Friday, July 10, 2020

Stitching Update and Some Daily Happenings


Popping in with my calendar for Christmas stitching progress. I have stitched 11 of the days at this point.

I will share 11 with the next 10. I have had very little time to stitch, so these are going pretty quickly. When I finish I will pick a few to highlight with a closer view.

It is still busy busy around here. I am doing a ton of cooking and taking care of Mama too. She is better, but still not really able to do a whole lot for herself.

This week, Katie was out of town and she and Paul Allen have added a new dog since Reece, the boxer died. They went to the rescue place again and this time came home with an American Fox Hound, approximately 11 months old. New name is Darcy, so, Darcy and Dansby are the two hounds at their house. Katie is out of town this week, so Paul Allen was a little worried about what the new one would do. 

Tucker and I have gone over each day to let them out and of course visit with the chickens.

They were hiding in the coop because of the dogs, but gives you a bigger picture of their home. They have a shower door on the end:) to let them out.

It has been raining a ton these past two weeks and is full on hot and humid summer which last until October, so whether I am ready or not it is here.

The grass is green and growing so the pictures I took of Paul Allen and Katie's backyard work don't look as sweet as they could due the grass.

I thought I would share just a few. Katie has plants growing all over the place. I just have to laugh because Paul Allen complained about all my plants growing up:)

There is a little bench here that I missed in the picture.

Dansby...I missed capturing Darcy. I will get her on another time.

How is one supposed to move around in the kitchen when two dogs take up the walkway? I guess they know we are in the dog days of summer. 
 They are my sidekicks though. Wouldn't change a thing.

Tucker and I were downstairs piddling around the other day. He wanted to sit at the desk. This desk was mine and was purchased in Germany in 1962. It has a German label and once had a chair to match which has long been broken. 
I played with this desk until I was far too big for it and then it was always in my room with just stuff on it. 

My kids played on it. I have tons of pictures of them on each side of it coloring. At another time, I would have hunted down pictures of me and the kids, but I am doing good to show Tucker.

He wouldn't come back upstairs until l told him I would bring it back up. 

On this day, he sat there 2/3s of the day playing with that car.

We have also eaten our lunch at it.

This video really touched me...just a simple message but a good reminder.

I have been really plugging in to God's Word while Tucker is napping. I have shut down the TV other than Paw Patrol, and been listening to music. I have my hymns and favorite praise music. I love country music but I am listening to my favorite country singers singing my favorite hymns AND I took a notebook I made several years ago with favorite verses in it and put it beside my bed. Every morning and every evening I read a few. 

It has helped me tremendously to get through this tough and busy season.


Friday, July 3, 2020

Jolly July Stitching and Auburn House Outside Work

Christmas in July or Jolly July stitching has begun. I am going to hunker down and try and get the countdown to Christmas piece done for Lindsay.

I have lots of thoughts swirling in my brain for how I will finish this. I will share some of my thoughts while I also share some numbers that have been finished. I will apologize for the picture quality now...some are dark.

The finished piece shows the 24 pieces all stitched and finished like little bags and hanging from a string on a window frame. I don't think that will be my plan. I am sort of envisioning a quilted piece with pockets to hang on a door.

I am using this linen and ordered a big piece so I should have plenty. Has a been of a sheen to it.

Now, I often find on something like this that you can't really know what or how it will work until you get closer to the end and have lots of time to process all those thoughts and mesh it will your capabilities.

#4 is adorable, but I got off count. Some ripping needs to be done and I skipped to 5. 

Knowing that, I will just have to see. Lindsay is a very traditional person, so I know the finish will have to use very traditional colors and fabrics. At Christmas she is much like me...a very traditional person...not too much whimsy.

When I finish 5 I will go back to 4.

I have a beautiful Ralph Lauren tartan plaid table cloth that I picked up one year at Tuesday Morning for a deal. I have used it before on Tucker's first ornament, so I have more than enough to do something with that.

Oh and out of the blue I did #10, but for the most part I am going to stay on track with the numbers.

