Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trash to Treasure and a Garden Update

A couple of weeks ago, I was headed out of my circle for a walk when I spotted a rocker/glider out by the road for trash. My neighbor was moving, and I was really sad to see them go as they have been very good neighbors. 

I walked by the rocker at first thinking if she put it out, it must not work. I walked a few steps and thought I am just going to go back and take a look. The rocker seemed to work perfectly. The cushions had definitely seen better days.

I started back out again thinking I would get it when I got back, but decided it was too good to let someone beat me to it, so back again I went. This time toting it to my garage and then off to finish my walk.

I threw the cushions away. I popped the spring back in that seemed like it come off. No problem! I went inside and ordered a new cushion for it pronto. 

I then cleaned it up, gave it a fresh coat of paint which it really didn't have to have, but it made it look newer. 

Since I have two of them already, my thoughts were nursery! Am I rushing things? Yes! However, my daughter loved it...I told her I would keep it here until I am lucky enough to be blessed with a little one, and then I think it will be perfect for a nursery. My daughter is pretty much obsessed with safari animals and I do mean obsessed, so I thought the giraffe color zebra print would work with a pretty pink or blue blanket.

The only thing I could find really wrong was that it is missing some cap pieces on the back like the ones you see at the top.

All in all, I think it was a win!

Obsession with safari animals. Lindsay has loved them forever. All of her friends know of this and they are constantly sending her photos etc. Apparently Snap Chat has a new thing where you can make your face a zebra face so one of her sorority sisters sent her face as a zebra this past week. 

When she asked her bridesmaids to be bridesmaids, she picked a safari animal for each one and likened them to the characteristics of each animal in her letter to them.

The girls all brought them to the wedding for pictures.

Now for the garden update...

Last Saturday I took a picture of the pecan trees because they had a few green leaves. Today it was amazing how many leaves were on them...One week.

Last Saturday, April 23rd.

Today, April 30th.

I pulled up the first row of potatoes and got half of a 5 gallon bucket. They were delicious.

This week I pulled up the second row and filled up a 5 gallon bucket and gave probably half a bucket more away. They were a much better crop. We planted them a week later. I didn't snap a picture of them, but will get that tomorrow. They are sitting in the garage....just too lazy to go back out there.

Here are the photos from the garden this week.





A little squash peeking out.


The one and only carrot that survived. I ate it already!

We will be eating lots of potatoes this week. 

Been digging in the dirt,


  1. I have a glider rocker upstairs that I got from Amelia when she was finished with it! I LOVE it. I may order some new cushions as it has seen better days. I told Marvin I was getting one for the little house as well. It is my favorite chair in the house!! I love that your daughter was so original in her wedding....and I love the bridesmaids dresses too. Finally, that is the BEST carrot I have ever seen harvested in the south. They usually look like a science experiment gone wrong!lol I worked on the front of my house Friday and Saturday and hope to rest up today!!

    1. I was so excited about my carrot. There were four plants that popped up, but only one carrot. I don't think this is the area for carrots. I hope you got some rest. I am going to need it today. I had a weekend that was probably a bit too busy. I am going to slow down this week.

  2. I just got a big box of new potatoes from my parent's garden. I was just sitting here thinking of how I want to cook them tonight for dinner! Love-LOVE the unique approach to bridesmaids! They are just adorable!


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