Friday, August 28, 2015

Five for Friday #1

I decided to do a recap of the week with a twist. The young girls do these all the time on the teaching blogs that I once followed. Now, I don't really want to see teaching ideas anymore. That is a good was very hard for me to turn off that teaching switch.

Let's see...


I made a chocolate pound cake on Wednesday for my small group (our version of Sunday School, only it is during the week at homes). We took a little break over the summer and only met once a month in June and July. Now, that school is back in session, we will meet regularly.

The cake recipe came from a very old cookbook. We sold these when I was in high school for the FHA--- Future Homemakers of America. Did anyone else sell those in high school or was that just an Alabama thing?

It was very good, but I was having a bad RA day, so I didn't make the glaze. Would have been better with the glaze. I only ate one very small slice, since I am trying to stay off of too many sweets.


I did have a rough week with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes that just happens. It reminds me I do have a yukky thing going on, ...but it is life. I kind of had to force myself to do the things I needed to do. I am planning to meet with a doctor that is now doing functional medicine very soon. This is a doctor my mom visited for her seizures for many years. I really like him, so I am happy that he is stepping out there to do something different. I hate taking all of the drugs that I have had to take over the years. I am ready to give something different a try. It may not work, but at least I will have tried.
I am hopeful!


The weather was really great all day Wednesday. I opened up the doors on the back deck. Lemony, the Golden stayed out on the deck almost all morning. She just sat staring out at the water or lifting her nose to the breeze. Lucy, the Springer would walk out every now and then, but head back to the comfort of the recliner. The same was true of my grand dog, Hallie, the Boykin.

I had to take the picture of her from the inside, hence, the screened view. I was afraid it I walked out there, she would get up.

 Later that afternoon, I found her in the middle of the bed in the front room which is my daughter's old bedroom. This is odd for her, because usually when she goes in there, she lays down by the front window. The window goes all the way to the floor and she loves to look out into the cul de sac.


I spend most Thursdays at my mom's. Again, I just have to lift up praise to my Heavenly Father, for how well she is doing. She is feeling so much better these days. Definitely thinking of future things, so that is great.


Last, but not least, I am melancholy this morning. I am not about to pour out my heart here. That is for the paper journal, but I have a 23 year old that has been a definite late bloomer. He has not finished school yet, and at one time I would not have thought he ever would. I had actually come to grips with that. That is real tough on two educator parents!!! He is now working two part time jobs, one he really loves and one that he knows he has to do ---like it or not---it pays bills. He is now taking classes built around the jobs, not the other way around. And a change of major. I can't even tell you how big that is!!!

He went away to college his first year. Disaster!!!!!!!! He was no where near ready for that move.

He is moving out this weekend. I know I am supposed to be happy happy happy about that, but let's face it ---he is my baby. I have fretted a ton over him. I know this is a good thing. I know, but I am sad too. I kind of liked having him around. He will probably be here everyday to eat. He has loved me being retired, because I have cooked so much more than I was doing the last few years of my teaching. So, I know I have to let him do this. It is a step to growing up that he really needs to take. I have been praying for so long, and will continue. 

I know he loves the Lord, but I am really praying he will get up on Sunday mornings to attend church. I think that will be the hardest thing on me.

I am off to look for a bed that he can take to the new place.

Blessed but melancholy,

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Trip

We had a busy weekend around here. Friday night began football season, so Hubby was off to the game. I stayed home and watched Donald Trump on the local news. Interesting to say the least. This season of politics is very interesting indeed. The country really does seem to be a turning point. I am praying for our nation.

Hallway from garage to kitchen. 

Saturday, we headed up to Camden for a wedding. One of Lindsay's sweet friends from college got married in her hometown. Lindsay and Taylor met at Rush in Auburn. They became very good that I think will last a lifetime. It was quite interesting for my girl the first time she visited Taylor in Camden. It is tiny to say the least. I grew up in my childhood years in the Range/Repton area, so she knew of places like that, but it was a bit different for her to actually meet a friend who had grown up in the woods:) 

Hobby Lobby several years ago.

