Thursday, July 22, 2021


 He is here. I really don't have time to write more than that, but Mom and son are doing well.

7 lb. 9 oz.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A Stitching Post and a Random List of Thoughts Swirling

 I hadn't thought I would do a post this week since we are awaiting Palmer's birth. However, I have been a busy bee since very early this morning and I am sitting down with a busy mind. 

I finished Palmer's name on Saturday. It turned out so cute that I can't wait to get it framed.

Lindsay gave me free reign. She just said, "Make it something he will want to have in his room a long time."

I thought about what I wanted to include and then drew it out on a piece of paper. The M is the one letter that came from the book exactly....well, I did change colors and added a baseball cap to the older boy. As soon as I saw the two boys tossing a ball I knew they would be the one from the pattern.
Did you notice the younger boy's hair is darker? I am guessing that Palmer is going to have darker hair than Tucker:) We will see:)

I knew it needed a palm tree since I have had always had palm things sprinkled tastefully through my home and my former classroom. Hallie, their Boykin Spaniel is there as she was in Tucker's stitch.

I knew it needed sports - I chose football even though I have no desire for him to play but we love college football in our family. We love baseball and golf. I did my best impression of a Masters' golf flag for the golf piece.

Then Mimi has her space love to pass on.

And then there is where we live with the beach. I knew I wanted to put in the sand dollar as I had done with Tucker's. I just really love sanddollars...always have.

The rest is just a life update and my ramblings...

Lindsay and Tyler go into the hospital tonight at midnight for Lindsay to be induced. She has struggled with a cold off and on for some time and is feeling awful today. She had planned to work, but ended up not. I think that is wise. I have been furiously getting my ducks in a row since I will be babysitting and also helping. 

I had an allergic reaction to something I ate on Sunday. I had really gotten so much better with the RA and foods in these past few years. Since I had my v@((!n: RA symptoms have kicked in again. I am not against getting it, but it is just what has happened. I have had to tow the strict line and it is not always so easy. I have also felt some fatigue issues come back. I blame some of that on summer heat. I am in a good place in life that I can rest and not have to fight it so much. 

All that to say, I shopped earlier in the week and bought lots of organic fruits and bagged them to freeze so I can have smoothies. There are lots of those prepackaged items in the freezer section but they come from all sorts of places and I felt I could do my own sourced more locally and more economical. I am planning to take of myself so I can take care of others.

You might wonder what I ate at church? I had a meeting after church for some upcoming fall stuff and they had brought in Zaxby's. I have had a reaction a long time ago to their food. I have eaten there since that time and after I got healthy but lately any of the items I had trouble with 7 years ago is back. I think I can get back to the healthy place, but I was so diligent and strict for many years to achieve that place. I have to do it again! I will. 

Grandbabies are motivation.

I have also been so surprised at Miss Oklahoma, the rose I threw in an old pot downstairs. That pot didn't even have fresh potting soil. She is healthier than she ever was in the ground. I think there are several things in play...daily rains, morning sun rather than the brutal afternoon sun of Florida, salty breezes to keep her leaves dried. I haven't had to spray her which was a weekly thing when they were in the ground. She is giving me roses in July of all things. Roses around here are a spring and fall thing.

Look at those healthy leaves.

Little Gus has injured himself and had to have a vet visit yesterday. On Thursday, we swam and jumped to chase sticks in the water for over an hour. Later into the weekend, he became very still and didn't want me to really touch him. I called first thing Monday morning for him to go in after he was only laying in his kennel box. He has tweaked his back and is on two weeks rest. He is being good right now, but I can already tell the medicine is making him feel better so it will be hard later as the days pass. 

All that to say, I realized I wanted him to be a healthy little boy and be right by my side for as long as possible. We are best buds. When he isn't following me, I know something is wrong. 

He is not jumping and is choosing the floor near me rather than on me which is what he usually does. I think I will know he is feeling better when he wants to jump up again. 

I have two more pictures to share after looking really quick at my phone

One is an example of my healthy choices that I am having to make, but I got a kick out of my assorted dishes. I will share them with you.

The plate is my everyday dishes picked out when we married. They are called "Ariana"
 by Gorham. They are a perfect example of picking something that is truly you and you won't ever grow tired of them. That pattern is so Sandy!!!

