Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trash to Treasure and a Garden Update

A couple of weeks ago, I was headed out of my circle for a walk when I spotted a rocker/glider out by the road for trash. My neighbor was moving, and I was really sad to see them go as they have been very good neighbors. 

I walked by the rocker at first thinking if she put it out, it must not work. I walked a few steps and thought I am just going to go back and take a look. The rocker seemed to work perfectly. The cushions had definitely seen better days.

I started back out again thinking I would get it when I got back, but decided it was too good to let someone beat me to it, so back again I went. This time toting it to my garage and then off to finish my walk.

I threw the cushions away. I popped the spring back in that seemed like it come off. No problem! I went inside and ordered a new cushion for it pronto. 

I then cleaned it up, gave it a fresh coat of paint which it really didn't have to have, but it made it look newer. 

Since I have two of them already, my thoughts were nursery! Am I rushing things? Yes! However, my daughter loved it...I told her I would keep it here until I am lucky enough to be blessed with a little one, and then I think it will be perfect for a nursery. My daughter is pretty much obsessed with safari animals and I do mean obsessed, so I thought the giraffe color zebra print would work with a pretty pink or blue blanket.

The only thing I could find really wrong was that it is missing some cap pieces on the back like the ones you see at the top.

All in all, I think it was a win!

Obsession with safari animals. Lindsay has loved them forever. All of her friends know of this and they are constantly sending her photos etc. Apparently Snap Chat has a new thing where you can make your face a zebra face so one of her sorority sisters sent her face as a zebra this past week. 

When she asked her bridesmaids to be bridesmaids, she picked a safari animal for each one and likened them to the characteristics of each animal in her letter to them.

The girls all brought them to the wedding for pictures.

Now for the garden update...

Last Saturday I took a picture of the pecan trees because they had a few green leaves. Today it was amazing how many leaves were on them...One week.

Last Saturday, April 23rd.

Today, April 30th.

I pulled up the first row of potatoes and got half of a 5 gallon bucket. They were delicious.

This week I pulled up the second row and filled up a 5 gallon bucket and gave probably half a bucket more away. They were a much better crop. We planted them a week later. I didn't snap a picture of them, but will get that tomorrow. They are sitting in the garage....just too lazy to go back out there.

Here are the photos from the garden this week.





A little squash peeking out.


The one and only carrot that survived. I ate it already!

We will be eating lots of potatoes this week. 

Been digging in the dirt,

Monday, April 25, 2016

Health Journey: Food Part 2

As promised, I am sharing a bit more about the changes in my diet.

I shared my notebooks that are my guidelines and typical breakfast items in the first part

With my new diet, I actually try not to snack between meals. That was the recommendation for me based on my health conditions. My metabolism works better if I stay away from the snacks and give some time between eating.

That is not to say that I never have something. If I am hungry I eat something. It is better to eat something small than set yourself up for eating too much and the wrong things.
Remember my Butterfinger story.

If I need something, I drink a glass a water and if that doesn't help, then I will eat a snack. 
Some examples of snacks based on how hungry I am feeling are....
-a gluten free cracker with almond butter (actually wasn't crazy about either when I started, but again they have grown on me and I actually like them now)
-and.....I am trying new items every week in the gluten free category.


It is recommended that I eat some protein along with my veggies. I don't always want that protein, but I try. When I just don't want the meat, I try to add some beans to the mix. I love the little petite green limas, so that makes up for my lack of meat eating.

I eat a lot of leftovers for lunch. I have one of those hubbies that will not eat leftovers. I however do!

A typical lunch might be some grilled meat and veggies from the night before.
I will usually pop that into the toaster oven (not the microwave). The microwave vs the toaster oven is another post.

We have also tried a number of soup recipes over the last couple of months. Hubby likes to cook, so he has been hunting for recipes to try. He will usually make a big pot on Sunday evening: that way he has something to take for lunch that is easy.

