Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Furniture for Daughter's New House.

We close on selling Mama's house the end of this week. 


That said...I thought I was going to lose it yesterday. She has promised me that there was only a little left to clean out. You see she goes up there about every two weeks and tells me she has been cleaning out the last of the stuff.

I swear it multiplies. I have been and would think there was not much else to do to find she has brought out more stuff.

I am stopping there because I promised myself I would journal all that and let it go.

At the end of a very long day, Hubby and my daughter brought a U-Haul to get the last bedroom suit for Lindsay's new house. Daughter Lindsay is one lucky girl.

Grandma bought her a nice bedroom suit for a wedding gift. Now, she is getting another one.

I don't think she is going to want Grandma's bedspread, but I have two to choose from that I think she likes for now.

Lindsay is beyond excited about this.

We were all very tired last night. I had to actually unwind from my stress, but once I did I think I was asleep instantly.

Now, this bedroom is sitting in my big foyer/ pool table room today as Lindsay and Tyler don't close on their home for another two weeks.


Two weekends ago, we went looking for a china cabinet and table for Lindsay. She is so excited about her house and has longed for a formal dining room to display her china.

Well, as newer houses go these days, that isn't working out so good.

She doesn't have a very formal space so we have determined it will have to be a bit more casual, but she does still want a cabinet for storage and display.

We decided we would look for something old that could be painted.

So, off we went...Hubby, Grandma, Lindsay, and me (Tyler had to work) to shop the antique stores first for a possible bargain.

Here are some we looked at...

First up she liked the shape and look of this one, because she is drawn to a traditional look.

Then we saw this one that had already been chalk painted. 

She really liked the gray color and felt that would go well in the new house.

After all the antique stores from here to Pensacola, we stopped in Haverty's where she fell in love with this cabinet and table.

Grandma is giving it her seal of approval.

I think it has been decided to wait until this goes on sale and maybe get it and slowly pay for it or at least not be too quick to fill it up with stuff she doesn't REALLY want.

Anyway, I will keep you posted on what happens.

I am going to try and recover from yesterday and I will be doing a happy drive at the end of the week.


P.S. ---I have learned a ton about being a packrat and a sentimental soul this past two years. I am going to do a little more purging when I get Lindsay settled in her new home.


  1. Oh Sandy, this made me think of my parents in law. They moved from their home to a smaller place and they had told Marvin they had been packing. Well he gets there along with some other siblings and he almost had a heart attack, he was o aggravated. I did not go with him because I still had a teenager at home and I knew I would say something that would not sit well with the family. So he called me and length. It taught me a big lesson about letting go of things and being more minimalist. How exciting for Lindsay to start decorating her own home in her own style. I look forward to seeing the house if she will let you share it with us!

    1. I am definitely going on a purge of my closets starting this fall. I love my mama to pieces, but she is definitely not the same. It makes me so sad!!!
      And yes, I will share pictures of Lindsay's new place. She goes from being so excited one day to about to have a breakdown the next with the realization of home ownership. Girls!!!


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