The cup of coffee is a story... I like to drink coffee out of a cup...not a big old mug or Yeti. It drives Jeff nuts when I come out to his truck with a cup of coffee or better yet....the Jeep and try to balance it with Gus along too. Just before I retired I had a teacher friend who passed away and at her service it was mentioned she gave china cups as gifts to young ladies who had a boy because she was a boy mom. She felt it was necessary to have pretty things around with all those boys. I thought to myself ---that is really a lesson to all of us. 
She was my same age and way too young. I decided then and there I was going to use the good stuff and enjoy. 
That cup of coffee is served up in my favorite thing to drink out of ---my china dishes from yes, our wedding pattern. "Lexington" by Lenox. I swannee it tastes better in that cup!

And then there is the organic grape juice in a pig cup that once held Bama brand peach preserves. Those from the south will recognize the brand. Mother brought it over one day because she was cleaning out and said Tucker could drink out of it as his mother had done:)

I am still eating breakfast on the deck as often as I can too ---IN an assortment of dishes:)

If you haven't grown tired of my release of thoughts I will finish this post with a "July on the bayou" picture. IT IS still raining a ton on the Panhandle this summer but one lovely morning about 9:15 the sun was so pretty shining down the bayou and I thought this would be my July picture. 
My little ducks are still hanging out next door on the grass and entertaining Gus and I daily.
I am hoping there will be some little ducklings one morning.

One more thought, I may not respond to any comments for a few days. I have had to put my comment moderation on so it may even take me a day or two to get through them, but you know what I am up to. I will try to post a picture of Palmer soon. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Some Random Thoughts

A Bunch of Random Thoughts in July....

My geraniums are still happy happy happy in July. 

It has been a weird summer for weather. Rain, rain, and more rain which has kept it somewhat cooler in the mornings. All my flowers and the grass are happy. 

I actually have petunias blooming. They came up in a pot that must have seeded from some old ones. I tried them one year and they were a no go past Memorial Day. The fact that they are thriving is more proof of the odd weather this summer. 

Is hot as blazes coming long into fall??? Hmmm...things to ponder.

I have felt a need to keep all my little flags in my outdoor pots up longer than my usual. I usually take them down after the home flight of the Blue Angels in Pensacola each summer. With the attack on Old Glory I have felt inclined to display mine longer. 

I have found some new country music which I am totally loving. I like them so much that I actually bought some of their songs on iTunes which I haven't done in a long time. I like 80s and 90s country music...think George Strait, Alan Jackson, Alabama, Martina McBride, etc. Well, Paul Allen put me on two guys named Cody Johnson and Randall King. They are my kind of country and can be found on YouTube here and here if you crave some good old country music.

Getting old is a blessing but wow the changes that come can just up and one day surprise you. For instance, I hated my thick hair and bushy eyebrows during my teens, BUT at the rate your hair thins it is a blessing that I had thicker hair and bushy eyebrows. I think thinning hair has something to do with the weird parting my hair has been doing as of late. I had my friend and hair stylist add some more layering the other day which I think helped poof it out some and maybe cover some of those parts that show up in odd places.

I am also getting lots of wrinkles on the neck. I always said you could tell how old ladies were by their hands and their neck. My neck is starting to give my age away.

I am glad to be aging though. That means I am still kicking to enjoy my family. 

I never really shared my toes with you, so if you are not into gross pictures you can stop here because this is the last thing I am sharing today. I will be back soon with a stitching post for Palmer's name. I have a letter and a half to go until a finish is done. 


I have had to give up open toe shoes. I have toes that are separating. I am sure this is damage from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had so much pain in my feet back in the day and when I eat poorly that is often a spot it will hit. In fact, if I do gluten my feet will swell. 

The splitting of my toes was gradual at first but has become an eyesore. They don't really hurt and when I need to wear something other than my tennis shoes, Sperrys, or Toms I buddy tape them and it works.

I did go to a doctor at Andrews Institute and they said they could do surgery but it would most likely do it again, so ugly it stays for now.

I had researched it tons ---I have seen it called the Churchill sign- think victory sign in your toes. HaHa. It could also have been brought on from running which believe it or not I did in my younger days. I can't do it anymore even though I would love to. I will have too much joint pain if I try it these days. 

So, close your eyes if you think it will gross you out, but I am sharing because maybe someone else out there has the same problem.

Getting, I know why my grandma wore the shoes she did.

That is all for this random assortment of thoughts today.


Friday, July 9, 2021

A Quick Stitching Post

I have been stitching mostly on the new grandson's name. Palmer is arriving this month. He finally got a name and now I am trying to get it stitched. Just like Tucker's name I am using a very very old pattern for the letters but making it a little more 21st century with the choices around each letter.

This was Tucker's stitch.


Palmer's name is in progress.

