Friday, September 30, 2016

Decorating Ideas for the Farmhouse Part 2

Yesterday, I shared my dreams/plans for the gathering room. Today, you will get a glimpse of some other things I am planning/dreaming for the other rooms.

The kitchen was fully stocked and is really a cute little kitchen.  Country, but not primitive rustic, so there will be a combo of those two themes going on.

There was an area for a table between the kitchen and family room. Since we made the living and dining room combo a huge eating area (the gathering room) we don't need a table for the kitchen. In fact, it would kind of be in the way if your are coming in the screened porch area.

I saw this little table on Pinterest and thought this might be something to put under the hanging light.


This is the area in the kitchen it would go.
Under that light.

My other thoughts were doing something with the wingback chairs that are already there facing out  towards the glass doors. The glass doors lead out to a screened porch and the pond can be seen from them.  Maybe a reading /stitching area. I saw something like this in a magazine, but I haven't found the picture yet. 

Now, onto the master bedroom thoughts.

This is what it looked like when we bought it.

BTW, this past weekend was our 1 year anniversary of purchasing it.

Mother walked in that bedroom and fell in love with the bedspread, so I pulled it off and gave it to her. She ended up not liking it in her room. She still loves it, but it didn't work with all her all of her stuff and she didn't want to change out all her other decorative items, so it is sitting in the closet at the farmhouse.

I then bought a navy matelasse type spread which was just so so. It has stayed that way with all the chaos of the summer.

The bedskirt definitely was the wrong size. The one with the yellow is a perfect fit.

Now, for my plans and my decision.

You may remember I took louver doors off of my laundry closet. I have held onto them in case I ever wanted to put them back. As long as we have dogs which I believe will be forever they can't be on the closet.

I am planning to take them and put them behind the bed. I will not rough them up or make them rustic because, well, I just can't. 

The decision now - is do I put the yellow toile bedding back on and keep, OR do I add a gingham bedskirt and pillow shams and change out the curtains with the matalesse spread???

Here was my Pinterest inspiration.


Of course, that bed is amazing, but I am doing the farmhouse on a budget.

There are two great chairs in the room which you can't see that would lead me to go with the toile...

Decisions, decisions, decisions, but fun.

I do envision when Hubby retires, that we will actually stay up there for a portion of most weeks. Maybe a night or two, but home will always be where it is now.
Oh my goodness, I should know better to even write that. God writes our story, not me.

I have more things also, like painting something in the bathroom, so as I go I will share the progress. All will labeled farmhouse.

I will share my fall decor on Monday. I will take a break over the weekend. It is finally all out even though I have not been motivated at all to think autumn with all the heat.

Needing more hours and energy in the days,


  1. That white and red gingham bed cover is my dream bedroom!! I like the idea of the doors for a headboard too. Like you, I have a budget to stick too so I am having to improvise. I also like the little table under the lamp. It would be more of a kitchen island than a table. I went out looking for twin beds yesterday and found two Jenny Linds that I like but they are pricy. I am going to see if I can dicker with the owner. Wouldn't an unlimited budget be wonderful??? Of course then I would not have a little house but a big one!lol

    1. You are right...if we had too much money we would build bigger and then there would be more to clean and more to shop for and then we would wonder when we are supposed to rest?

  2. Pintrest is awesome! My cousin once decided he wanted a rustic bed, so he went out, chopped some trees down and built a bed like the one you showed. No plans, just whipped it up in a weekend. If only we could all be like that! Can't wait to see your final design.

    1. Yes, I have no talent for whipping up things such as the bed, but I know many who do. They are so talented. My finished product will be much more simple:)


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