An Olive Garden copycat of pasta e fagioli.

Italian ???? It is saved on my hubby's computer. Can't remember the name, but tasty.

We have some winners and losers...but more winners. The above photos were both winners.

When we make soup, we choose the no hormone meats and organic vegetables. If a pasta is in the soup, we try gluten free options or quinoa. 
I wasn't in love all with quinoa at first, but again over time I have learned to like it.

I don't know if we will keep the soup thing up over the summery months. They do seem more of a cold weather thing, although I love a bowl of soup.

I want say that all of this was easy peasy, but I probably would not be as motivated if it was just for weight loss. When facing some health difficulties, then it is a choice between feeling good or not. It makes the decision a bit easier.

I usually eat a lighter lunch, because I eat breakfast much later than I did when I a working woman.

One more note about lunch... I am not a salad girl. I don't like any kind of dressings. Remember I am picky. I don't find salads to keep me full; they leave me still longing for something. I do better to eat something warm.


For supper, we grill a good bit, but I have also learned to make some pretty tasty meats right in the skillet on the stove. I use a lot of different spices such as Tony's Cachere's to make grilled chicken tenders in my iron skillet. I use olive oil for just about all cooking after breakfast. Hubby is always collecting different types of rubs and seasonings. I also love California style garlic salt and pepper.

Olive oil even in my cabbage! I love steamed cabbage. I like it kind of crunchy...that came from all the Thai food places around our area....NOT to be confused with Chinese cuisine.
Totally different. 
Back to my cabbage..the Thai stir fry it and leave it a bit crunchy, so that is a go to vegetable of mine.

I stir fry squash and zucchini, steam broccoli, and of course my petite limas or fresh green beans for side dishes.

I have started paying attention to recipes for something to spice it up a bit. For instance, I saw where chicken was served with steamed squash and spinach. We recreated it at home. Yum!


Oh, and while eating at Ruby Tuesday for lunch one day, I had some zucchini shredded to look like spaghetti noodles with my fish. Another option I probably wouldn't have tried until forced to try and think up new things for the hubby.

I try to buy fresh or frozen vegetables. Not much in the line of canned goods these days.

And... we do have rice and potatoes, just not every night. 

Portion control ---although after I finished that detox, I didn't need as much food to eat and I have stopped when I am full or eaten what I think is plenty. I don't stretch the stomach.

I don't eat any bread at all for lunch and supper. I do however eat cornbread about once a week. There is ton less flour in that. I have some gluten free cornmeal, but I haven't used it yet. 

We eat fish often. We are fortunate that we can get fresh fish here, so we take advantage of that. Again I broil it or Hubby grills it.

I have really tried to give up fried foods period. I have gotten much better with that over time. I would have ALWAYS chosen fried shrimp or fish over grilled.
Well, with one exception...the steamed shrimp at Dewey's in Destin is the BEST!

I still occasionally have something fried, but small portion.

I am finding the choices get easier with time.

For dessert, I eat fruit. I am always trying to get the men in my life to eat more anyway, so I try and make it desirable by serving it in a dessert dish.

I will do a post on sweets later. 

Although sweets are not my biggest desire. 

I could throw down a bag of Golden Flake barbecue potato chips. Not sweet heat or any special ones...just Golden Flake barbecue chips. I mean I could eat the whole bag. 
I DO NOT allow myself to even go down that aisle and if I do I have to rush by them.

Oh, I did notice that Lay's has some black bean chips that I tried with some fresh salsa. They were tasty, but you would have to like black beans because they taste like a salty Tostito with distinct black bean flavor.

Summing it up...
Gluten free
Limited and I mean limited sugar
No high fructose corn syrup (I believe that to me the biggest thing for me personally---inflammation for sure)
No hormone meats
Lot of vegetables, especially the green kind and organic when possible.
Organic fruits
Nothing, absolutely nothing processed.
Fresh and no chemicals.
I am not a big dairy eater, but the cheese list is the hard cheeses
Almond or coconut milk
I occasionally eat some organic ice cream.
Grains allowed are buckwheat, amaranth, crisp bread, millet, quinoa, and whole grain rice.