In the background of some of the above photos you can see a project bag that I made from a wonderful kind of nostalgic piece of fabric I bought once at a quilt store in Pensacola (a quilter's dream store). I used it for an apron and the project bag, but something like that might be a good idea too.
I will definitely enlist Lindsay's ideas when I get closer to the finish.

Now, I may have to another one for Paul Allen, but that is not anytime soon at all.
I do think Tucker will enjoy it this year. I am thinking of making some pictures on tagboard to put in each pocket to tell the Christmas story.

I think Lindsay would like it hanging on a door so it is up out of the way but useful....those are my thoughts at the moment. Either way, that is what you will see when you follow along for the month of July unless life just takes over.

Now, push in the clutch for a gear change.

With that I decided to share a few pictures from our Auburn house that we wish were at this weekend, but just not the time with Mom still feeling so bad. Right after she got out of the hospital on the first few days of June, we left for a super quick trip to Auburn. She was still on a lot of pain medicine and my aunt came down and stayed with her the two days.

It was kind of a workday. I put out some fresh pine straw at the front of the house. I should have taken a photo, but didn't. I did however pull up the coolest tree starter root from the really large acorn this tree drops.

Nerdy Sandy just loves this kind of stuff.

I was just pulling it up and was shocked when the whole sprouted acorn came up with it.

I put in a new shower curtain in one of the guest bathrooms. I needed the rod to rest on the tile and that made it so that it needed an extra long one. I had already put a long plastic liner in but had just not found a shower curtain, so I ordered one from Amazon for a good price.

Sorry about the open potty here. Yikes! Try to just look at the pretty curtain.

Then we went shopping and found these photos of Toomer's Corner. I don't remember the exact dates, but 1890s, early 1900s, and 1940s I think. 

I will share them again with a wider view and the exact dates and how that led to moving other pictures around. 

Now, for the outside because that is why we went to get it set up for vacationing. IT will be the only vacationing our family will do for the foreseeable future and I thank God for the blessing of the home.

Lindsay and family went two weeks ago to escape the Destin traffic for a weekend.

The view below is the side yard porch between the garage on the left and entrance into the house on the right. We put a TV that swings out and has from phone viewing capabilities. That was a gift from the kids for Christmas. 

This is the same area just looking in the opposite direction. You have seen the fire pit here. We bought new chairs which I will show you in a minute.

If you leave that porch and look towards the front of the house, there is another small porch that comes right off the living room. 

It is my favorite spot to sit when I am there. It is my old cabin screen porch and we moved that furniture back over there which made me happy happy happy. Coffee, time with God, and stitching are all very pleasant activities here.

Now, looking back down all the way to the back, you will see the fort for Tucker. He should like it this fall.

Do you spy Gus?

And the garage has a nice view out to that area and is very private, so I am keeping the rocking chairs there for sitting there.

We purchased stackable chairs to keep in the garage and easy pull out to the area where we will use the fire pit this fall and winter. If you have never seen a Solo fire pit. They are amazing and worth the price. They always run specials for half off. The wood burns down to nothing over night. Very safe and all around WONDERFUL! 

Jeff has set up a dart board and wants to down the road get a small portable ping pong table. 

I never shared all of it, but looking back at pictures I decided I needed to get that done.

I hope you liked pictures, because I probably overdid it on this post.

I hope everyone has a safe weekend. We will be home this year and very quiet. That Big old ugly C is getting too close for comfort. I now know personally 7 people who have tested positive and all under the age of 51. Six local and one a friend of Paul Allen's who WAS coming to visit this weekend. I think he was relieved they found out first. My kids are laying low as well which makes me feel better.

I will be doing a lot of praying this 4th of July for our country but for my family and friends to all know Jesus!!!


P.S. I am still not getting any comments to my email, so forgive me for my unfriendliness. I am reading and love to hear from y'all.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

I Dream of the Sea

Have you ever stitched something that you didn't know JUST how much you were going to love until it was finished? 

This happened for me with this stitch!