The drive was great for me. I actually have never driven all the way to Camden. Beatrice is the closest I had been. Beatrice is not pronounced like the girl's name, but (be with a long e, then at like the word, then the rest with short i and soft c). I don't know how to make those signs on my computer.  I grew up close, but there isn't much reason to go to Camden other than fishing. I really enjoyed the drive. I love going by all my old home. My son in law, Tyler was quite funny this weekend. He told me no longer thought Brewton (where I went to high school and my mom still lives) was small. 

One of favorite cross stitching projects.

I didn't take any pictures, but it was very pretty. The wedding was at the First Presbyterian Church of Camden that I think was built in 1845. The reception was out at the bride's grandmother's farmhouse. It was outdoors and hot, but so beautiful. The home was on a ridge overlooking a valley of trees. They decorations were amazing. I loved seeing Lindsay and all of friends together.

Since I had no pictures to share of the weekend, I am sharing my kitchen hallway which gets a LOT of traffic each day.

Interesting to the weekend, I finally got around to finishing Harper Lee's book, Go Set a Watchman. I know the reviews have been mixed, but I really liked it. It was a very slow start. I guess that coupled with I have had busier summer than anticipated, I just didn't get going on it. I was about a third from finishing it this weekend, so I read a little on the way, and finished it up yesterday afternoon. It is most definitely NOT a polished novel, but I really did like it. I thought it rather ironic, that while we were driving up I was in the last part of the book where Jean Louise had gotten mad at her father. I was reading the conversation she had with Aunt Alexandra about the NAACP. While we were in Camden, the NAACP was holding a rally in downtown. I read about it later on Alabama Live. I will save my opinions for my paper journal.

One thing I did take away that I will share, is that I really do think our vocabulary and writing skills are so weak compared to previous generations. I find that saddening. I love to read older stuff and the rich vocabulary. I am guessing that is not coming back, but I can still enjoy it myself.

Rounding out the weekend, is being part of an amazing church. I really do love my church. It is so special to me. I work with the 4 year olds, and lately we have been overflowing. That is a good thing, but we are trying to finish up some new spaces, and it can't happen soon enough. Lots of kiddos and I am not getting any younger! We had a wonderful message that left me knowing that I can't control too much, but I can have hope in Christ.

The lyrics to "Only Trust Him."

1. Come, every soul by sin oppressed, 
there's mercy with the Lord; 
and he will surely give you rest, 
by trusting in his Word. 
Only trust him, only trust him, 
only trust him now. 
He will save you, he will save you, 
he will save you now. 

2. For Jesus shed his precious blood 
rich blessings to bestow; 
plunge now into the crimson flood 
that washes bright as snow. 

3. Yes, Jesus is the truth the way 
that leads you into rest; 
believe in him without delay, 
and you are fully blest. 

4. Come then and join this holy band, 
and on to glory go, 
to dwell in that celestial land 
where joys immortal flow. 

So very blessed,

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Is It Time to Decorate for Fall Yet?

The one who said she was holding onto summer just a week or so ago is now itching to decorate for fall. 

I have to get hold of myself. It isn't fall and if there is any doubt just walk outside for 30 seconds and you will know summer is still here.

This week has been rainy and if not raining...well then ---it is the leftover sultry hot that fogs your sunglasses the instant you step outside.

My flowers are sad, and I have a ton of pine straw on my bottom deck. It is just too hot to tackle that right now.

However, I did pull my fall boxes out and laid all my goodies on my dining room table to think about where I might place things this year. I actually enjoyed decorating for the fall season last year. Before, I really never had too much out for fall season other than the front porch. Autumn decorating was a classroom thing for me. I purchased quite a few things last year. Surprisingly for me, I didn't get too tired of them. I am one of those that can't wait to decorate for Christmas, but then I usually want to put it all up as soon as Christmas is over. I think the key is not putting too much out and not rushing the season.

Maybe simple is the word I am looking for, or it may be that I have more time to tidy the house than I  did when working outside the home.

Either way, I have decided I have to hold off a little longer.

Last night, I started a fall apron.

Maybe that will suffice my need to put fall and cool my jets.