I have tried buckwheat (like), crisp bread (not so much), quinoa (like). I just don't like wild rice, so I do eat some organic rice varieties that I have found at the grocery store.

Remember all of this is based on my health conditions...Rheumatoid and hypothyroidism.

I am not suggesting that this is for everyone!

Oh, I really only drink water and coffee.
I can have all that green tea stuff, but I would be gagging if I did.

Three meals a day. You can eat fruit at the end of a meal as dessert.

My pantry and refrigerator look very differently these days. I have a lot more in the refrigerator due to trying eat more vegetables that are fresh. I don't bring any store-bought cookies, junk food, etc into the house.  I mean none. I have gluten free crackers, almond butter, nuts, etc in the pantry and tons of fresh fruit. If there are any sweets eaten they are homemade.

Hubby is on board, so we are really trying hard to make sure there are no temptations out there. We have cooked more and experimented and both of us are the better for it.

When I first started weeding out the foods in the pantry and refrigerator, my son would drop by after work and say, "Mom, you have nothing to eat in this house." He was the nay sayer always to anything  my daughter and I tried to tell him about healthy living.

I am beginning to see a change in him as well. I think he has seen the dramatic change in me. He has given up all soft drinks, and I have noticed he is making better choices too. More fruit for one. I will share more about that later.

I will try and share some more recipes along the way. I will also do a cheat day post to let you know I am not perfect, but I must say feeling better makes me walk away from many things. I have a few key places that we eat out at that keep me from having to cook everyday.

Changing one day at a time,

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

I have really enjoyed the weather this April. It has really been spring like here and I have enjoyed the not too hot days. I have worked outside and enjoyed my walks.

I felt like Saturday may have been the turning point. I guess we will see. I had already thought about getting my paddle board out last week even though I knew the water would still be cool. 

Don't fall in and all is good!

Saturday was probably the warmest day so far, so it was time to venture out. Hubby, Son, and Son-in-law were all in a golf tournament on Saturday morning. Lindsay and I ran a couple of quick errands Saturday morning and then pulled the kayak out to the water.

It was gorgeous and we tooled around out bayou. I will be trying to paddle board for a bit each day. I like to go during the week when there is not much boat traffic out. I also actually like to go during the day, because I am afraid a dolphin or other large fish might pop up beside me in the evening and scare me. I don't really want to fall in the water with them. I am definitely chicken, not even gonna act like I am not. I like to look at wildlife from the shore. 

My dolphin friends were out again today. A couple was on a kayak following right along behind them.

Very cool to watch.

After the guys all got back from their golf tournament, Hubby and I went to check on the garden.

We pulled up one row of the potatoes.
We will get the other row next week.

We pulled up the row on the right. The onions are doing great. The row with the carrot failure! Then another row of potatoes.
View across the garden.





The herb garden and peppers.

Everything looked pretty good.

Oh, and the pecan trees are beginning to come to life.

After church today, I took a nap while all the kids went out on the boat. Hubby did some grilling for us all.

Then he made me go to the dreaded garage. Yuk! 

I continually organize...He doesn't keep it up. 

He then goes out there and stands around and begs me to come help him again.

I whine but give in.

Life at our house!

That's a weekend wrap-up.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ME Tortoise / Mama Hare

If you read yesterday's post here, you saw the lovely live oaks with Spanish moss that line the streets into my neighborhood.  I showed you a just a few of them. They are literally even more abundant on the "trashy" way into the neighborhood.

Now to the second part of that story. 

My mama is something else. Anyone in my family would describe her the same way. Hyperactive. You are not around her long and you will notice it. She is loved by all, but isn't that usually the case? Outgoing, spunky, energetic. I am introverted, quiet, and with my RA not so energetic.

