Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blue Angels

Saturday, we went to see the Blue Angels. Missed them bad last year:( 

There is nothing like the Blue Angels' home show over Pensacola Beach. We have had a tradition of going by boat to the Pensacola Sound to anchor up and watch. They fly right over you. IT is a fantastic show, and as my son-in-law says, "It will make you feel very American." Patriotic feelings indeed.

iPhone pictures don't do them justice!!! We always anchor up in the sound close to the Pensacola Beach beach ball. The Gulf is just on the other side. They fly back and forth in front of the beach and over the sound. They totally ROCK!

Last year they had to cancel over the government shutdown. We all missed it very badly.
The year before, the weather was horrible. I about didn't survive the trip over due to the lightning and water spouts. We had to get out in Navarre for awhile. I am absolutely terrified of lightning. (A story for another day.) We really worried the Blue Angels wouldn't even be able to fly that year, but the weather cleared up just for them, and then back to horrible conditions for the ride home.

BUT....This year....


Me in the orange float left.. Relaxing.

One of my favorite things to do.

On the way home, we stopped outside the Hurlburt Field Officers' Club to take a photo of daughter and son-in-law. Their reception was held there in February of this year.

A fun day.

Now, this is why we go by boat. They are worth the trip, but the beach is packed. The pier and every available bit of sand is taken. I saw a picture that showed all the people under the tents coming front and center once the show began. Wall to wall crowd. The photos is compliments of the Pensacola News Journal.
Story cited below.

RECORD CROWD this year.

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