Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sewing Flop

I had a sewing flop. 

I am ok with it. 

I knew I was going too fast. 

I knew what I should have done before I even started, but for some reason I just didn't do what I know I should have.

I tried to cut corners and it didn't work.

I cut out the pattern the other day when I got my sewing room all cleaned and organized.

This morning having somewhat caught up with all my chores, I headed early into my sewing room.

I commenced to starting my PLAID skirt. The first side came out ok. The plaids matched from side to side, but the width of the V wasn't great, but I could live with it.

Then I started the other side. I sighed a huge sigh.

See I should have laid out the entire width open rather than folded. I thought I could quickly match the selvages and it would be fine.

Oh no...I should have known to cut one side and flip it over.

But, I didn't so I ended up very sad and the following is the text messages that went on somewhat simultaneously with my mother and daughter.

This message was sent to both Mama and Lindsay. They were the same messages, but their responses were so different which is part of the story.

***Seeing should be sewing.

Finished up the message below.

Then I sent the pictures to both.

Then the other picture.

Now here is the difference in the responses coming.

I really couldn't wear it. No possible way.

Up next is my mother's response who is the greatest seamstress, not sewist of all time.

We will go to Pensacola and get better fabric and try again. She wouldn't wear it like that either. She felt my pain.

Next up is my daughter's response who has never had the pleasure of a home economics class.

I tried to explain the grading of what you made and how it would be awful to get marked down for it, since she would die with less than an A.

So, that is where it stands. I set it aside and walked out of the room for the day. 
I don't know if it will hit the scrap pile or if I will try and make it work for her by taking it up.

I just know I could not possibly wear it myself. I really like the skirt pattern and I do have the head knowledge. 
I didn't need a Craftsy or Youtube tutorial to tell me what I should have done, but I am definitely rusty.

Tomorrow is another day, and I have too many projects to stay out of the sewing room.

Practice makes perfect.

If at first you don't succeed, try try again,



  1. I feel your pain Sandy. I could not wear it either. My years of home ec with Miss Butler will not allow me to wear plaids, stripes etc that do not match perfectly. However on Project Runway I am appalled at some to the "mis matches" in that department along with terrible hems and faulty sewing. Hey, if you Mama is going to buy you some new material, go with

    1. I think the younger generation has missed out on the good things from a home economics class. Not everyone learned to sew well, but there was still merit to the class.


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