I have learned over the years to be the tortoise. Slow and steady....deliberate with tasks assigned for each day. There is no way I can do it all in one day, so I have adjusted.

Mama....she is the exact opposite! Everything at once, ALL the time.

When she is feeling good she has the energy of a jack rabbit. That woman is on the move until she falls into bed or on the couch for a cat nap. Then back at it again. She has her house spotless of course. You could eat off the floors, well not only off the floors, but the garage floor and her deck. That is how she rolls. 

While I absolutely love clean, there is no way I can keep up with her.

She has decided I need help, so last week when Lucy, the Springer was having all of her troubles, she came over and ironed and swept the porch. ALL GOOD!

Monday she decided she would come over and help again. I had plenty of easy chores that I was willing to give her, but oh no....the HARE decided my garage was not looking too good.

You see our garage acts like a wind tunnel effect somehow. The leaves blow right in there and it can be covered in an hour. I truly try to stay on top of it, but it is extremely hard. Just the right angle that when you open the garage they flow in.

While I was busy on my Monday chores after a long weekend, Mama washed up all my shower dishes and helped me get those ready to put back into place. Then she headed out to my garage. Then that led to firing up the blower and getting up all those leaves in the driveway and even some of the circle. Which in turn led to the leaves needed to be bagged. I watched her and decided she was going to kill herself, so I went to help.

Mind you, I was working in the house on my "Monday chores"....

After I finished my Monday chores, I took her to the grocery store, went to her house to take care of a few things she wanted me to look at about finances. Yuk!

I came home and decided that what she had done really looked nice, and I needed to get my tail in gear and finish off the bottom deck. I had started getting up all the leaves and pine straw and working on a drainage problem the week before, but had stopped when Lucy got sick.

I was exhausted when I finished. Fortunately, Hubby had cooked a big pot of spaghetti on Sunday evening, so supper was mostly made. By the time I finished cleaning up the kitchen, I was whipped.
Oh, one other thing... I had gotten up at 5:45 to fix Hubby's breakfast and lunch, because I am whipping him into shape as well:)

I had also walked Lemony too, hence, all the pictures of the live oaks.

You can probably see what is coming next.

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I was so tired. So tired that all I wanted to do was pull up the covers over my head. I was dragging.

I am going back to my tortoise ways. A little each day - slow and steady.

I called to check on the HARE Tuesday morning. She had done herself in. She was staying home to rest!!!

I learned my lesson, but Mother Dearest, will be back to her HARE self tomorrow. I am not kidding either.

On Monday while I was blowing off the bottom deck and various other things, my dolphin friends were out. I try so hard to get videos of them, but they just don't cooperate.

They are one reason I love my little neck of the woods. 

At the 2 or 3 second mark you can see my little friend, at about 10 seconds, you can hear their clicking noises. One was further down and at about 20 seconds, he popped up. I realized though after I uploaded it to Youtube that you can't see it so well. 

I tried to share my happy moments though.

Resting like the HARE,

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Live Oaks and My Mama's Thoughts on My Neighborhood

This story is going to be a two parter, but for today, I am going to set up tomorrow's post.

Driving into my neighborhood is ---I guess you would say seen very differently by many. 

I drive in and see the most beautiful live oaks dripping with Spanish moss that you will see anywhere in Fort Walton Beach. They are old, big, and many lean in due to hurricanes years ago when they were but babes.

My mama drives in and sees the SLUMS. I am pretty sure she thinks my neighborhood is the trashiest place on earth.

It is pretty much how all of my area is...and she thinks it is horrid. I am not even sure she wanted to move here because it was not a cute little town like hers.

In Fort Walton Beach, the downtown area looks really cute these days and of course the beach is awesome, but tourists may want still want to get in all of that Destin traffic.

