Sunday, November 8, 2015

Farmhouse Table Purchase

Hubby has been at the farm every weekend that we haven't been in Auburn. He is quite smitten, and says riding the tractor is therapeutic. Oh, and my tigers pulled out a win this weekend. Yippie!

I shared that the farm has a modular home on it.

While at the lake a few weeks ago, we stopped at Lakeside Mercantile and fell in love with a table made with reclaimed wood. Hubby's wheels started spinning. We purchased it and will do the family Thanksgiving at the farm.

It seats 10. We found 6 old chairs out in the cottage, and are having a bench made for the other side.

I haven't shared the farmhouse. It is extremely clean and has so many possibilities. I am in no hurry to do anything as I have lots of irons in the fire. Mostly when I have gone up, I have been outside with the dogs. Just walking and soaking up the outdoors. I do have tons of things in mind for it.

It has a family room and a formal living and dining area. We are nixing the living and dining area and making it one big area to eat. It will be great for family events or church things. I couldn't help thinking when we purchased the table, that it was a little like the Duck Dynasty scene at the end when everyone is at the table down the center of the home.

It was very cloudy and I just captured a quick shot with my phone.

Anyway, this weekend, we moved all of the furniture that was located in that area out to the cottage. I didn't like any of it anyway. Our goal is to make this area a huge eating area and very rustic. After all, it is a farmhouse. I am envisioning some gingham panels on those windows. They won't make it on Thanksgiving. I'll share why later, but again, I am in no hurry.

Gone... and yes, that rug is awful!

The entire width of the home is open in the center of home. The couch and chairs are to the right.

This table and coat rack are opposite the sofa. 

And on the opposite end is a dining area.

We are going to swap my mom this table for a more country looking table to go here, so basically the whole area will be a gathering around the table...and we will all fit.

I just played around with it just a bit this weekend. I have the Pilgrims and Indians that I usually use at home, so I brought them up. My thoughts are adding some nature items ...leaves, berries around them for a simple centerpiece on Thanksgiving Day.

We are now looking for some type of pie safe or old hutch to go on the wall. 

Oh, and I know I will be stitching up some samplers for the room.

Slowly, we will turn into a place to love.

Blessed indeed,


  1. That is exactly the type of table I am looking for Sandy!! What a find. We did manage to get our site picked out on Saturday in Georgia but it looks like it will be spring before we get started on the house. Lots of prep work to do! I love your idea of gingham. I used to have some gingham curtains from Country Curtains and I wish I still had them. I want our little farm house to be rustic as well.

    1. I am looking at Country Curtains now. They have some of the big buffalo checks which is what I like, but I haven't decided if smaller ones would be better for the rustic table. Piper Classics has some of that kind. I may just make them too. The putting it together will be fun as long as I don't decide to hurry, which I don't think I will. I am learning to slow down a bit.

  2. I have not heard of Piper Classics...will google them.

  3. Such a beautiful table! It will surely be wonderful gathering your family around it for Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you. I think everyone will have a great time at the farm. Something for everyone to do after they eat too much. No naps this year.


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