When Mary of Stitching Friends came to my rescue back before the Big C happened with a stack of patterns to assist in stitching Tucker's name, this pattern was set aside. I liked it but I couldn't use it on Tucker's name. I did however use lots and lots of the others she sent

When I finished all those birds, I pulled out two of the summery beachy patterns she sent and started with the one called On Beach Time shown here.

Something about this pattern kept calling my name. Maybe because the salty air does call my name.

I finished it very simply. I mixed three colors to do the cording and I really love how it turned out. I think some little whimsical fish hanging on the cording could be cute. I have a pair of earrings that would be perfect, but they were the wrong color blue. I will be on the lookout at the touristy shops in town, but I am perfectly happy with it as is. It could be out this summer or anytime in my home.

I used all the called for colors except the stripe on the fish. I didn't have the DMC color but I had the color on either side of the number, so since this was on 28 count, I just used one strand of each to do the fish stripes. #usewhatyouhave

Down at the bottom of the pattern picture above  is a spool and a square pouch. I liked the spool idea and would like to do that as well, but I am really thinking that little wreath would make a great Christmas ornament, so Mary, this pattern is getting tons of use.

I normally don't participate in any SALs or do anything other than just stitch, but I have always thought about Christmas in July as a time to do little Christmas projects, because who has time close to Christmas. I am going to do Christmas stitching for the month of July. I don't know if I call it Jolly July or just Christmas in July.

We will be spending a hopefully quiet weekend at home thankful for our country and praying we get through 2020 and things settle soon!

The good life.

God Bless America,

Monday, June 29, 2020

Weekend Wrap-up

I need to record life before it gets away from me.

First, I finished up some more summer stitching late tonight. I Dream of the Sea and the Wild Salt Air by Hands On Design. This was a fun fun fun stitch. I honestly didn't know how much I would love the whimsical stitch until I started it. The pictures taken late tonight in my sewing room do not do it justice, so I will take more tomorrow and share next time.

They are hard to see from the photo of the pattern, but I had already thought the spool would be cute to stitch, but one night while stitching I noticed the square holder in the bottom left of the following picture and thought how great that would be for a cute beachy Christmas ornament. I think a few of them will be done for me and the kids. I am thinking 40 count would make it small enough to do a circle finish on it.

Now, for the recording of life. Kristan and family made it over Saturday. It was so good to see everyone. I took a few posed pictures but also just some random shots to preserve life moments.
Here are just a few.

The above was an example of the activity that occurred out of Tucker. He was in heaven with the twins. He moved nonstop. Gus too.

I was trying to recreate a picture taken at Thanksgiving of the three, but Tucker was not interested.

Lots of visiting and just being so glad to be together. 

Lemony getting a little love.

I noticed Tucker wiping his eyes around 7:00, but he couldn't stop moving or he knew this would happen. He fell asleep almost instantly on the way home.
The funny thing is we all missed Gus and wondered where he was. 
He was in his box before all left totally exhausted and asleep himself, so I am thinking they had tons of fun.

I will let you know that I still need prayers for Mom. Just before the party, she just had a big meltdown. She is just worn out from hurting and not sleeping so we are headed back to the doctor in the morning.

Sunday afternoon a little more boating, sunshine, and dog swimming took place.

When Lemony had enough, she asked to get back on the boat and she found a shady spot to lay down.

Beauty Queen

Tucker had an outing as well with his parents and Lindsay snapped this picture of Tyler and Tucker. 

I thought it was the cutest. He wears his sun shirts, sunshades, hat, etc. like a beach king. He points out places she misses with sunscreen. I guess when you have done all this from the very beginning it all comes second nature to him. He never complains about his life jacket either.

Hoping for some healing with Mom soon,

Friday, June 26, 2020

Jump Down the Rabbit Hole of Thoughts with Me

It seems many clever bloggers have named these posts where you just talk about thinks floating around in the ole noggin. I have yet to come up with one until maybe early this morning.
My thoughts were all over the place and I couldn't help but think of rabbits darting and then a rabbit hole, so....

Join me on a rabbit hole of thoughts and maybe this will be my new thinking post name.