Of course, water front is not often turned down, even if you drive in through some sketchy looking stuff.

However, in our quaint little town that I love with all of my heart, there are very little zoning regulations. There are lots of little unincorporated areas all over town. What has happened is that you may go through an area with very poor unkept houses and then show up at some really beautiful plush homes near the water. Businesses are thrown in the mix too. 

In order to get to my home which is in a nice little cul-de-sac on the water, you have to drive by a business, then some really trashy homes and I mean the kind that have so much stuff in the yard that if a hurricane blows in they are going to be in trouble from the debris missiles. 

The other way into my house is lined with some really nice homes along the water and then some old bungalows in between. The bungalows and block houses are anywhere from adorable to somewhat unkept as well. The drive in however is much more pleasant to the eye if you're looking only at the homes. 

Now, you might think that I would be scared to drive in the other way?... the answer is ----No. One of the guys that has one of the most junk filled yards is just an old fisherman. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

My mother is not sure about him because he has so much stuff outside. She just can't imagine how you could let your yard go like that. I am just used to it.  Her friend group from Brewton is planning a trip down here soon, and I know she will want to bring them over here. The other day she says, "I think I am going to bring them coming in the nicer way." I am like, "Okay, Mama, whatever!"

Our neighborhood despite the difference in houses is lined with some of the most beautiful live oaks in all of Fort Walton Beach.

If you don't know anything about these wonderful trees other than what you see when you come to the beach and see ----beauty dripping with Spanish moss. Well, there is more to them than beauty. They produce more leaves than you can possibly imagine not in the fall, but in the spring.

Spring is picking up leaves time, and to be perfectly honest, it almost a futile job until they are done falling. Then these little things that look like brown worms fall, and it inevitably rains before you can get them up. They stain everything and stick to all things especially dogs. 

All in all their beauty is worth the trouble. 

Now these leaves are the remainder of the story to be shared tomorrow.

Here are a few photos of my walk with Lemony yesterday, down the nicer way. Most everyone had spent the weekend trying to pick up some of the leaves.

This pictures is coming in from the "trashy" side. About 200 yards before you get to where Lemony and I are standing is the fisherman JunkMeister. Our cul-de-sac is straight ahead.


Our cul-de-sac is in the middle of a curved road, so the next picture is of us walking in the other direction away from home. The "nicer" way.:) 

You will notice a nice new home on the right side, then on the opposite side of the road right next to us is two homes. 

Those two homes directly across from this home are owned by the same lady in Andalusia. One of them is a little yellow block house. I am so sad, because the same lady has rented if for the last ten years and has been a great neighbor. She just moved out. Next to it is a green shingled house that the family keeps and comes down about twice a year to stay in.

Let me just tell you people. Those two lots are probably a true goldmine. Two of the most beautiful pieces of waterfront in all of FWB. High and dry, too.

I figure when the owner does sell, there will be six homes built there instead of the two.


Above picture is looking down the street. You will see next to that brick home is another little house.

The next is one on the water. It is an older one that an elderly couple lives on, but you can see all those trees.

Then our cul-de-sac.

Everyone had worked on their leaves either Sunday afternoon or Monday afternoon.

For me ---those trees are amazing.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Stay tuned for the Tortoise and the Hare tomorrow!

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Bridal Shower / Reception

Yesterday, I gave a "bridal shower" for my sweet friend Anne's daughter.

It was most definitely a different kind of shower. Non traditional for sure.

I knew going in that it would take some creative thinking.

Emily, the bride to be, is teaching in Texas (the far side of Texas, too) for Teach for America.  She is finishing up her second year and is engaged to a local boy who is finishing up all of his training for the Air Force. 

We knew she would have limited time at home, so we had to work around a lot of things going on this weekend, hence, a Sunday afternoon shower.

Not only that, she was flying in. Her dad is going out as soon as school is out and loading her stuff to drive it to Washington State where they will be living. Then they have to make a mad dash home or the wedding. 

