Friday, September 16, 2016

September in the Kitchen

I have made it to this date with no fall decorations out. I did a little back to school in the kitchen and with the busy schedule I have had lately...fall decor has remained in the closet.

I purchased these black gingham napkins from Amazon for a great price. They are definitely great quality. Mitered corners and nice weight.

Then, I grabbed an old clay pot in the garage and spray painted it with black chalkboard paint I already had. I had actually planned to put some ribbon on it and an apple or so, but I have just been too buy to go further. I just put a Dixie cup with flowers in it. 

Then throw in my September cottage from last year with a cute school bus. You would think I miss teaching. No!!!! I do not.

I then added some cute red towels that Hubby has been instructed are for looks only.

I had a bowl of apples on the counter, but I have just about eaten them all.

I tried to add one other detail. I am not so excited about it.
I always love those wreaths in the windows everywhere, but it just doesn't work for me. The sunlight is just too bright in my kitchen windows. Although that is a good thing, I don't get to do some of the things I like out in "Blogville."

I had a orangy yellowy ribbon on it in August and that was kind of cute, but it is really just not the spot for it. Maybe I will hang it on my mirror in the foyer in October.

In stitching news, I am still working on my books of the Bible piece, but I am also trying to do a few Christmas things before Christmas. I ordered two new pieces.

One is Stoney Creek's "Silent Night Cardinals." I really like it although I have no clue how I will finish it with being round and all. I am pondering that now.

I started Little House Needlework's "Sweet Apples" last night.

The weather has been a bit more pleasant this week in the mornings and evenings. I heard someone yesterday call it "The Whispers of Fall." I like that.

I will put out some orange next week to welcome fall.

A September girl turned 56 this week.
Thankful for another year!!!!


  1. Sandy I love your pretty decor. And that wreath is precious but I understand that sometimes things just do not work. Those gingham napkins are up my alley. I never thought of checking Amazon for those kinds of things.

  2. Happy Birthday! Love all your special touches. You are ready for the days ahead!


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