Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lesson Learned About Seasonal Decorating

I really don't know what came over me in September, but I got fall happy. I put my pumpkins and fall leaves out all over the house. I was totally rushing it. It was 90 degrees outside, but I guess I got sucked in by all the cute pics on Instagram and blogs.

By mid-October,  I was so ready for it to go. 

Now, this is MY lesson learned, so don't let me offend anyone. I am seeing Christmas everywhere. I love Christmas, but I am going to wait until Thanksgiving is done before I get ahead of myself.

I know me and I will be sick of it by Christmas, so I am going to just crush on all those pics out there and have some self discipline. That was lacking greatly in September.

I seriously thought about the September decorating that I had seen at Kelly's Talk of the House last year where she decorated with of a more "back to school" theme that year. I loved it, but my sewing room is already kind of a cross between crafts and school memorabilia, so I passed on it. Then after I had put fall everywhere, she had the most wonderful post on her gardening theme. You can read about it here. Seriously, that girl is so creative. I am so stealing that next year when I am feeling the need to do something seasonal for the home.

Talk of the House

It is funny about seasonal decorating. It has become very popular these days. I have always done things for my own children, but it was on a much smaller scale. A jack-o-lantern and a few posters in the front window at Halloween, a lighted bunny on the porch and eggs hanging from the dogwood out front at Easter and that was it.

I missed the seasonal bulletin board in my classroom, and then couple that with blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest, and I have fallen in the trap of thinking I need to have a seasonally decorated home.

This week I just felt I needed a breather  before Christmas. I went on a cleaning spree and took it all down. Now, if we were going to do Thanksgiving at home this year, I would have survived it, but since we are going to do that at the farm this year, I decided to give myself a break. It felt so good.

I have always put my tree up on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so I will stick with tradition. I love the decor I am seeing. It is getting me in the spirit. I have seen some really good reasons for starting early. One example is Amanda at Dixie Delights. She  has a great reason why she decorates for Christmas early, and I would do the same if I were in her shoes.

I am going to take MY lesson learned and spend the weekend with family. No decorating allowed.

House is cleared of fall decor, but my heart is thankful for my many blessings. 
It is pensive over the state of things in our world. 

We are so blessed. May we never forget how much we need to pray for our country.


  1. I scaled way back on my fall decor this year as I do get tired of it after a while. Like you, I LOVE Kelly's ideas and next year I am stealing the Charlie Brown theme for Halloween. And I have read about Amanda's decision to decorate early and I totally understand her reason. I am getting out a bit at a time but will probably go ahead and put up the big tree next week as we will be out of town on the day I usually decorate(the day after Thanksgiving). If I were hosting Thanksgiving here, I would embrace my pumpkins but as Amelia is hostessing, I am going to enjoy the break! As one of my friend's put it, "Going to Mama's house for Thanksgiving is better than being Mama at Thanksgiving."lol You are right that seeing everyone's decor on line can lead to ERS...early decorating syndrome.

    1. I love it...ERS. I will have to use that.
      I have been lucky over the years with Thanksgiving. My sister-in-law and I have always shared all duties. My hubby likes to cook, so he does the turkey which is huge help. It is much better when the cooking is shared. It seems as if your little Amelia has found a good one who loves to help.

  2. I love Thanksgiving and won't decorate for Christmas until the pilgrims have left the building!


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