All of this moving gave us another real big problem

What to do with all those presents?

We decided to do a totally different kind of shower.

She really needed to not have presents here and then move to Texas and then move to Washington. We decided that it would be great if they were just delivered to the final location.

Does that all sound confusing? 

Yes, it was...

My quest was how to throw a shower for Emily, because I really wanted her to have that sweet experience without offending guests. Oh, just buy a present please.

I set out to find the perfect wording for an invite.

Thank goodness for the Internet.

 A little editing for the crazies out there.

Our other problem was the number of people that she was inviting. She had to have all of sister's friends as well as her friends and family. We had an older crowd as well that were her grandmother's friends. In other words, if she had been able to be here for multiple weekends, she would have probably ended up having more than one shower.

While I probably would have had room in my home for the crowd, my parking situation would not have worked. My neighbor would have gone off the deep end as we live in a cul-de-sac very close to each other. Neighbor is already sure we have too many guests anyway.

Couldn't use church on a Sunday.

That is where my friend Bridget came to the rescue. She runs a cafe for lunch, so I decided to do it there for the parking. 

Then the problem was how to make it look cute in what might be one of the busiest little cafes in town. The food is unbelievable and I can not tell you how crowded that place is everyday or how Bridget survives it. She is building a new place to open this summer.

I didn't stress until I walked in there Saturday evening and started trying to make look like a home. I couldn't achieve that, but everyone invited knew the place, so I figured they knew what they were coming too anyway.

Bridget is famous for her chicken salad around these parts. She makes it herself everyday. I mean tons everyday.

At the end of it all, it was perfect for Emily. She is loving the whole engagement thing and is one of the most positive girls you will ever meet. 

The shower was really in my definition a reception, but it was well received. I think everyone had a great time, so that is what counts. 
It may not have fit all, but it was a sweet time for a sweet girl.

Emily and her mom, Anne

Our families have known each other since our kids were born. Emily and my son are the same age and our oldest are good friends as well. Emily, my Lindsay, and Emily's older sister Georgia all went to Auburn and were in the same sorority.

I had another friend who helped me host. 
Nancy is the most amazing lady and mentor. She was my hubby's senior year Sunday School teacher, so she has been in my life since I married. I love soaking up her wisdom. 
Isn't she beautiful, and I know she is 70? I want to look that good.

Nancy and me. The hostesses with the "mostest" for the day anyway.

A few more pics.

Of course, I was too busy to get photos of everybody there. I always say I am going to do that, but never do.

My friend knows me so well. Check out my hostess gift.

Aren't those the cutest little dishtowels?!

All the problems were solved and fun was had by all. 


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Health Journey: Food Part 1

I have decided to share my health story for all to read. I just feel led to do this. If I could provide encouragement or help to anyone, well then...that would be the purpose of this story.

I know it will bore some, so when you see the title, then you can skip these posts. 

It will be a long post and at first few pictures, but I promise I am going to break the stories down and add pictures.

Starting with FOOD

Since the beginning of November, I changed my eating habits pretty drastically and to say I am a healthier person is truly an understatement.

Her is my disclosure statement: this is my story, so it may be totally ridiculous to you, but remember I am off of RA meds and down 25 pounds...
Yes, you saw that...25 pounds.

My weight this morning was 125.2.
Almost another marker to my goal weight of 115.

I am hoping I will be there by November. Nice and slow with healthy and no pain along the way.

Page from one of my notebooks.

I basically have three notebooks that my doctor has provided me with to take on this journey.

A journey is just what this is... 
I didn't get to 150 pounds (remember I am 5'3" stretching and small boned), 
pain and inflammation everyday, 
and a general lethargic feeling that I fought daily OVERNIGHT.

One notebook was the detox notebook, and I believe that truly was the beginning and NECESSARY!

