Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving at the Farm: A New Tradition

I had a few minutes this morning before we head out to Auburn for the Iron Bowl, so I thought I would share a little Thanksgiving.

Doing the feast at the farm was a huge hit with everyone. There was plenty to do and no laying around after gorging on southern food. It was a perfect day with one exception; I had to share Lindsay and Tyler with Tyler's parents in Atlanta:( We were minus our girl!!!

Hubby Jeff, Mama, and I all went up Wednesday evening so that we could be up and early getting things ready. I set our new table. 

WARNING: This is not a Pinterest worthy table, but a real life easy family table.

The paper placemats were wonderful.

Thursday morning was cook, cook, and cook. I can safely say none of it was healthy. Good thing we only do this once a year. I will share that I was so good. As the day approached I realized I was going to blow the detox with just a few days left.

The menu consisted of:

Smoked Turkey
Fried Turkey (the hit of the day, 
so Jeff has decided that he will only do the one next year....doubt he will stick to that because he loves family gatherings and ALWAYS goes over the top!)

Now, let's see...

Corn Casserole
Squash Casserole
Broccoli Casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole
Green Bean Casserole

Green Limas


my mom's most amazing dressing.

It is literally the best stuff you have ever put in your mouth. No one ever tastes it that they don't rave about it!!!! I have to learn to do it, because it is the main focus of the meal according to everyone.

Now, for desserts...

My Pound Cake with strawberries and homemade whipped cream
Pecan Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Hershey Bar Pie

Yes, it was and always is ridiculous.

Before I go on....let me say I was so good. I got an extra small plate and ate only a few things in very small portions. I savored every single bite. I didn't eat breakfast or anything last night, just my drinks.
As soon as I had cleaned up, I put my app on my phone and went out for a swift walk around the land and made sure I did a mile.

I went out down the side one way to the woods,

and back up to the pond.

Then around past the barn to the pecan orchard

all the way to the side road. The most amazing cotton field was still blooming on the other side of the road.

Then around to see what was going on.

Guests included:
Hubby Jeff
Son Paul Allen
Jeff's sister Donna and husband Al,
Their daughter Kristan and her husband Torey..... AND THE TWINS
I so understand you grandmas out there, because when the twins show up, they become the stars. Our family is small. I am an only child and Jeff's sister only had Kristan.
Jeff's brother Danny
Torey's  parents, Judy and Ernest join us every other year.

Back up to a few inside feast pictures.

Jeff carving with two hoping for something to drop.

Torey, Paul Allen, and Aunt Donna

Mama and the twins, Tanner and Katelyn. Mama had to move because they wanted me!!!!

The new table.

Lots of fishing.

Tanner has something.


A little swimming unfortunately. Both dogs ran after the tours with the mules that Jeff and Paul Allen gave until they were worn out. They slept hard last night.

Not to be left out of the fishing.

So cute!

Done with giving tours. The boys set up a shooting range into the hay bales that were never picked up by the previous farmer. Oh my the guys had a blast. I never made it out to practice, but I am a pistol packing mama!

My two best fellas.

After dark, everyone made their way back into have a little more dessert. Not me though!

A fantastic day had by all. We have all agreed that a new tradition was born. It really kept everyone up and outside whether sitting on the screen porch or out fishing, riding, shooting, etc. No lazy days after eating soooooo much food.

The day would have been perfect with my other two chickadees, but I know Tyler's mama was happy.
They sent me a picture.

Off to War Eagle Country.

Blessed indeed,

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  1. It looks perfect Sandy!! I would love to have walked with you around the property. I got in 6000 steps yesterday and back up to 9000 today. I am trying to stay in my medium pants!!lol... Love seeing your family and I think yesterday was one of the prettiest Thanksgivings in my memory.


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