Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Skirt Trial Run

I finally got around to sewing something for me. I haven't sewn anything for me to actually wear since I was pregnant. I made a couple of maternity outfits ---27 years ago.

Work, life, kids, etc. put that love on the back burner. I have mostly made curtains, pillows, crafty things in all those years since. Two years ago, my daughter wanted to learn to sew, so we bought a skirt pattern and she made that with my help. I started making a top at that same time, but never finished it. 

I am extra hard on myself when it comes to sewing which is not a good thing if you ever want to get better. You have to actually sew and practice, even if you make a few duds along the way.

I have been a fabric hoarder for years. I can not go and spend too much time in a fabric store, because I will purchase fabric and never use it. I have a sickness!!!

I decided a few weeks ago, that I would never really have time to sew. I would just have to set aside a  half hour here and there and do as much as I could and just see what happened.

While in Orlando, two weeks ago with my daughter, I cut out the pattern which I hate doing!!!

New Look 6437

Saturday I made it into my sewing room and started this skirt.

I was able to get the sides and pockets in.

I have literally had this fabric for probably 15 years ---maybe longer. I decided I would use it for my muslin. 

I used my measurements to choose the pattern size. I went with the hip measurements and since I have a pudgy stomach added a little to the waist when cutting the skirt out. I used the size up for the waistband.

I really don't think that was necessary. I could very easily just gone with the pattern size for the hips.

I managed to sneak back into my sewing room last night and do the waist band.

I didn't have the correct width of elastic for the back which caused it to be a tad full there as well.

This morning when I should have been doing housework I hemmed it.

Now that I feel like a have a good size to work with I plan to make one out of a flannel plaid.

I did wear it out this morning to church to volunteer as not too many people see me and to take Mama to get her hair cut.

I tried tucking it in, but didn't like the look.

The sash was purchased way back in the early 1980's and was tied in a bow. Not enough to go around for a bow these days. Darn!

I ended up just wearing my shirt out with a necklace.

Sorry for the bathroom photos. Hope y'all were able to focus on the skirt and not the surroundings.

My daughter came home for lunch and scolded me for wearing the shirt out. She said the skirt looked great. I tucked in the shirt but did not wear the sash for the remainder of the day:)

Well, this is my first attempt at apparel for me. I am going to see if I can improve on the next one.



  1. Great Job Sandy. You can tell your home economics is still with you!!

  2. I think it looks good tucked in. I like the sash, too. I haven't sewed for myself in years, though I did make many skirts, tops, and dresses for myself (as well as my daughters) in years gone by.


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