I started in the middle with the M. I wanted to get that one done since I was using the boys from the pattern on that letter. I did add a baseball cap for the older boy and changed the colors, but this is the original pattern. The A is going to be sports stuff, the P is going to have a palm tree and a dog, and the R is going to be a continuation of our area with some beach stuff.

Then I have to stitch him a Christmas ornament and add a P to a Christmas stocking for him.

All that has left many of my stitches that I want to get back to lingering in the sewing room.

When we went to Auburn I knew I couldn't take the name stitch as I am drawing and planning and then going to pick out colors for the letters as I go.

Since it was Independence Day, I grabbed my Let Freedom Ring stitch to work on while there.
I know it doesn't look like I got much done, but I truly did. I feel like I am half way now on this piece but it will be another year before I get it finished. There are going to be a lot of stitches in that building.

The building will stretch all the way across. I have to go back up and catch the tower on the middle page, but other than that the top pages are complete.

That is all I have been able to accomplish. The summer heat is arriving now, so I should have some stitching time in the heat of the day now. I have had a hard time staying inside with the mild summer we have had this year. 

Quick post...

Heading to get my hair done and to the library today.


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Holiday Weekend Recap

 We went to Auburn for the 4th and I left my computer charger there. I only turned it on once in the time I was there and it needed charging so--- I plugged it in and ---boom...I packed it up on the last day and left it plugged it in. I now can hardly remember anything I would have shared. Am I getting old?

We did have a very nice relaxing time. 

We made a trip to the farmer's market and I put up peas and beans. We have no local market anymore that is really good. I haven't had any fresh peas and beans this summer. Mother would usually go and get fresh stuff from up home, but she hasn't been going either so I was in need of a good vegetable plate. I took some pint sized freezer containers and a good cooler with me and put up about 20 pints. 

I also bought one of the best watermelons I have had in ages and ate almost all of it over two days. 

We went over to Pine Mountain one day and looked at all the antique shops. We really didn't need anything but love to look. We did buy three Life magazines with space themes. I know my mother owned all three since we to Life as a kid in the 60s. If only, I had been old enough to know to keep them. 

We also went to an antique store in Opelika that I love to walk through. There was the most amazing selection of framed prints that were probably all from the 80s and 90s. If I needed prints I would have loaded up. The frames alone are worth the prices. I am going to remember it for when I need to frame one of my larger samplers and go back. 

I had taken fish from our local market with us, so we cooked fish and shrimp for friends up there one night. We sat outside and visited with friends. We had a Darts game competition on two nights.

No video - just a picture...

Jeff took a video of my terrible skills to send the kids. I later decided that I was at least 6 inches shorter than anyone and needed to stand on something so I didn't have to lob it up. I got better. 

I am usually the picture taker so I had Jeff take a picture of me for posterity's sake.

Of course, my sidekick, Gus is always close by. Wouldn't have it any other way.

The next picture is going to make you think Gus has a new brother, but he doesn't...

Meet Blue.

His owner lives three houses down from our home in Auburn. They had a Golden named AJ that I had met many times on walks up there. He was old like Lemony and passed away two weeks before Lemony. They have gotten a new puppy. I went down to meet him and he was so adorable. 

My friends who are living in Huntsville now but have a home in Auburn on the same street lost their lab recently and they are getting a Golden from the same kennel as Blue above. He will be picked up next week. I will now have two Goldens to visit when we go to Auburn. 

I still am teary eyed when I speak of Lemony but am still resolute that now is not the time to add a puppy. I am going to love on these two and GUS of course.

I stitched on Let Freedom Ring while in Auburn. It was the only thing I took with me. I felt it would be fun to work on it over the holiday. I am currently stitching Baby Palmer's name, so that is my lone stitch. It was going to be too hard to take it with me since I am basically creating the pattern as I go as I did with Tucker's name.

I will give a stitching update with pictures soon since I ordered a new charger and it came today.

The trip was just what I needed to be ready for Baby Palmer's arrival. We are getting close. I will close it up with Tucker and his cute 4th of July shirt.

Someone is still refusing to get his haircut. It is getting a bowl shape from Tyler having to do what he can. I pray he grows out of this soon, but he is still cute.

Thankful for my many blessings,

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

June on the Bayou and a CS Finish

 I was about to let June go by without documenting the bayou. June has been such a blessing to me. I have enjoyed the days so much even if many were raining. I wondered to myself the other day why was I loving the summer days so much this year ---and then it hit me.

Last year a good portion of the summer was spent with taking care of Mama with her most awful case of shingles. I wasn't even ready for summer to end last year because I had felt it was spent dealing with that.

