Sunday, August 9, 2015

Beach Time

I took some time Friday to go out to the beach. It has been busy lately, and although I love living on the bayou, sometimes a morning at the beach is good for clearing your mind and just thinking. 

It has slowed down out there....a sure sign that school is about to begin. The are a lot less tourists. I enjoyed myself immensely. I didn't read or anything....just sat peacefully.

It looks like I had it all to myself, but I didn't. 

I am feeling sorry for Hubby, because the teachers arrive back for duty tomorrow. His laid back days are over for a while.

He tried to fit in fishing and golfing this weekend.

I, however caught a stomach bug and laid around this weekend. Not so much fun. I should be down a few pounds!

My son is an assistant football coach for a middle school, so football season is about to kick off full swing. He has a scrimmage game this Thursday night, so I am to be a mom cheering on her coach son. He is really good at this coaching thing. He volunteered for years, but is an official paid coach now. I am hoping one day he will actually finish college and be able to do more, but I have had to lay that in the Lord's hands. Boys just take a little longer to mature or that is what people tell me. He is a good kid, but has just been directionless for some time, which is really hard for educator parents.

I guess the slow pace is over for now. I tried to hang on to it as long as I could. I am helping a friend out tomorrow and Tuesday by sprucing up the science lab that I created at that school and training new teachers.

If the slow pace is over then I guess I will have to say I am ready for some cooler temps. My flowers are droopy. I know how they feel. I get droopy every time I step out to water them.

 I said I was hanging onto summer as long as I could, but I think my beach trip Friday told me I was ready for fall.

Mums....even though I will surely kill them.
Cooler temps.
The cabin.
Chili and grilled cheese sandwiches.

I think the Farmer's Almanac said September would be hotter than usual, so we might have to keep on drooping for a little longer.

Either way, I am blessed in so many ways.
Mama is feeling tons better.
Two great kids.
Coming up real soon on 31 years of marriage.
Like I said... Blessed!



  1. Your beach photo is so calming. I would love to own a condo at the Gulf! Sorry you had a tummy bug...those are no fun at all. Our temps are supposed to moderate toward the end of the week. HIghs in the 80s! That will feel like fall after our hot temps.

    1. I don't think any lower temps are in the forecast for me yet, but yes even 80 would be a welcome relief.


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