Yes, I know that is prairie dogs, but the illustration came to mind when I was thinking about rabbit holes. It comes from an old science book.

I love planners and calendars...kind of right up there with my love of purses for which I have whittled down my obsession a bit. The past few months have had me thinking I might need to do the same with my love of planners and calendars.

When Pam of Closed Doors, Open Windows mentioned that she was having trouble keeping up with the day of the week and might need to start putting an x on the day passed, well, she really did get my thoughts going, so hang on tight.

My first thought was --- "Yep, I could totally relate." I had a vet appointment scheduled one day and showed up the the day before at the appointed time. The sweet little girl who works there walked out before I even got in with Lemony and said, "Mrs. Palmer, your appointment is tomorrow at 5:00." As soon as she said it, I knew I was there on the wrong day. Honestly, I was so jumbled that week and stressed with Mother that I sort of felt like I didn't know if I was coming or going. So no surprise when she told me that.

I went back home and of course Jeff wondered why I was back so quickly. I told him what I had done and that I had my days so mixed up. He took it as insult since he is still working and counting down the weekdays to weekends.

When Pamela, mentioned the crossing off if days,
I began to ponder whether I needed to start "X-ing" my days off the calendar or find a place in the home to write, the day of the week and the date like I did daily in my classroom on the board. Good grief!

I quit "X-ing" out days when I retired because I didn't think I should count days anymore ---no more countdowns so to speak. Just enjoy each one!

Basically, my JUNE days have been too full with stuff that is less than fun and has worn my brain out.

Anyway, all that mumbo jumbo thoughts led to thinking about planners and calendars and I had already been thinking I was going to make a change for the next year in my choice of one.

Image from Pinterest... My love of calendars started with these from Hallmark way back in the early 70s.

About 2013, I discovered these very pretty but pricey planners. I was still working and had the money to spend on them and so I sort of got addicted to them much like purses.

I eagerly purchased one each year and did my "X-ing on the monthly spread and wrote lots and lots of lists on the daily pages.

Did mention how much I love to make lists and and cross things off? No checking them, off ---I like to cross them off. You can still see them if you just check them off.

Are you seeing my crazy come out here?

From Pinterest

I have decided I  NO LONGER need the kind of planner that I have been spending big money to buy.
I plan to go back to a monthly spread only that just comes from a regular frills...inexpensive to keep all my appointments and important dates and then a notepad to make lists.
I could go back to this idea...

Hubby started buying me a dog calendar each Christmas for the refrigerator way back when. I stopped him when the kids left home, but maybe I should just renew that gift idea.
I hated throwing away the pictures so I stuck them in the front and back pockets to notebooks.
Double the enjoyment.

For one more story about calendars, Kristan, our one and only niece got a very cool calendar one year from Christmas from Nana ( my mother-in-love). She didn't care one iota about it, so when all the presents were opened and Nana wasn't looking I got the calendar from her. I gave her something for the exchange and that calendar's pictures graced my fall science bulletin board for the next 20 years.

It was a National Geographic calendar that I am sure had come in the mail free to Nana and she thought, "Oh, I will just save this for Kristan." They had perfect pictures of animal groups which was perfect for my 4th grade curriculum.

Here is the book that I taught from that was my most absolute favorite science book ever to teach from and where the prairie dog picture came from. I kept a copy of it...

Oh my, I have exposed too much of myself with this post, but the next rabbit hole post will be a little less crazy. Maybe I will do a rabbit hole post on stitching thoughts floating around in my noggin this summer.

I may not be able to do a rabbit hole post in the sense that others do multiple thoughts because I love a story and I can't stop with a few words. BIG problem here.

I am serious ---my mind is overdrive lately. It is like it quit working back in midMarch and now it is trying to process it all pronto.

Speaking of Kristan, her family is due in tomorrow from Houston. We can't wait. We only get to see them at Thanksgiving and in June mostly. We are having a cookout over here on Saturday so super excited. I am letting the kids handle it for once. I don't think I have to do anything except maybe snap some pictures this time.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

A Random Assortment of Things

I am popping in with a cross stitch finish and trying not to be a complainer. The blog is a happy place, an escape from the mess and a place to record good things, so that is what I will do today.