I thought, "No wonder I am loving the days so much. Mama is doing pretty good right now. Certainly, NOTHING like last summer.

I took pictures of the bayou at one point when I thought there would be nothing but rain to take. Even after the tropical storm in the Gulf, many days rain just spun up out there.

I don't know if you can see it, but the next two pictures of the bayou were raining. I did one out to the bigger waters and one across the way.

Last Saturday, I reminded myself that I should be sitting out and sunning like a good summer day calls for. Now, I don't care two cents about a tan anymore...but I do love to just sit and enjoy the views.

I watched boats and people enjoying the water.

I took a few shots from my lawn chair on the dock.

The first is not a shot I do very often. It is back toward my side of the bayou and down the way.

The water is kind of red from all the rain we have had of late.

Then a shot down towards the entry to our bayou.

There was actually a salty breeze before lunch that day and very pleasant.

Then Monday morning, I thought the light was pretty.

June's bayou pictures recorded.

I am throwing in a cross stitch finish. I made my Cats on Parade drum this month.

Here are several pictures to show you all around it.

#1 kitty

#2 kitty

The back side where it is joined with year.

The top.

#3 kitty.

We are heading away from the beach for the 4th to our Auburn home. I am hoping for a quiet few days. Happy Independence Day to all,

Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Hodgepodge of Topics

 I am letting my phone pictures inspire this random assortment of topics if you will...

First up is a picture I took at Mother's house the other day.

That will take you back --huh? A classic Tupperware container from back in the day. It was sitting out because she had baked a cake. What do the two have to do with each other you ask?

Mama stores her hairnet in it, and she wears a hairnet when she bakes a cake. No hair on her head is going to show up in a cake she bakes. Now, I have not really investigated this topic with her in depth, but knowing her she has probably found a hair in a cake at some point in her life and been shocked by the sight--- so she wears a hairnet. That is what I am speculating.

Speaking of her and cake...

This is a picture from several movies I made of them interacting over cake. It was fun to watch the interaction. He wanted to go over to her house one day and as soon as we entered the front door he asked if she had cake.

He is quickly learning that Grandma means cake. She had some in the freezer so she got it out and defrosted for him. They had quite the conversation going.

This was all good for her. A good day.


A picture left off from birthdays that I thought was very cute.


I have always said Jeff's purchase of our  Jeep was his midlife crisis. Not a sports car but an old YJ Jeep. We have the last year that model was made. It has square headlights is how you tell the model. Anyway, he babies that thing and to be honest I thought he was nuts when he got it, but I love it. It is the dog mobile and the beach mobile. Here is a picture of just two things that show his love for his Jeep.

Katie found him the wheel cover for Christmas one year. I think it goes well with the Jeep and our love for our home state. BUT...don't miss Sasquatch carrying a flag. That is his most recent acquisition. It joins a redfish tag on the front and missile firing button that sits where the cigarette lighter goes. You just never know what comes next. I am sure a 60 year old silver haired lady driving to the beach is not one expects to see driving it:)


Jeff, Paul Allen, and Katie went on a fishing trip down to Melbourne. This was Jeff's 60th birthday present. They caught tarpon. 

Did you notice there are no photos of Jeff? I think he enjoyed being the photographer of the other two as much as fishing.


Then there is Father's Day at Harbor Docks in Destin with Tyler and Tucker....

There has been lots of rain with the Tropical Storm and then lots of just Gulf inspired rain. It has cut into my outside time so there will be a stitching post soon.

The storm caused a tornado in my hometown just across the line in Alabama and a horrible horrible traffic accident on I 65 that was hard to get the mind off of...killed lots of kids. Those are just hard to fathom.

It reminds me to be so very grateful for all my blessings of days.


Moving on to a happier topic.

We had one more celebration of two good friends retiring...
Cindy and Betty are officially joining my ranks.


I have also read 2 more good books. The first was The Winemaker's Wife by Kristin Harmel. It is another novel about the French Resistance during WWII, but had a twist I didn't see coming. 

BUT,  this one is a true winner...

It is a new release and the first for Virginia Hume. I really enjoyed Haven Point

I have also got Mother reading which is wonderful. Our library has a whole section of large print books. She will tell me she doesn't need one, but she reads through it in no time, so until she actually doesn't read one I am continuing. It is far better than TV and she is not able to handle any technology.

I will leave you with Gus on a very lazy morning.

Very unusual for him. I think it was because he had already expended a day's energy that morning. The rain has had him going nuts. He looks as if he is saying, "Don't bother me, I am resting!"

The sun is shining this morning so I am going to get out there in the humidity and enjoy it today.