Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sharing a Bit of My Daughter's Home

I have been one busy lady this week trying to knock out some long overdue procrastinating on my part. I will share a big long random post midweek next week. I am headed out of town after church tomorrow on a church leadership conference.

One of the days this week, I went out to my daughter's home to check on the granddog. They are trying her at home a little to see if she will do ok. She is the first know.

I snapped a few pictures of the living room and kitchen without permission. She is getting things in order. 
They had ordered a new rug, the curtains were hung, and she had even put out a touch of fall decor.

The coffee table and end table are a present from us for her birthday. They have a concrete top. They are going to purchase the dining room table to match. The only difference is the legs will be a pedestal look.

The rug was new to lighten things up with the brown leather couch.
I lightened the picture but the colors are a little weird. 

Oh, and the ottoman is up for the dog. She likes it that way!!! :)

The true colors.

This is between the living and kitchen area.


I will probably be in trouble for taking them without her permission, but Mamas do that kind of stuff.

This is by her front door.

See ya back next week,


  1. Isn't it fun seeing your children create a home? Love her decor.

    1. It is all so cute. I am excited for them. They are enjoying being settled as they have spent much of their married life in transition mode.


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