awesome new pie safe made by a very good friend...
getting my mojo back for the farm house...
and oh yes, stitching update.

Counting my blessings,

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Third Time is the Charm

If you asked my daughter she would tell you I have a problem not just with purchasing purses, but bedspreads as well.

She could probably come up with some fairly good evidence, but she is really WRONG. 

When I find the right one, I stay with it a VERY long time, but finding the right one can be the problem, hence her evidence.

I have not liked the bedding in her bedroom since her high school / college days. IT was bright and happy, but completely worn out from lots of teen girls and the doggies piling on it for long giggly conversations sprinkled with dog hair. 

Towards the end of college I purchased new bedding for the room and it was a beautiful set, but SO wrong for that room.

I made the second purchase which was very similar but darker. You can read all about that here.

One day back in May, I was strolling through Dillards...and there it was... a bright colorful set that I just knew was the one. I succumbed to the purchase. It was on sale after all.

I have loved it!

It will be there for a long time. 

I haven't shared it until now because the room was full all summer of Lindsay and Tyler's stuff.

Here is the one that makes me happy again and fits the room.

I moved the bird picture back above the bed.

I have quit thinking I will move the white bookcases. They will remain there simply because they are full of memories and offer great storage.

Maybe a granddaughter will one day want them and maybe not.

Oh and I moved my landscape picture that has been in my possession forever. My parents purchased it in Germany when I was a baby. 

I have always obsessivley loved it.

My favorite nap place might be in that bed looking at that landscape.

I am happy with the room now.

As for the other bedding, all is not lost. The first purchase after Lindsay's teen years is now in her guest bedroom where it looks great.

The second purchase is headed to the farmhouse where I think it will work well.

Third time really is the charm!

Now, all of my bedrooms have bedding that I love and am quite sure will be there for a very long time.

Nestled in coziness,

***I am changing my comments to being approved, not because I have had bad comments, but I am getting a lot of spam in my views, so y'all keep on commenting. I love to hear from people!

Friday, September 16, 2016

September in the Kitchen

I have made it to this date with no fall decorations out. I did a little back to school in the kitchen and with the busy schedule I have had lately...fall decor has remained in the closet.

I purchased these black gingham napkins from Amazon for a great price. They are definitely great quality. Mitered corners and nice weight.

Then, I grabbed an old clay pot in the garage and spray painted it with black chalkboard paint I already had. I had actually planned to put some ribbon on it and an apple or so, but I have just been too buy to go further. I just put a Dixie cup with flowers in it. 

Then throw in my September cottage from last year with a cute school bus. You would think I miss teaching. No!!!! I do not.

I then added some cute red towels that Hubby has been instructed are for looks only.

I had a bowl of apples on the counter, but I have just about eaten them all.

I tried to add one other detail. I am not so excited about it.
I always love those wreaths in the windows everywhere, but it just doesn't work for me. The sunlight is just too bright in my kitchen windows. Although that is a good thing, I don't get to do some of the things I like out in "Blogville."

I had a orangy yellowy ribbon on it in August and that was kind of cute, but it is really just not the spot for it. Maybe I will hang it on my mirror in the foyer in October.

In stitching news, I am still working on my books of the Bible piece, but I am also trying to do a few Christmas things before Christmas. I ordered two new pieces.

One is Stoney Creek's "Silent Night Cardinals." I really like it although I have no clue how I will finish it with being round and all. I am pondering that now.

I started Little House Needlework's "Sweet Apples" last night.

The weather has been a bit more pleasant this week in the mornings and evenings. I heard someone yesterday call it "The Whispers of Fall." I like that.

I will put out some orange next week to welcome fall.

A September girl turned 56 this week.
Thankful for another year!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Skirt Trial Run

I finally got around to sewing something for me. I haven't sewn anything for me to actually wear since I was pregnant. I made a couple of maternity outfits ---27 years ago.

Work, life, kids, etc. put that love on the back burner. I have mostly made curtains, pillows, crafty things in all those years since. Two years ago, my daughter wanted to learn to sew, so we bought a skirt pattern and she made that with my help. I started making a top at that same time, but never finished it. 

I am extra hard on myself when it comes to sewing which is not a good thing if you ever want to get better. You have to actually sew and practice, even if you make a few duds along the way.

I have been a fabric hoarder for years. I can not go and spend too much time in a fabric store, because I will purchase fabric and never use it. I have a sickness!!!

I decided a few weeks ago, that I would never really have time to sew. I would just have to set aside a  half hour here and there and do as much as I could and just see what happened.

While in Orlando, two weeks ago with my daughter, I cut out the pattern which I hate doing!!!

New Look 6437

Saturday I made it into my sewing room and started this skirt.

I was able to get the sides and pockets in.

