Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cleaning the Pantry

You know it is time when your son who is the "King of All Slobs" starts making comments about there is a lot of one item in the pantry.

I organized it over a year ago, but life got in the way, and I went right back to my old ways of just letting anyone put anything anywhere. Well, a few too many trips to Publix and strolling by the BOGO's boxes by both my hubby and me resulted in a few humorous discoveries.

Like four things of mustard.

And a bit to much Cheese Whiz. I only use it to make this one casserole. Guess I better get busy making a few Broccoli and Rice Casseroles.

Oh and peanut butter. That is what prompted my son to say something. I am embarrassed to even show this one.

Anyway, it is all nice, neat, and organized once again. I really MUST work on keeping it like that to avoid the waste AND avoid the BOGOs at Publix for now.

The pantry is a walk in with two sides of shelves. This is the right side. Going up the right side closest to the door I made a baking station. Then there is my pasta section and above that condiments.

I have to find a place for chips. They are just kind of thrown in the tub on the right bottom for now. Of course when I whittle down some of the excess, I may find there is plenty of room for a chips spot all of its own.

I tried to make zones for everything, like my pasta zone.

This is the left side of the pantry. I spread everything out for now, because I felt I had a better chance of keeping it organized since I am still pretty busy outside of the home and don't have a routine down yet.

One thing I did notice is that when the kids were little, we ate lots of cereal. I mean lots!!! Especially my son and his friends. One summer I can remember the Paul Allen and all his friends eating cereal several times a day. We hardly touch cereal now. This used to really frustrate me...if I ever put cereal in those handy Rubbermaid containers, not another morsel was touched. It was like the kiss of death for that box of cereal. Anyone else ever had that problem. I thought they looked so neat and organized, but the cereal would sit untouched for months, but if a box didn't fit in the tubs, then it wouldn't be eaten right away.

CRAZY family...

Here is another look of the two sides all clean and tidy and hoping that it stays organized better this time around.

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