Counting my blessings,

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our Cabin at Lake Martin

The cabin is called "Serenity" because our family sold a family farm that was on Serenity Lane in Crestview. The farm was no longer out of town, but town had crept up on it, and no one in the family actually went there anymore except Hubby. It was sad for Hubby when it sold, but things do stay in motion....nothing stays the same. It was time to build new memories.

In 2006, we purchased the cabin and named her "Serenity."

We decided to take our portion of the sale and purchase something near Auburn, since we graduated from there and went up lots. Our children would be attending over the course of the next few years, and we knew we would spend a lot more time there.

This is what it looked like when we purchased it. This photo was from the realtor.

It is about a half hour drive from Auburn and on Lake Martin. It is somewhat of a gated subdivision, even though it is more of an entrance than gate. There are homes right on the lake, and then small cabins across from the lake. The community provides us all with a boat slip, a pool, a boardwalk around the lake, a gazebo for parties, etc. The cabins all make you feel as if you are in the woods.

This was taken this summer after Hubby trimmed back everything.
We chose the cabins across from the lake, since our purpose wasn't really the lake. We live on the water here on the Gulf Coast. When we head to the cabin, it is all about getting away, hiding so to speak. Not once since we purchased it in 2006 have we used the boat slip. I think my daughter and son used it one year for a little boating. We bought basically a john boat one year and Paul Allen went fishing a couple of times.

This is the lake during the spring when water is not at full pool. Again, this photo was a realtor page.

We all have enjoyed cookouts and the quietness of the cabin. Lindsay with sorority sisters, Paul Allen with friends from home for the infamous Rodeo. It has also been a getaway offered to close friends when they needed a place to refuel. My mom and I went every summer as soon as school got out for me to unwind. She and I have had some great times together. 

I took this last winter. The pool is actually right at the end of our driveway, but from our cabin you can't even see it. The lake  is right behind it.
Our driveway across from the pool.

I realized I haven't taken that many pictures of it when I went searching for photos of it. Almost none of the front... I am assuming there was always a car parked in front of it is the reason I have no photos of the front.

This is a view between some of the cabins where the creek runs down to the lake. I took it last winter.

With the craziness of the past two years, our visits had actually been few and far between, so it had grown up more than it had ever had the chance to...hence, the rattlesnake showing up.

The woods between our cabin and the next door neighbor's.

The  cabin plans are Southern Living cottage style plans. 

I loved the colors in our cabin. Greens and browns even though I am a blue person. They are very calming.

All but two pieces of furniture were purchased for the cabin, but I scored big time on all my purchases. We visited the back room at our local Haverty's. The back room is either damaged, floor models, or things that didn't move. I have rarely seen anything that was damaged that wasn't worth purchasing at a huge discount. 

This is our living room. To the left is the front door and the door in the photo goes out to the screened porch on the side. 
You can tell where my special spot in the cabin is from the photo above. I dump my stuff right by the lounging part of the sofa. It is the most comfy spot. I get that old quilt and curl up right there.

The opposite side of the living room.
The ceilings are wood in the main area. I love them. If I ever build a house, I would so have these.

The beds were the only thing we already had. The master bedroom is the original bed to our bedroom suit shown here. The other bed was one my sister-in-law was getting rid of.
The dining table. There is a curtain over only the big window because my mom is convinced that it has to be covered when we are there alone. I love it open, so I just have a tension rod with a sheer for easy removal.

The kitchen is well...I have so good at printing my photos once a month and then deleting that I could find no kitchen pictures. I will have to share that later. 

I purposely kept decor to a minimum because I want to go relax, not be picking up stuff to dust. 

Moving from the main living areas is a hallway leading to the bathroom and bedrooms.

Bathroom to the right, one bedroom straight ahead, washer/dryer to the left as well as the other bedroom.

Hallway bathroom.

I have stocked it with everything I need so as to keep from having to pack anything except the outfit I am going to wear. We have a system for washing sheets and towels when people visit. It is a true get away to relax.

Bedroom that was straight ahead. The quilt was a gift from one of my mama's oldest friends. It is unbelievable up close!
Washer/dryer closet.
The other bedroom with laundry closet to the right.
To the right is a bathroom and a door that goes outside to a back porch.
Smaller bathroom that goes with the master bedroom.

