Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Live Oaks and My Mama's Thoughts on My Neighborhood

This story is going to be a two parter, but for today, I am going to set up tomorrow's post.

Driving into my neighborhood is ---I guess you would say seen very differently by many. 

I drive in and see the most beautiful live oaks dripping with Spanish moss that you will see anywhere in Fort Walton Beach. They are old, big, and many lean in due to hurricanes years ago when they were but babes.

My mama drives in and sees the SLUMS. I am pretty sure she thinks my neighborhood is the trashiest place on earth.

It is pretty much how all of my area is...and she thinks it is horrid. I am not even sure she wanted to move here because it was not a cute little town like hers.

In Fort Walton Beach, the downtown area looks really cute these days and of course the beach is awesome, but tourists may want still want to get in all of that Destin traffic.

Of course, water front is not often turned down, even if you drive in through some sketchy looking stuff.

However, in our quaint little town that I love with all of my heart, there are very little zoning regulations. There are lots of little unincorporated areas all over town. What has happened is that you may go through an area with very poor unkept houses and then show up at some really beautiful plush homes near the water. Businesses are thrown in the mix too. 

In order to get to my home which is in a nice little cul-de-sac on the water, you have to drive by a business, then some really trashy homes and I mean the kind that have so much stuff in the yard that if a hurricane blows in they are going to be in trouble from the debris missiles. 

The other way into my house is lined with some really nice homes along the water and then some old bungalows in between. The bungalows and block houses are anywhere from adorable to somewhat unkept as well. The drive in however is much more pleasant to the eye if you're looking only at the homes. 

Now, you might think that I would be scared to drive in the other way?... the answer is ----No. One of the guys that has one of the most junk filled yards is just an old fisherman. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

My mother is not sure about him because he has so much stuff outside. She just can't imagine how you could let your yard go like that. I am just used to it.  Her friend group from Brewton is planning a trip down here soon, and I know she will want to bring them over here. The other day she says, "I think I am going to bring them coming in the nicer way." I am like, "Okay, Mama, whatever!"

Our neighborhood despite the difference in houses is lined with some of the most beautiful live oaks in all of Fort Walton Beach.

If you don't know anything about these wonderful trees other than what you see when you come to the beach and see ----beauty dripping with Spanish moss. Well, there is more to them than beauty. They produce more leaves than you can possibly imagine not in the fall, but in the spring.

Spring is picking up leaves time, and to be perfectly honest, it almost a futile job until they are done falling. Then these little things that look like brown worms fall, and it inevitably rains before you can get them up. They stain everything and stick to all things especially dogs. 

All in all their beauty is worth the trouble. 

Now these leaves are the remainder of the story to be shared tomorrow.

Here are a few photos of my walk with Lemony yesterday, down the nicer way. Most everyone had spent the weekend trying to pick up some of the leaves.

This pictures is coming in from the "trashy" side. About 200 yards before you get to where Lemony and I are standing is the fisherman JunkMeister. Our cul-de-sac is straight ahead.


Our cul-de-sac is in the middle of a curved road, so the next picture is of us walking in the other direction away from home. The "nicer" way.:) 

You will notice a nice new home on the right side, then on the opposite side of the road right next to us is two homes. 

Those two homes directly across from this home are owned by the same lady in Andalusia. One of them is a little yellow block house. I am so sad, because the same lady has rented if for the last ten years and has been a great neighbor. She just moved out. Next to it is a green shingled house that the family keeps and comes down about twice a year to stay in.

Let me just tell you people. Those two lots are probably a true goldmine. Two of the most beautiful pieces of waterfront in all of FWB. High and dry, too.

I figure when the owner does sell, there will be six homes built there instead of the two.


Above picture is looking down the street. You will see next to that brick home is another little house.

The next is one on the water. It is an older one that an elderly couple lives on, but you can see all those trees.

Then our cul-de-sac.

Everyone had worked on their leaves either Sunday afternoon or Monday afternoon.

For me ---those trees are amazing.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Stay tuned for the Tortoise and the Hare tomorrow!


  1. I think it is just beautiful!! But I know what you mean. In our old neighborhood there was a back entrance as well that was not as nice as the direct approach. The change was sudden and abrupt!! Your mama is so funny, planning her route to your house, making sure her friends see the best side.

    1. I will admit the other way in is really bad, but I don't think much of it anymore. She is quite a mess.


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