I have literally had this fabric for probably 15 years ---maybe longer. I decided I would use it for my muslin. 

I used my measurements to choose the pattern size. I went with the hip measurements and since I have a pudgy stomach added a little to the waist when cutting the skirt out. I used the size up for the waistband.

I really don't think that was necessary. I could very easily just gone with the pattern size for the hips.

I managed to sneak back into my sewing room last night and do the waist band.

I didn't have the correct width of elastic for the back which caused it to be a tad full there as well.

This morning when I should have been doing housework I hemmed it.

Now that I feel like a have a good size to work with I plan to make one out of a flannel plaid.

I did wear it out this morning to church to volunteer as not too many people see me and to take Mama to get her hair cut.

I tried tucking it in, but didn't like the look.

The sash was purchased way back in the early 1980's and was tied in a bow. Not enough to go around for a bow these days. Darn!

I ended up just wearing my shirt out with a necklace.

Sorry for the bathroom photos. Hope y'all were able to focus on the skirt and not the surroundings.

My daughter came home for lunch and scolded me for wearing the shirt out. She said the skirt looked great. I tucked in the shirt but did not wear the sash for the remainder of the day:)

Well, this is my first attempt at apparel for me. I am going to see if I can improve on the next one.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Sneak Peek

My daughter and son-in-law are finally in their new home. They have both been so busy, that they have hardly had any time to do anything there. Lindsay has a good eye for things so in between all their crazy comings and goings she has worked on setting up a few things. 

She would probably have my head on a silver platter if she knew I was sharing any pictures at all until she gets it just so-so, but I don't think she will check, so here are a few sneak peeks of the living room.

These are all in her living room from the weekend. I know she has been busy as a bee every evening to get it all finished. 

I will share more later on.

The picture above the mantle is a redfish. Tyler is fisherman for sure. He was thrilled that she said YES to the picture.

Another wall going into the kitchen.

This is behind the couch. The table was one that I remember Mama having all of my life, so I am saying it is 50+ years old.

We found these curtains at Home Goods for a great price. I brought them home and hemmed them for her. Don't have the new picture, but they turned out awesome.

I have been unplugged mostly this week. After the summer we have had, I just had to get the house back in order. 

Be back next week,

Friday, September 2, 2016

Stitching, Books, and Blooms

Happy Friday and Labor Day Weekend! 

Hubby and I celebrated 32 years of marriage yesterday.... well, sort of. We acknowledged it was our anniversary and that we neither wanted a gift and that we were immensely blessed.  Instead of going out to eat, we hustled to watch our son coach last night at the middle school game.

Does that count as celebrating???

I think so:)


I thought I would share what I have read and am reading this Friday. I did finish the Karen Kingsbury book that I mentioned last month, A Time to Embrace. It was a good read, and now I can be ready for the Hallmark movie of it. She has a new Baxter Family book coming out in October. I will be getting that one as I am a Baxter Family Fan!

I ditched a book. I just couldn't get into it. I have too many books around the house to stick with a dull one.

I am back to my reading of nonfiction. I am reading Eric Bolling's book, Wake Up America. I am enjoying it very much and will pass it on to my son who generally likes the same nonfiction stuff I like.


They are non existent at this point. The August heat has sucked the life out of everything. I am going to make a point of getting outside this weekend and fertilizing my roses and trying to fluff up my pots and beds for September.
I look forward to the fall roses.

A reminder of what the garden can look like...


I have so many things I want to stitch that I can't make up my mind. I will share a few pics of inspiration, and then share my plan.

Instagram is loaded with inspiration.

First up one of my favorite stitchers... keeperofthecrowes

Look at this lovely group she stitched up.

Another from keeperofthecrowes

And then this one from caroling55

After browsing the online stores I have decided I would like to try my hand at more of the finishes that are not framed. After all, I have no wall space left:)

Even though I would love to do the autumn pieces now, it would really be pointless as I wouldn't be able to finish them to enjoy them now. 

My plan is to make myself stitch a season ahead so that I can finish and enjoy. I am browsing the Christmas stuff now. The hard part choosing a pattern.

Next up, in the stitching world is actually sewing.

I have saying for two years now, I wanted to sew. It has happened, so I plan to to start this next week and commit to going to that sewing room and sewing a couple of hours each week. 

I bought a skirt pattern to start with. I took it with me to Orlando to cut out the pattern pieces. I absolutely hate doing that and I usually put that off. I am going to just use some fabric I have to make a muslin for fitting then commit to a cute piece of fabric.

I found a website that has inspired me to get busy in this area. This lady is amazing.

I can do this.

Today, however, I must clean house.

Oh, and here is the pie safe my friend is making us for the farmhouse that I mentioned earlier in the week.

That is a wrap for me. 

Cleaning house, watching football, and relaxing with my wonderful husband this weekend.