Friday, August 28, 2015

Five for Friday #1

I decided to do a recap of the week with a twist. The young girls do these all the time on the teaching blogs that I once followed. Now, I don't really want to see teaching ideas anymore. That is a good was very hard for me to turn off that teaching switch.

Let's see...


I made a chocolate pound cake on Wednesday for my small group (our version of Sunday School, only it is during the week at homes). We took a little break over the summer and only met once a month in June and July. Now, that school is back in session, we will meet regularly.

The cake recipe came from a very old cookbook. We sold these when I was in high school for the FHA--- Future Homemakers of America. Did anyone else sell those in high school or was that just an Alabama thing?

It was very good, but I was having a bad RA day, so I didn't make the glaze. Would have been better with the glaze. I only ate one very small slice, since I am trying to stay off of too many sweets.


I did have a rough week with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes that just happens. It reminds me I do have a yukky thing going on, ...but it is life. I kind of had to force myself to do the things I needed to do. I am planning to meet with a doctor that is now doing functional medicine very soon. This is a doctor my mom visited for her seizures for many years. I really like him, so I am happy that he is stepping out there to do something different. I hate taking all of the drugs that I have had to take over the years. I am ready to give something different a try. It may not work, but at least I will have tried.
I am hopeful!


The weather was really great all day Wednesday. I opened up the doors on the back deck. Lemony, the Golden stayed out on the deck almost all morning. She just sat staring out at the water or lifting her nose to the breeze. Lucy, the Springer would walk out every now and then, but head back to the comfort of the recliner. The same was true of my grand dog, Hallie, the Boykin.

I had to take the picture of her from the inside, hence, the screened view. I was afraid it I walked out there, she would get up.

 Later that afternoon, I found her in the middle of the bed in the front room which is my daughter's old bedroom. This is odd for her, because usually when she goes in there, she lays down by the front window. The window goes all the way to the floor and she loves to look out into the cul de sac.


I spend most Thursdays at my mom's. Again, I just have to lift up praise to my Heavenly Father, for how well she is doing. She is feeling so much better these days. Definitely thinking of future things, so that is great.


Last, but not least, I am melancholy this morning. I am not about to pour out my heart here. That is for the paper journal, but I have a 23 year old that has been a definite late bloomer. He has not finished school yet, and at one time I would not have thought he ever would. I had actually come to grips with that. That is real tough on two educator parents!!! He is now working two part time jobs, one he really loves and one that he knows he has to do ---like it or not---it pays bills. He is now taking classes built around the jobs, not the other way around. And a change of major. I can't even tell you how big that is!!!

He went away to college his first year. Disaster!!!!!!!! He was no where near ready for that move.

He is moving out this weekend. I know I am supposed to be happy happy happy about that, but let's face it ---he is my baby. I have fretted a ton over him. I know this is a good thing. I know, but I am sad too. I kind of liked having him around. He will probably be here everyday to eat. He has loved me being retired, because I have cooked so much more than I was doing the last few years of my teaching. So, I know I have to let him do this. It is a step to growing up that he really needs to take. I have been praying for so long, and will continue. 

I know he loves the Lord, but I am really praying he will get up on Sunday mornings to attend church. I think that will be the hardest thing on me.

I am off to look for a bed that he can take to the new place.

Blessed but melancholy,


  1. We have the alphabet in common: RA and FHA! Hang in there with your youngest. It seems late blooming is a condition known by many these days. He'll blossom in his own time from your good care and teachings.

    Chocolate pound cake - yum!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I know he will figure it out, but the waiting is sometimes hard.

  2. Bless your heart Sandy! It does sound as though your RA flared at a time you were down and hurting makes it worse. I hope you find some answers from the doctor you will see. Your cake looks yummy! I am sure everyone loved it. I am going to work this afternoon to finish my floss project you inspired!! Prayers going up for you sweet bloggie friend.

    1. Thanks blogging friend. I hope the organization project works for you:)


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