Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ME Tortoise / Mama Hare

If you read yesterday's post here, you saw the lovely live oaks with Spanish moss that line the streets into my neighborhood.  I showed you a just a few of them. They are literally even more abundant on the "trashy" way into the neighborhood.

Now to the second part of that story. 

My mama is something else. Anyone in my family would describe her the same way. Hyperactive. You are not around her long and you will notice it. She is loved by all, but isn't that usually the case? Outgoing, spunky, energetic. I am introverted, quiet, and with my RA not so energetic.

I have learned over the years to be the tortoise. Slow and steady....deliberate with tasks assigned for each day. There is no way I can do it all in one day, so I have adjusted.

Mama....she is the exact opposite! Everything at once, ALL the time.

When she is feeling good she has the energy of a jack rabbit. That woman is on the move until she falls into bed or on the couch for a cat nap. Then back at it again. She has her house spotless of course. You could eat off the floors, well not only off the floors, but the garage floor and her deck. That is how she rolls. 

While I absolutely love clean, there is no way I can keep up with her.

She has decided I need help, so last week when Lucy, the Springer was having all of her troubles, she came over and ironed and swept the porch. ALL GOOD!

Monday she decided she would come over and help again. I had plenty of easy chores that I was willing to give her, but oh no....the HARE decided my garage was not looking too good.

You see our garage acts like a wind tunnel effect somehow. The leaves blow right in there and it can be covered in an hour. I truly try to stay on top of it, but it is extremely hard. Just the right angle that when you open the garage they flow in.

While I was busy on my Monday chores after a long weekend, Mama washed up all my shower dishes and helped me get those ready to put back into place. Then she headed out to my garage. Then that led to firing up the blower and getting up all those leaves in the driveway and even some of the circle. Which in turn led to the leaves needed to be bagged. I watched her and decided she was going to kill herself, so I went to help.

Mind you, I was working in the house on my "Monday chores"....

After I finished my Monday chores, I took her to the grocery store, went to her house to take care of a few things she wanted me to look at about finances. Yuk!

I came home and decided that what she had done really looked nice, and I needed to get my tail in gear and finish off the bottom deck. I had started getting up all the leaves and pine straw and working on a drainage problem the week before, but had stopped when Lucy got sick.

I was exhausted when I finished. Fortunately, Hubby had cooked a big pot of spaghetti on Sunday evening, so supper was mostly made. By the time I finished cleaning up the kitchen, I was whipped.
Oh, one other thing... I had gotten up at 5:45 to fix Hubby's breakfast and lunch, because I am whipping him into shape as well:)

I had also walked Lemony too, hence, all the pictures of the live oaks.

You can probably see what is coming next.

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I was so tired. So tired that all I wanted to do was pull up the covers over my head. I was dragging.

I am going back to my tortoise ways. A little each day - slow and steady.

I called to check on the HARE Tuesday morning. She had done herself in. She was staying home to rest!!!

I learned my lesson, but Mother Dearest, will be back to her HARE self tomorrow. I am not kidding either.

On Monday while I was blowing off the bottom deck and various other things, my dolphin friends were out. I try so hard to get videos of them, but they just don't cooperate.

They are one reason I love my little neck of the woods. 

At the 2 or 3 second mark you can see my little friend, at about 10 seconds, you can hear their clicking noises. One was further down and at about 20 seconds, he popped up. I realized though after I uploaded it to Youtube that you can't see it so well. 

I tried to share my happy moments though.

Resting like the HARE,


  1. I used to be like your mama Sandy but I have slowed down finding I can get more done in the long run if I am a bit more deliberate. I have noticed most cleaning people are slow in their sweeping, mopping etc. I guess that is another example of pacing oneself. And those fun!!!

    1. She is quite a mess, but it is the perfect description for her. She just doesn't have the energy she once had. I am trying to get her out and walking again. I think she needs it, but for some reason she doesn't want to get out in the neighborhood by herself. She fears she will get lost, but there is only one exit from her neighborhood. ALL of the streets come on the main road and end in cul-de-sacs. I have decided to just go over there everyday and walk with her until I get her in a routine. She can't do as much as she once did, so I think I can keep up with her on that.

  2. Sandy, I think I can understand your mama's reluctance to walk on her own. Several older friends of mine have fallen while walking. One did not have his cell phone with him and it was quite the ordeal for him and his family. As I get older, I think falling is my biggest fear. I have heard of so many horror stories.

    1. Thank you for this comment. I really hadn't thought about that. She had a walking buddy in Brewton. Walking with her everyday is not too much for me even on a gym day. I think it will help her immensely, so I am going to make that a priority. I went there on Wednesday and yesterday she drove over here. I just need to keep her at it.

  3. What lovely dolphin friends you have! I understand how you feel like the tortoise. After my Daddy's birthday party last Sunday, it took me two days to feel better! Thank goodness for all the hares in this world!

    1. Well, your party was lovely, but I totally understand the two days.


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