Monday, September 24, 2018

Weekend Happenings

We had a fun weekend in Auburn.
A win this week,
fun with friends, and
meeting lots of dogs in the neighborhood all
made for a nice weekend.

The guys all played golf, and I walked into town and Christmas shopped. I don't think I have ever done that this early, but with the grand baby due soon and everyone with something to do I wasn't sure I would get a chance like this again.

I walked ---I am loving that part of the new house. IT was HOT, but I chose the shady route on the way to town and got a me a Toomer's lemonade (famous in Auburn) to walk back with. I went to shortest way back since I had packages to tote home. I will share some of that at a later date.

I will tell you that this picture had something to do with it. I left the house today and Gus did this. FORTUNATELY, he didn't do too much damage or he would still be sitting in his kennel box in time out.

Speaking of dogs, I took the dogs for a walk Saturday morning and every dog in the neighborhood was on a walk. We met 3 Goldens, 2 Boykins, and Gus's half brother. Yes, you read that right. In the neighborhood was another Springer from Lanewood Kennel. For a moment, we thought they were brothers, but his was born earlier. They had the same dad though...Gus Senior:) Gus and Forest really hit it off. It was fun to watch them interact. We will schedule some play dates later.

Dogs are so great. I couldn't tell you one person's name that I met this weekend, but I know all the dogs' names. I met more dogs that mentioned, but since we have a Golden and a Springer and Lindsay has a Boykin, those got more attention.

I definitely got in my steps Saturday with walking because we walked to the game as well.

I stitched on a Prairie School Santa that Arlene from Nanaland sent me. I am in love with these. They are so easy to stitch. I would like to do a whole bunch of them. I am doing them on this 40 count linen with one over two. I have to remember to look in my bag and see what kind of linen it is because it is a pleasure to stitch on.

I also started on my winter monochromatic piece by Little House Needleworks. It will be my last one in the series. I love the blue linen for it.

My thread came into day for the crow that I ran out of thread for. I am going to be working on it only until completion...then, fully finish it and put fall stitching away until next summer. I have so many still I want to stitch. It is an obsession y'all.

I was quite tired today. Mother is off on her trip and it is raining and cloudy here. I sat in my reclining chair and the next thing I knew I was asleep. I slept two hours. I think I must have really needed it.

I am off to get supper cooked and prepare to watch Magnum PI tonight. There is a story there for another day. Stay tuned.



  1. It sounded like you had a wonderful weekend! Hmmm, sorry that Gus got into some mischief. Your new place sounds perfect for walking. Enjoy your week, Sandy!

  2. Sandy, too cute! I remember the dogs more than the people too! Hooray for you for starting your Christmas shopping already. I am forming a list in my head. Silly Gus - what a mess!

  3. Sandy what a lovely weekend you spent. Toomer's lemonade sounds so good and refreshing on these hot and muggy days. We won too. Go Gators! Love all of your stitching. I have done about 10 PS Santas and I agree they are easy and fun to stitch. I did mine on a larger count and have toyed with the idea of giving them away and restitching on 40 ct. because I love the smaller size and gives you more room for decoration on the bottom or side. Are you doing the 10,000 steps a day? Enjoy your week. RJ

  4. I know most of the dogs in my neighborhood as I see them when I am out walking. Of course, our next door neighbor, Molly the Lab, is my favorite. So glad you are enjoying the Santas...I was never going to stitch them and I hated they were just sitting in my stash. I am almost done with the Sue Hillis piece, The Most Wonderful Feast of the Year....just a few acorns to finish and it is on to Christmas stitching. Heading to the Peddler today to pick up some things I have ordered. All fall charts will be put away until next year. Have you seen the Waxing Moon cottages? I got the Christmas cute. They also have Halloween and Patriotic. The struggle is real I am telling you!!lol Hope your mama does well on her trip and comes home refreshed.

  5. i tuoi progetti sono bellissimi Sandy

  6. How nice to be able to walk to do some shopping, Sandy! I would love that, but have to use a car to get anywhere here in the suburbs...

    Love your stitching and totally agree on the PS Santas. They are my comfort stitching and I love the size that they turn out on 40 ct. Enjoy these last few days of September!

  7. I love your cross stitching, Sandy. I haven't done any in a long while, I'm inspired to take it up again. Dogs, autumn, shopping, crafting, sounds like a great weekend.


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