Wednesday, August 31, 2016

All Rested Up

I finally found time to rest after a very full summer. I try never to be a whiny old lady, but instead get up everyday thankful for the new day, and then count my blessings. This summer has just been a full one, and I have been needed by everyone. 

Being needed is a good thing, but it will wear you out too. Lindsay had to attend a conference for work in Orlando. The conference was at a resort type hotel complete with a huge pool and lazy river.

I came with her so she wouldn't have to be here by herself. She has conferenced and I have napped, had pool time, read, and stitched. Cleared my mind!!! Oh, and I did hit the gym yesterday, so I wasn't a complete sloth,

We have had some good mama/daughter time as well. We have gone shopping each evening. Mostly window shopped. I went into Pier 1 last night and used great willpower. I walked out with nothing! 
They had so much cute fall stuff and I am ready for fall. Hot weather NOW will bring me a hurricane.

With that thought, we are leaving early to try and beat the incoming rains, so I thought I would post. I saw where one weather guy says it may stall and turn north. NO!!!!! I don't wish it on anyone. I want it to just dissolve. That GULF is just too hot.

In other stuff, we have a very close friend making us a pie safe. The color is not right in the picture. It is more of a sage "country" green. I am so excited, he has been doing some amazing furniture building lately. It is just a hobby for him. 

Well, no picture for now. The IPad is not cooperating. I will share tomorrow. Trust me, it is awesome.

This will go in ge farmhouse with our Hoosier cabinet and farm table,

Well, that is it for now.

All rested and ready to see Hubby and the doggies. 


  1. So that is where you have been. So glad you had some down time. I have to admit that I looked at 123 Cross Stitch and ordered Three Prairie Schooler patterns I have been wanting. They were on Oh well, Floss tube is going to do me in if I am not careful. Maybe I will get bored with it soon.( Yeah right who am I kidding????) I am hoping the storms stay away as we leave for Gulf Shores on the 17th. I want to be able to meet us with you in Pensacola. And that pie safe sounds like the color I want for my cabinets in the little house. I have had to scale down so many things I am trying to be grateful for what I can have!! Marvin did tell me that I can have a farm sink. One of the things I really wanted so that will be my 40th anniversary gift!

    1. As long as you get a rocker for that porch, you will be good! You will have time to find some goodies to add along the way. I am hoping that storm will just come on in as a tropical storm instead of a hurricane. They are so unpredictable once in the gulf.
      If you want some eye candy for cross stitching, check out the Instagram account of @keeperofthecrowes. It is amazing.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Instagram. I found two cross stitch groups on Facebook...Stitch Mania and Cross Stitch Finish Line. Oh my goodness. I just love seeing all the beautiful work.

  3. Your resting vacation sounds fabulous. Can't wait to see your pie safe.


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