Friday, September 21, 2018

Still Here

I didn't mean to stay away this long, but life is happening OR I am lazy. A little of both if I am being honest.

I could call this post, My Crazy Busy Wonderful Life and I would probably have it about right.

I have waited so long to post that I can't remember what all I have been up to 😃 Of course that could have something to do with age. 

We will start there. I celebrated another trip around the sun last week. I have had 58 of those now. I cheerfully celebrate each of those!!!!!! When I turned 32, I had a difficult time. See my dad died at 32. I suddenly was face to face with that age and had younger children than I was. I remember being quite overcome with grief for awhile. It was like I grieved from a whole new angle. How does one face death and leave behind kids at such a young age? Only by the grace of God. I woke up one morning and thought that I would never ever lament growing older, but that I would embrace each birthday as a GIFT from God. I have truly done that ever since.

That is me on the right and my friend Donna on the left. I loved it when Daddy got home from work. I have such great God given memories of our time in Columbus (Fort Benning).

58 is great!
I got a couple of new shirts, some candles, and a makeup mirror so I can see how to pluck my eyebrows that I am still blessed to have:) That is part of the wonderful life.

Mother and I went to what we know as home the day before my birthday. I try to go quarterly to check on the cemetery. My dad and mom are from very rural south Alabama (Range) and therefore the cemetery is a country one. 
We always pick up my great Aunt Faye and go on to Monroeville for a little shopping and lunch. I grew up going to Monroeville and still love to cruise around the square. The little restaurant is on the square and is some seriously good eating. 

About Mother...we have good days and days where I wouldn't call it not good, but lots of attention is needed. The last two weeks I have had to do something almost everyday. We have dealt with vertigo and a trip to the doctor, pedicures, making sure she eats something besides McDonald's (yuk), and well, lots of stuff. Just this morning, I had to interrupt my writing to take her some medicine because she had an upset stomach overnight. That is the crazy and busy part of life.

She came over last night to try and help me smock a piece of fabric for Tucker. We have been working on this off and on for weeks. She forgot how to do it. I tried to do it and even though I had watched a video and read I broke a whole bunch of needles
I was ready to quit, but she said she would figure it out. I figured it would be good for her, so I ordered more needles and sent it with her.
She brought it back over last evening to try it again at my house, because she said life was too busy over here for me to come to her house. She was right!!! She didn't even know how right because things began to pop...

Our goal was to try and get one made so I could work on it this next week. She is headed out of town on one of her bus trips with her sister. Yes, I worry!
Anyway, while we were in there working, my sister-in-law walks in who was getting back from vacation to tell us all about it. Paul Allen and Katie came by to pick up food coloring for a project. Paul Allen is smart (?) and never buys anything until he asks Mom if she has some. I did...4 opened boxes and 2 unopened boxes. More crazy busy but wonderful life.

By this time, Mother was losing some of her energy. We did manage to pull a piece through twice only to have it still skipping stitches. We now know how to operate the pleater again and think we know why it skipped stitches, but we gave up for the evening as she can't drive after dark.

OH and I almost forgot to introduce you to Dansby...

I will have more and better pictures soon.
Dansby is Paul Allen's new dog. He of course is named after an Atlanta Braves baseball player. Only thing close to Auburn names around here. Anyway, he is a rescue which I think is safe to say has some Blue Tick coon hound in him. 
He is the sweetest thing. Very good too. He is around 9 months old. Vet confirmed it all.

Anyway, after I sat down last night, I couldn't help but think that my household is much like my grandparents' house was. BUSY, but fun too. I really wouldn't change a thing, but sometimes it is a little crazy:)

I had three phone calls this week from people with serious problems. I had been stewing on one myself, but all of them made mine seem not so bad after all. Even though mine involves a child not doing what I think he should and it keeps me stirred up, he is healthy and fine. Those phone calls are another part of my crazy life. When you open yourself up to be a listener and a friend ---well you get stuff to listen to.

IF you are still with me...
I have been cross stitching and reading.
I will share the reading later. 

I have a stack of stuff on my sewing counter to fully finish that is growing. Maybe with Mama on her trip next week, I can concentrate long enough to do those.

I have steadily worked on my rotations...more out of not being able to concentrate on any one thing. 
I have made lots of progress on my Helen Keller piece and some of my Christmas ornaments. I will need a day to fully finish quite a few ornaments.

I ran out of thread on my crow and am should have some in by Monday or Tuesday. I really want to finish it and then fully finish my three Halloween type pieces. 

I won a project bag from Marlene at Stitching by the Lake on Floss Tube. I was giddy with excitement. I have wanted to make some, but shoot I can't even get my stitching fully finished.

The only way I know Autumn is on its way is by looking at fall decorations and the light and shadows changing. It is hot ---hotter than normal it seems, but maybe that is just "58" talking. I am honestly one of those who is always torn on whether I am ready to give up summer anyway. I am very tired of the humidity for certain. Anyway as of today, it is ending on the calendar, so I will get moving on fall. One of my new candles is pumpkin scented something or other.

Headed to Auburn for the weekend. 
The grandbaby is due in less than a month.
I still have many projects to do, but I guess I always do.

I count my blessings in this crazy busy wonderful life.

Oh, and I have had lots of trouble lately with my comments not being posted, so if I haven't commented back to anyone it is that. The replies are floating around in cyberspace. I have also had a lot of spam traffic. Blogger is catching it, but that always gives me the goosebumps.

Leave you with one of my favorite pics ...
This is Destin in April 1965 ---pre condos. This would be right about where the tallest building is in Destin that locals hate.


  1. Sandy... I've had a problem too with my comments being posted. So sad that you lost your Dad at such a young age. Your Mom is so lucky to have such a caring daughter as you. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Sandy I lost my Mom when I was 37 and know how much that loss has affected you. It is so hard to lose someone you love when your life is just beginning. But, your life is so full with family and that is a huge blessing. You are involved with all of them and that will keep you very busy.

    I love your stitching updates. Hope your thread comes soon and you can get back to it. Come by when you get a are featured on our blog this week.

    Have fun at Auburn and just take a deep breath and enjoy it to the fullest. It won't be long and you will be a Grandma which will be wonderful. Have a great weekend. RJ

  3. Sandy: Totally love the photos of your father.
    Lovely bag you won.
    I am loving your Halloween designs, you are one buy Lady.


  4. Happy Birthday Sweet Friend!! My grandad died at 62 and I thought about that when I turned 62 so I understand those pesky thoughts we have at times! I always got my material pleated by someone so I am no help to you with the pleater! Praying for you in these busy days! Hard to believe Tucker will be here soon! And I found several comments in my awaiting moderation file for which I never received email notification so I guess it is back to checking that once more!

  5. Sandy, I so love to look at old photographs! Your father was such a handsome fellow with the sweetest face. You have been busy! Love to also look at your stitching. :-)

  6. Happy 58th, Sandy! May your coming year bring you much love, happiness, and good health! Love the smocking that you and your mom are doing. That so reminds me of my dear grandmother who created the most beautiful smocked dresses for us girls :)


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