Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our Cabin at Lake Martin

The cabin is called "Serenity" because our family sold a family farm that was on Serenity Lane in Crestview. The farm was no longer out of town, but town had crept up on it, and no one in the family actually went there anymore except Hubby. It was sad for Hubby when it sold, but things do stay in motion....nothing stays the same. It was time to build new memories.

In 2006, we purchased the cabin and named her "Serenity."

We decided to take our portion of the sale and purchase something near Auburn, since we graduated from there and went up lots. Our children would be attending over the course of the next few years, and we knew we would spend a lot more time there.

This is what it looked like when we purchased it. This photo was from the realtor.

It is about a half hour drive from Auburn and on Lake Martin. It is somewhat of a gated subdivision, even though it is more of an entrance than gate. There are homes right on the lake, and then small cabins across from the lake. The community provides us all with a boat slip, a pool, a boardwalk around the lake, a gazebo for parties, etc. The cabins all make you feel as if you are in the woods.

This was taken this summer after Hubby trimmed back everything.
We chose the cabins across from the lake, since our purpose wasn't really the lake. We live on the water here on the Gulf Coast. When we head to the cabin, it is all about getting away, hiding so to speak. Not once since we purchased it in 2006 have we used the boat slip. I think my daughter and son used it one year for a little boating. We bought basically a john boat one year and Paul Allen went fishing a couple of times.

This is the lake during the spring when water is not at full pool. Again, this photo was a realtor page.

We all have enjoyed cookouts and the quietness of the cabin. Lindsay with sorority sisters, Paul Allen with friends from home for the infamous Rodeo. It has also been a getaway offered to close friends when they needed a place to refuel. My mom and I went every summer as soon as school got out for me to unwind. She and I have had some great times together. 

I took this last winter. The pool is actually right at the end of our driveway, but from our cabin you can't even see it. The lake  is right behind it.
Our driveway across from the pool.

I realized I haven't taken that many pictures of it when I went searching for photos of it. Almost none of the front... I am assuming there was always a car parked in front of it is the reason I have no photos of the front.

This is a view between some of the cabins where the creek runs down to the lake. I took it last winter.

With the craziness of the past two years, our visits had actually been few and far between, so it had grown up more than it had ever had the chance to...hence, the rattlesnake showing up.

The woods between our cabin and the next door neighbor's.

The  cabin plans are Southern Living cottage style plans. 

I loved the colors in our cabin. Greens and browns even though I am a blue person. They are very calming.

All but two pieces of furniture were purchased for the cabin, but I scored big time on all my purchases. We visited the back room at our local Haverty's. The back room is either damaged, floor models, or things that didn't move. I have rarely seen anything that was damaged that wasn't worth purchasing at a huge discount. 

This is our living room. To the left is the front door and the door in the photo goes out to the screened porch on the side. 
You can tell where my special spot in the cabin is from the photo above. I dump my stuff right by the lounging part of the sofa. It is the most comfy spot. I get that old quilt and curl up right there.

The opposite side of the living room.
The ceilings are wood in the main area. I love them. If I ever build a house, I would so have these.

The beds were the only thing we already had. The master bedroom is the original bed to our bedroom suit shown here. The other bed was one my sister-in-law was getting rid of.
The dining table. There is a curtain over only the big window because my mom is convinced that it has to be covered when we are there alone. I love it open, so I just have a tension rod with a sheer for easy removal.

The kitchen is well...I have so good at printing my photos once a month and then deleting that I could find no kitchen pictures. I will have to share that later. 

I purposely kept decor to a minimum because I want to go relax, not be picking up stuff to dust. 

Moving from the main living areas is a hallway leading to the bathroom and bedrooms.

Bathroom to the right, one bedroom straight ahead, washer/dryer to the left as well as the other bedroom.

Hallway bathroom.

I have stocked it with everything I need so as to keep from having to pack anything except the outfit I am going to wear. We have a system for washing sheets and towels when people visit. It is a true get away to relax.

Bedroom that was straight ahead. The quilt was a gift from one of my mama's oldest friends. It is unbelievable up close!
Washer/dryer closet.
The other bedroom with laundry closet to the right.
To the right is a bathroom and a door that goes outside to a back porch.
Smaller bathroom that goes with the master bedroom.

Now, back to the front of the house. The screened porch is right off of the living area. 

We just purchased the patio furniture this summer at a half price sale. I have truly furnished this cabin from top to bottom at discount prices. 

I absolutely can't wait until fall to sit out here and drink my coffee and listen to the birdies.

I know this was picture heavy, but I love viewing what others have done. Blogs have given me so many ideas. I hope to enjoy the cabin so much more now that I am retired.

Counting my blessings,


  1. I hope our cabin will be as restful as yours Sandy!! IT looks lovely!

  2. I would live on that porch! We've actually been on the internet looking for a rental on Lake Martin, but we've given up on that area because the weekend we want it is obviously an Auburn game, and there's nothing available! Who knew other people thought Lake Martin in October was a good idea?

    You are very blessed with this cozy retreat!

    1. It is a great place to be in the fall, and yes I do see a lot of Auburn folks around the area during football season. I hope you find something... You might try a little further north in Alexander City to get a place to rent during football season. Amanda Scroggins was our realtor. Very nice lady.

    2. Oh, and porch is great. My hubby is so funny, because cell service is intermittent with our provider. You can text but not so much Internet or calling. I love it because it truly makes me unplug. I have often gone in and not even turned on the TV. It just kills him...takes him a little longer to unplug.


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