2020 has been the year of stitching larger pieces, but June has been for doing some smaller quicker projects.

I completed my September wordplay. I am not sure how I am going to fully finish it just yet, but I have some time to ponder it. Being that is school themed and my birth month I almost am tempted to frame it. Probably won't, but definitely want to think about it for awhile.

 I have done two others and while I absolutely love these patterns I don't think I will do anymore.

I don't think I will do more than these three because I have a good many fall small stitches. That is probably my largest lot. I have about 4 more fall stitches kitted up, so no real place to put the fall ones. I have all the Christmas decor I can handle, so if it doesn't hang on a tree I don't think I have a place to put it. I just don't do winter scenes. It is not like I hate winter. I don't. For the most part winter here is mild and kind of fun to wear some winter clothes for a couple of months...or at least some of the time. I just have never been able to muster up the motivation for stitching snowmen. Again, I think they are adorable, but they will be out for 2 maybe 3 weeks and then it is like I am over that. I have a good many spring stitches so the word plays are not needed.

I do love them though. They are just the cutest little patterns. If they had come out with these right as I was retiring I might have done them instead of the monthly cottages that I did and still love.

I got my cardinal back from the frame shop. I can't wait to get to Auburn and hang it with the other birds. I want to maybe add some flowers to them. I am thinking of 4 from a book of state flowers that I have. Down the road I will do so.

In gardening notes, I have changed out my garage wall plants to some summery heat taking plants. I have had the best year with my selections for those pots. I traded these out at varying times getting the most out of the other ones. I have gone with white and green for the summer. They look so pretty when you drive in the circle. The white flowers are vinca and I have filled in with some lily of the Niles, some asparagus and foxtail ferns, and some other little white flower that I had never heard of.

The front flower beds look so much better without the roses. I miss having roses, but not at all the work that went with them especially in this season of life I find myself in.

Sorry for the poor quality. My camera fogged up and I didn't realize it until I went to upload. Day lilies are struggling this year. I just showered them with some food...hoping that will help.

We have really quit trying to grow anything on the back due the heat and sun. I take that back, he has two pepper plants out there.

I have grown geraniums outside my kitchen window for years now, but that pine tree that I have spoken of on too many occasions has gotten larger and larger. I may have to actually find a shady but heat tolerant plant to grow there next year. They are just getting so leggy trying to find sun. Plus they hate heat. We haven't really started with the real heat yet. July, August, and September are the scorcher months.

Update on Mama. Mother is still feeling poorly, but this morning she had her best day in ages. We went yesterday to the doctor again. I was just so worried about her not eating and getting weak. She got a prednisone shot and some pills so I think that may have helped.

Jeff made me leave and go out for a boat ride on Saturday afternoon. It was good for me.

Lemony and Gus leading the way out our bayou.

We went out to the sound near Hurlburt Field away from the crowds. We were greeted with a treat. An osprey's nest with mama in it and daddy in the tree all the way to the right. We were careful to go on down just a little ways to swim. I wish I were a photographer because it was picture worthy.

We found a little sandy area further down to swim and play. The Gulf of Mexico is just beyond the nest in case you wanted to know.

Tucker is scheduled to start daycare on August 10th. I will miss him terribly, but I am a back up if things get bad with the BIG C again. Cases are on the rise here.
The daycare is in a church right next door to Lindsay's workplace. They have a good Christian school curriculum and Lindsay will probably call it school with Tucker. She can pop over there to see him if needed. I like that is right next to her. No extra driving as she already has to drive from Destin to Niceville to work. Jeff and Paul Allen work out of this building as well, although they do travel to schools. He will have plenty of people to go get him if he gets sick.

I will close it up for now and rest while Tucker is napping.

Thanks for your sweet comments. I still have troubles with my account. I think it may be an Apple/Google thing and I just have had no time to address it. Maybe in August I will spend time researching it all.

Going to take a nap,