Now, back to the front of the house. The screened porch is right off of the living area. 

We just purchased the patio furniture this summer at a half price sale. I have truly furnished this cabin from top to bottom at discount prices. 

I absolutely can't wait until fall to sit out here and drink my coffee and listen to the birdies.

I know this was picture heavy, but I love viewing what others have done. Blogs have given me so many ideas. I hope to enjoy the cabin so much more now that I am retired.

Counting my blessings,

Friday, August 14, 2015

Back to School

I have no idea where this week went. It is Friday, and I am left wondering what happened to the time.

Monday and Tuesday I went back to one of the schools that I had previously worked at and helped organize the science lab and do a refresher training for the teachers. It was fast and furious and at the end of it, my little feet were swollen and tired. My throat a little dry.

Little glimpses of my sewing room that speak ... she was once a teacher.

Wednesday was an attempt to catch up on just a bit of housework and laundry. It was a crazy day with all kinds of running around. My computer started acting real funky, so I had to drive to Destin to Best Buy. Thank goodness the traffic has let up or I would have been on that task all day. I have had this little MacBook Pro for three years this month. I am not even going to act like I don't just have a little love affair with it, so when it started doing the strange things, I was so sad. I thought maybe it was a goner. Hubby purchased the three year Geek Squad thingie with Best Buy when he bought it. It was one week from expiring...I really didn't even know he had done that, since it was a birthday gift. I had the box that it had all come in, so that is when I realized it. It did have a virus, and they were able to fix her. They called yesterday right after I got back from my Mama's and I rushed out to get it. That was fast.

Thursday was spent going to my Mom's. 

Y'all, it is unbelievable how much better she is. I can't get over it. Two months ago, I was visiting a retirement home and thinking things were fixing to be a downhill slide. She is up and back to her old self. I don't know exactly what happened. Maybe it took that long for the antibiotics to work or that long for the two sinuplasty surgeries to work...OR if God just took care of it, but I am rejoicing.

I am looking forward to day at home to catch up on cleaning, laundry, and maybe even a bit of yard work. That is if I can stand the heat. I keep hearing others say it is getting cooler where they are, but I am not feeling it yet. I am ready for the cooler temperatures, just not the shorter days.

The week picked up for Hubby tremendously. High school principals are busy!!! I could see the tired creep in. I tried really hard even with my busy week to make sure he had a good supper on the table and a pleasant evening. I really have to tell you that I love just being a little old housewife.

I made these bunnies about 25 years ago. They were popular at the time. This set was for my classroom. I made another for my daughter.

The world is just a little more nutty every day. I only have to be at a school and start hearing the stories to think how sad and how much trouble there is in this world. It reminds me quickly how much I need to pray for our country. I am so grateful for my many blessings, but most of all for my faith and family.

The globe never made it to a classroom. It was purchased with S&H green stamps when I was in the second grade. It was always in my bedroom. 

Well I am off to the day's tasks,

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Beach Time

I took some time Friday to go out to the beach. It has been busy lately, and although I love living on the bayou, sometimes a morning at the beach is good for clearing your mind and just thinking. 

It has slowed down out there....a sure sign that school is about to begin. The are a lot less tourists. I enjoyed myself immensely. I didn't read or anything....just sat peacefully.

It looks like I had it all to myself, but I didn't. 

I am feeling sorry for Hubby, because the teachers arrive back for duty tomorrow. His laid back days are over for a while.

He tried to fit in fishing and golfing this weekend.

I, however caught a stomach bug and laid around this weekend. Not so much fun. I should be down a few pounds!

My son is an assistant football coach for a middle school, so football season is about to kick off full swing. He has a scrimmage game this Thursday night, so I am to be a mom cheering on her coach son. He is really good at this coaching thing. He volunteered for years, but is an official paid coach now. I am hoping one day he will actually finish college and be able to do more, but I have had to lay that in the Lord's hands. Boys just take a little longer to mature or that is what people tell me. He is a good kid, but has just been directionless for some time, which is really hard for educator parents.

