Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Stitching: Old and New

     I have a little to share with stitching. It isn't all that much new stitching, but some old made new.

I did get a second PS Santa done. It will be a while before I finish them because I am a procrastinator.  The  gold one was the second one fresh out of the hoop.

I am stitching on my heron. I haven't stitched as much on it as I had hoped, but I think I have some time coming up this weekend that should be productive for getting that page done.  I will wait until next week to share that stitch.

Old Made New

I framed a few pieces myself that had been finished in other ways by myself. I told myself I was going to stop doing that and then here I go again. The first one started when I was at our Auburn house and I decided I didn't like the finishing but loved the stitch. I measured and browsed Amazon to find a frame that fit it perfectly with no adjustments. I ordered and spray painted it. It is a metal frame but doesn't look metal. This turned out so well that you can't tell it didn't come purchased navy blue. I was quite pleased! The intent had been to take it back to the Auburn house, but after tidying and simplifying in the kitchen. I hung it in there and love it.

Not the best picture, but it is winter and cloudy.

This is what it looked like. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I just decided I wanted a simpler look. 

The next stitch I redid was originally taken to Hobby Lobby to be framed. I was so disappointed with the job they did that I took it out. I think they had gotten a brand new girl and it just didn't go well. I should have taken it back but I didn't and just lived with it. 

This is what I did with it after I took it out of the frame.

Again, nothing wrong with it, but I wanted it framed, so I discovered that it would fit in a document frame perfectly. I ordered a plain one and stained it myself. 

Here it is close up.

I then hung it up in my sewing room with my teaching and space cross stitches. My three things that describe me now in that spot.

The final one is a baby blanket I stitched for Lindsay way back in 1989. I actually feel guilty that I never did Paul Allen one, but teaching and kids of your own coupled with the changes that took place in education that started around that same time meant no cross stitching except in summer and then eventually none for a very long time.

When I first suggested this next adjustment to the blanket to Lindsay she balked but with time she decided it was a good idea. We have cut the blanket apart to share all of these blocks with grands now and in the future. 

Here is a link to the post about stitching the blanket originally.

Now, they have been cut. I framed two of them to leave here in some cherry wood frames,  but the rest will be done in white frames. 

I framed two to put back in Lindsay's old room. I haven't hung them yet, so here they are just for sharing purposes. I hope to hang them in the room this week.  I also took one of them to make a pillow out of to put with my bunny that I had since I was 2 and it is on Lindsay's bookcases in that bedroom. 
I sort of thought no one would was going to like that stitch for some reason. 

Tucker is going to get the train for his new big boy room coming soon. 

I have two picked out to put in the July baby's room. Then I will save the other three for future grands.

Now, I am really done redoing things.

I am hoping to make some progress on the heron in the next week and will share then.


  1. Beautiful finishes. I like the simple Sampler very much.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  2. Sandy: Beautiful job of redoing the designs, I have thought of doing that myself but never did.
    Duck Choo Choo is adorable.
    I had something done at Hobby lobby it was horrible, to it to Joann's 100% better framing.
    Prairie School Santa's are so sweet.
    Have a lovely day.


  3. Well done on getting the second PS Santa stitched, Sandy! He is precious. You did awesome jobs on redoing the finished stitches into something new.

  4. I like all the changes!! I was stitching that hen and chick on a different fabric and I had done quite a bit of the hen but I just did not like it. So I changed to the gingham fabric and I loved it. It is your stitching and you can do as you like. I love how you re used the blanket. Clever idea.

  5. Beautiful stitching. The linen fabric of the santas is a favorite.

  6. Love your re-finishing, Sandy! The framed sampler looks so nice. I have that chart and have often thought of stitching it--perhaps seeing yours will inspire me! What a great idea to salvage parts of the old quilt... I know how much time and love must have gone into making that and it's nice that you could make it for Lindsay. I'm sure Paul Allen understands :) I'm making my first (and last!!!) hexie quilt for my grandson--never again! (Famous last words!) Great job on completing the second PS Santa. I stitched that one, but gave it away years ago.

    Hope you have a wonderful day--send us some heat!! It's freezing up this way! ♥

  7. I would have been terrified to cut into a blanket but it looks like it worked out perfectly! What a great idea! Love the Santas and your other finishes and changes. You are so creative and have great intuition for your framing and finishes! Awesomeness!!

  8. I love your two Santas, they look ready for anything.

  9. I love all your redos! And I enjoyed looking at the original blanket you cross stitched for Lindsay. What sweet pictures in each block. I think taking it apart and repurposing the blocks is a super smart idea!

  10. I love the look of simple frames... after all of the time invested in the stitching, the stitching should be the focal point (IMHO). :-) The little chick engineer is sooooo dang cute! :-)

    1. Doesn’t it feel so good to accomplish those kinds of things??? Congratulations.

  11. I enjoyed this post, and especially the section about the baby blanket you made and I went back and read the original post about it. That is such a treasure. I like the idea of using the individual blocks for each grandchild, as long as Lindsay doesn't mind. Since the first two will go to her children, I don't think she will mind! It's a wonderful keepsake. Thank you for sharing this with us. Such a talent!!

  12. I miss stitching but truly have not been in the frame of mind to be able to settle down to do any for 3 months now. I do love seeing what you've been doing!!


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