Friday, September 2, 2016

Stitching, Books, and Blooms

Happy Friday and Labor Day Weekend! 

Hubby and I celebrated 32 years of marriage yesterday.... well, sort of. We acknowledged it was our anniversary and that we neither wanted a gift and that we were immensely blessed.  Instead of going out to eat, we hustled to watch our son coach last night at the middle school game.

Does that count as celebrating???

I think so:)


I thought I would share what I have read and am reading this Friday. I did finish the Karen Kingsbury book that I mentioned last month, A Time to Embrace. It was a good read, and now I can be ready for the Hallmark movie of it. She has a new Baxter Family book coming out in October. I will be getting that one as I am a Baxter Family Fan!

I ditched a book. I just couldn't get into it. I have too many books around the house to stick with a dull one.

I am back to my reading of nonfiction. I am reading Eric Bolling's book, Wake Up America. I am enjoying it very much and will pass it on to my son who generally likes the same nonfiction stuff I like.


They are non existent at this point. The August heat has sucked the life out of everything. I am going to make a point of getting outside this weekend and fertilizing my roses and trying to fluff up my pots and beds for September.
I look forward to the fall roses.

A reminder of what the garden can look like...


I have so many things I want to stitch that I can't make up my mind. I will share a few pics of inspiration, and then share my plan.

Instagram is loaded with inspiration.

First up one of my favorite stitchers... keeperofthecrowes

Look at this lovely group she stitched up.

Another from keeperofthecrowes

And then this one from caroling55

After browsing the online stores I have decided I would like to try my hand at more of the finishes that are not framed. After all, I have no wall space left:)

Even though I would love to do the autumn pieces now, it would really be pointless as I wouldn't be able to finish them to enjoy them now. 

My plan is to make myself stitch a season ahead so that I can finish and enjoy. I am browsing the Christmas stuff now. The hard part choosing a pattern.

Next up, in the stitching world is actually sewing.

I have saying for two years now, I wanted to sew. It has happened, so I plan to to start this next week and commit to going to that sewing room and sewing a couple of hours each week. 

I bought a skirt pattern to start with. I took it with me to Orlando to cut out the pattern pieces. I absolutely hate doing that and I usually put that off. I am going to just use some fabric I have to make a muslin for fitting then commit to a cute piece of fabric.

I found a website that has inspired me to get busy in this area. This lady is amazing.

I can do this.

Today, however, I must clean house.

Oh, and here is the pie safe my friend is making us for the farmhouse that I mentioned earlier in the week.

That is a wrap for me. 

Cleaning house, watching football, and relaxing with my wonderful husband this weekend.



  1. Hope all is well there Sandy! Did you get any of the storm damage? I love those instagram ladies. Thanks for the heads up on them. I have been stitching up a storm. Floss tube has really inspired me. I used to sew but just stopped. Now I wish I had a sewing machine to do some finishes. My mother does not use hers anymore. I might ask if I can have it. I plan to spend tomorrow cleaning and putting out some fall decor. I will probably be sick of it soon but Labor Day weekend is the time I always start decorating. No pumpkins or mums for a while. I am hoping to enjoy my front porch this fall now that I have some chairs out there.

    1. We did not get any damage. It was well to the east by the time it filled in and became a hurricane. PTL!
      I have been so behind in just life that I am slow getting anything out this year. I will start adding a little along the way. I am doing a little school theme in the kitchen for the first week of September since my cottage was red with a school house.
      Sewing takes a ton of time and commitment, so I am just going to have to take time to see if I really want to pursue it. I have fallen back in love with cross stitching.

  2. Happy anniversary! I was expecting this post to be about Hermine! Since it wasn't mentioned, I guess it was a non-issue for you. Great news! Enjoy your weekend! College football!!!

    1. Thank you- and thankfully Hermine was a non-issue. It was far enough to the east by the time it filled in and made a hurricane. Very grateful here. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. We will watch a ton of football and just relax.

  3. Happy anniversary a little late! And your way of celebrating it seems just perfect, to me.

    I need to check out those instagram stitchers and the sewing site you mentioned. The stitchery you showed looks very inspiring.

    And your pie safe is going to be beautiful!

    1. Thanks about the pie safe. I can't with to get it. It should be ready next weekend.


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