Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekends Are Supposed to Be Relaxing - Right?

What a weekend! I am not sure it was relaxing at all, so I am going really slow today with chores. In fact, already taking a break to pop in.

We went to the farm on Saturday to mow. Soon it will cool down and less mowing will need to be done ---right?!

I actually feel a different smell in the air. I can tell summer is nearing the end, but it is still hot hot hot.

Yesterday at church, we moved the kiddos up and I got a fresh new group of 4's. Cuties for sure. We started back to three services. I had planned to work the first one and attend the second. We really had no idea how the numbers would play out. We really are a church that geared to young families and with them there is a huge uncertainty of which times they will choose and because we are on the gulf coast that means times will even change from summer to winter. In winter they often choose later and in summer they choose early so they can hit the beach. However, it is the months like this with school starting back that it is tricky. That being said, I ended up working the third service too, because there were more kids there than we planned on.

Current stitching project when I am not too tired or hot.

I was kind of tired and really wanted to lay on the couch and let the Olympics just entertain me. My family had a different idea. My son-in-law has two more weeks of traveling for work, so he decided to go back to Jacksonville after church instead of getting up at 3:00 AM to go back like he has been doing.

We ate at Nick's on Basin Bayou for a late lunch. Nick's is right on Choctawhatchee Bay, but off the tourist route. Unbelievably good!

Then we let Tyler head out when Hubby and Dear Daughter decided to go to Silver Sands (Sandestin).  We looked in a couple of stores and were ready to head home when the truck decided it would not start. 

Thank goodness for AAA. Hubby had to wait quite a while, but my son came to get Lindsay and me.

I came in and headed straight to the couch. I had just done too much and it was hot while shopping.

I am slow moving today.

Planning something with these two pieces of ribbon.

The next two items will change up this week. More later.

Also needing to do some yard work. Hubby pulled up the Japanese maple front the front yard. Nothing has ever done will there.

Two previous maples have succumbed to weather: one a hurricane and another lightning.

I think we are just going to leave it this time. 

The live oak has crossed the driveway in the 32 years of this house and the maple was having real trouble making it with the oak. 

The oak takes the top dog spot.

Hoping for a bit more peaceful week than the weekend and waiting on news from my biopsy.

Be still my soul.

Seeking calm today,


  1. I feel your pain Sandy...I was hoping for a quiet day but some extended family drama has interrupted!! But I am planning to indulge in a little stitching this afternoon so I can relax a bit. I have been using ribbon a lot lately in different decorating spots around the house. It is very pretty and now I am always looking for ribbon.

    1. The devil is always trying to rob us of peace. Not going to let him succeed. Been busily getting the house in order today because I have a busy day tomorrow. Ribbon can be quite addictive. I blame Kelly at Talk of the House. She makes everything look so cute with ribbon!

  2. Yes she does..I would love to take a tour of her house in person. I think it is my favorite one in the Blogosphere. One bright spot, a friend brought me some Carolina peaches. Cobbler tonight!!

  3. There's something about Sundays being perfect for a long nap after church. You had anything but a nap! I love Nicks and haven't eaten there in years! Hope you get some rest and good news this week!


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