Saturday, July 26, 2014

Update on Sewing Room

I got the plans back this past week for my sewing room. I had written here about fixing the room up and had an inspiration picture from Pinterest ready for the summer, when Hubby decided that redoing my room with custom built cabinets would be my retirement gift. A good friend will be doing it, so we are just trying to work around his schedule, so it will take a while, but I am pretty sure it is going to be worth the wait.

He brought me two sketches for both sides of the room this week. I am loving his ideas. I only want to make a few changes and then figure out whether I will do white or stained. I have no idea what I will choose. Just gonna wait and see my options before I decide.

I am definitely going to paint the room. It is currently a shade of blue that I love, but it is just too dark for such a small room. I am going to go with the tan/beige wall color throughout most of the house to lighten it up in there.

One side will have lots of cabinet space and peg board. My ironing board stays up constantly. That is a must, since I use it constantly for sewing and I am probably the last remaining ironer of everything left on Earth. 

The other side will have a table/workspace built into the bay window area. I will keep my sewing table that houses my mom's sewing machine that is older than me, but works like a charm. I will be able to use my new one on top of the sewing table as I do now, or use the larger workspace. The closet will lose its doors and become a craft space. I love his design for that!

I will do my best to get in there and take some before pictures even though it is a nightmare in there now from trying to go through all my school stuff. All of that is gone now, except for scrapbooks and one small tub of materials I kept.

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