The next notebook is of general guidelines for healthy living. Two sections are food related. I truly can't absorb all of the information quickly. 

Your protein, fiber, and fat must always be greater than your carbs for weight loss.

What I mean by that is that I can read it all I want, but this is a LIFESTYLE change. I had heard that term and read it so many times without really fully understanding it until I started this JOURNEY in November. 

I refer to this notebook weekly now, trying to pick out one new thing to try and put into practice. You can not do it all at once. I focused on food first, and I still am reading and trying new things each week.

I am beginning to put so many other things into practice. I remember when I first went to Dr. Pelaez, I just wanted him to give me everything at once and just make it all happen immediately. I now understand his method and his thinking, and I will be forever grateful to this man even if I have to go back on medicine at some point.

He is an amazing man. He believes wholeheartedly in what he is doing and has really taken a risk. I shared last week how every patient I have met in there has said the same thing I am saying. He was the head of a major neurology department. I think he was making pretty good money:) He may do well at this, but I am sure it will be a slow sell for awhile as insurance pays nothing on this type of visit.

The third notebook contains my lifelong eating plan.

To start this off, I am going to share some typical meals.

This is hard, because what I want to do is pop everything I have learned into one post. 

You would stop reading this immediately, so slow and steady will be these posts.

To start my day, I get up to feed the dogs. I take my thyroid medication with a quick sip of water, and lay out my morning supplements (more about those later).

I then make a 10 ounce glass of warm water with half of a lemon squeezed into it. I drink this and then it is off to do a few house chores, pick up my granddog that I babysit everyday, and then I try to hit the gym three days a week.

The water deal was during my detox, but you know Susan Lucci drinks this all during her day and look at her.

Back home to do my Bible study. I usually prepare my breakfast and then eat it as I am studying. That however is not his recommendation. You are supposed to stop and eat and then move on, but this is working for me.

Here are some typical breakfast choices. 

On one day, I might eat spinach, apple, and walnuts. 

It was the last of my nuts, so they were crumbly.
The spinach is a kind of new thing, but I learned to love it. Y'all may remember during the detox I couldn't stomach that green drink, so I ate a bowl of spinach and kale in place of it. I think Olive Oyl and Popoye knew what they were talking about. 
It is a superfood.

Y'all this is such a life change. I am a grits, eggs, biscuit, bacon loving kind of girl. I mean after all I was born and raised in the south. Of course, when I worked at early start schools, I ate something quick...cereal, maybe a bowl of grits and a piece of toast, and one day a week a doughnut.

Sunday mornings usually found Hubby and I at the Waffle House.

Only one Waffle House visit since November.

Another day, would be two scrambled eggs and maybe an apple.

Another day, cereals with almond or coconut milk. I am not a milk drinker, so both of these have been fine to me. Hubby hates both!

I have tried the Gluten Free Cheerios, Nature's Path corn flakes sweetened with fruit juice, and the latest that I shared the other day, Arrow's Mill maple buckwheat flakes. I always add fruit to these (mostly banana).
I have only had to add sugar to the Cheerios and that was a natural sweetener that I used.

I am a very plain eater, but there are tons of gluten free cereals out there that would probably appeal to others, but I am probably one of the pickiest eaters you will ever meet.

Gluten Free is good for me! More on that later as well.

Once a week or every two weeks, I will eat a bowl of grits. I have tried these new grits and they are ok. The secret to grits is cooking them long and low heat...let those babies simmer and add butter.
They don't look as good as my other grits, but the taste is good.

This is my new butter.

That is my breakfast. I am slowly adding to it.

One more tidbit...all of this is pricier and I will do a whole post on that at some point, but I am learning tips.
Walnuts on the nut aisle are outrageously priced, so I use the ones on the baking aisle. Still pricey, but worth it for my health.

Like I said, this is so hard, because stopping and putting this in bite sized pieces is not me, but I will share more as time goes on.

A busy Saturday is about to get started,