I guess the slow pace is over for now. I tried to hang on to it as long as I could. I am helping a friend out tomorrow and Tuesday by sprucing up the science lab that I created at that school and training new teachers.

If the slow pace is over then I guess I will have to say I am ready for some cooler temps. My flowers are droopy. I know how they feel. I get droopy every time I step out to water them.

 I said I was hanging onto summer as long as I could, but I think my beach trip Friday told me I was ready for fall.

Mums....even though I will surely kill them.
Cooler temps.
The cabin.
Chili and grilled cheese sandwiches.

I think the Farmer's Almanac said September would be hotter than usual, so we might have to keep on drooping for a little longer.

Either way, I am blessed in so many ways.
Mama is feeling tons better.
Two great kids.
Coming up real soon on 31 years of marriage.
Like I said... Blessed!


Monday, August 3, 2015

Going to Enjoy August

Honestly this year, I can say I feel like I have retired. Last year, not so much....due to many reasons.

I went to Target on Friday and found myself determined to avoid the back left corner of the store at all costs. That is where school supplies are located. I was sure there was some little teacher like me trying to stock up her classroom. Last year, I was just so tired that August and back to school seemed like a blur. 

On Saturday, I just did errands with my hubby and then spent a little time in my sewing room just trying to get acquainted with my sewing machine. I have had it for two years, but it is far more complicated than my old one. 

Did these two for a friend.

After church and my nap, I got back outside and worked on my flowers. They have taken a beating to the hot July we had. I fertilized everything with Miracle Gro and trimmed up my roses to get ready for the fall growing cycle. Everything looked a little brighter this morning. 

I am taking a break this morning, because I have been working at a few more of the things on the checklist of home repairs. I stained some window sills and baseboards in the foyer from the leak damage a year or so again. Hubby got a cabinet company to mix up some stain to match. It really looks a lot better and I put some on the back door that comes in from the garage. The door has a window on the top, and the minute you walk in the garage, both Lemony and Lucy are looking out from it which means their little paws have taken a big toll of the door. When we went to see the movie, Marley, years ago, there is scene that shows the door where Marley had clawed it. I could so relate, but I am a dog lover!!!, so I put up with it.

I also painted the letters on our sign out front in the side yard. The pump had broken and was leaning, and the sign had seen better days. Last weekend, Hubby had fixed it and repainted it, so it just needed the letters redone.

I have been washing sheets, and am about to paint my front door on the inside. It is just plain white. The foyer --pre leak damage had been white and the door didn't look so stark. After we had the damage to the foyer repaired, I had someone come in and paint the foyer the same as most of the rooms in the house. The foyer is a tall, two story deal, so I didn't tackle it myself. I am going to paint the door a little darker color.

I am going to make the most of August and be glad I am retired. 

I have said yes to doing a teacher training at one of the schools I worked at before retiring. So, next week, I have to give up a day to train them in using their science lab. I will do my best to get them fired up and inspired, because I do know it is tough these days. 

An old training picture.

I am also going to try and help Hubby's days of starting the school year off to be relaxed when he arrives home. He is the principal of a very large high school still. He will be really busy for the next few weeks.

I would look forward to cooler weather if we could keep the long days of summer, but for now I am just going to soak up an August. 

Well, I am back to my list of to do's for the day and try to think of something for supper. It is a running joke at our house that I should like to cook since I majored in home economics, but nothing could be further from the truth. I like to sew and decorate, but not so much cook. Love to bake, but not cook. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Astronaut Wives' Club

I have already shared my obsession for space history. My collection of space memorabilia is still something I want to share someday.

These are two posts from my teaching blog that help a little explaining my obsession.


Soooo.... it is no surprise that the NON-TV watcher has fallen in love with the new ABC show.

It is little melodramatic for TV, but I look forward to Thursday evenings, so that I can stop everything and tune in. Since I am not a TV watcher, it has been hard training the Hubby that everything has to stop and no interruptions allowed!
The story I know, but what really gets me is the detail that has gone into the set and costumes. The casting has been perfect. The clothing is spot on!!! Their homes are so correct, and I even love to look at the food dishes. They have done an excellent job.

Of course, I always say read the book. It is a great read.

Spaced out,