Saturday, July 31, 2021


 This is the introduction and my recording of life when grandbaby #2 arrived. He is truly a bundle of joy.

All 7 lbs. 9 ozs. of him. He looks like his brother Tucker did when he was born. 

First picture.

This is an overload of pictures of him when family members have met him. Intertwined in the pictures I will tell you a little bit of life going on.

Lindsay and Tyler were supposed to go in on midnight, July 20th to start the induction. Jeff and I picked Tucker up around 7:00 PM that evening to stay with us during the birth. At 9:20 the nurse called and said they had a run on deliveries to call early Wednesday morning on the 21st to see if things had settled. There was the keyed up feelings with all of us as we awaited his birth. 

Palmer James Maxey

They arrived at the hospital on Wednesday morning to start the process. Then they were told an emergency C section was going on after they arrived. You may sense a bit of bitterness on my part and you would be correct. I will try to give facts only as I am not one to dwell on the bad, but one to try and focus on the positive and steps forward.

Lindsay really wasn't attended to much during the day. I know she felt frustrated and at 7:20 PM the new nurse who had just arrived on duty came to check on her. I know the times because I was talking to her and heard the nurse walk into her room. She texted back that she had told them her epidural seemed too strong and she wanted them to check on things. She left saying she would come back in a minute, so I texted Lindsay since it didn't seem like it was going to happen right away maybe she could FaceTime Tucker to say goodnight.

Tucker enjoying a popsicle with Gus on a hot day to make the time go faster.

Tucker was concerned about Mommy and getting that baby out. It was all he talked about. We got off the phone and grabbed a book to read.

The time was 7:50....a text came through from Tyler that it was coming NOW.

The coming wave of anxiety and flow of water wasn't known here.

Jeff in all his goodness did what he has done for all of our family's history. He was going to gather us around to pray for Lindsay and the baby. He had just said, "Tucker, do you want to pray for Mommy and Baby Palmer."

What transpired instantly and left Jeff and me with our mouths hanging open was simply amazing and I have yet to find a good way to document it.

Tucker immediately slapped his hands together and said something like this...

Dear God, I love you, help Palmer to get here and take care of Mommy.

Mouths agape and sitting in shock, the phones go off with a picture of baby on Lindsay's tummy. 

Yes, 7:55 PM was the time called out for his birth. 

The prayer was many things... it let you know Tucker's heart, it was a display of his parents teaching every night to pray, and if ever there was a model prayer and a demonstration of Jesus and the little children I know not one

At one point, I look over and Jeff has tears flowing down his cheeks. He said we need to remember what he said so we can write it down, so that is what we did. 

Tucker went peacefully to sleep. 

He has not wanted to be away from Mommy.

The next day we headed out to see them. We really didn't thing Tucker would be able to go in. Tyler had intended to just take him out for some lunch, but he got to go in.

He loves him but has also done what a two year old does at this out occasionally.

Now, in all these pictures, you may think everything is just picture perfect. Lindsay has had the postpartum anxiety return. That is my absence from the scene. We had hoped she wouldn't have it this birth, but not to be the case. AS of today, she is doing a bit better with some medicine.

Mimi is in love.

Also, she has no bladder control. This is not leakage. We have gone back to the doctor as this is not helping her state of mind. IT is wait and see game, but trust me this mama will not let anyone slack on their job.

PaPa's first hold.

Let me back up... the nurse that walked into that room delivered Palmer. The doctor had run home to eat since she lives right behind the hospital. One funny in all of it is she told Tyler to grab a leg and Lindsay says she remembers her arm flying up in the air. He grabbed an arm rather than a leg. 

Palmer is doing wonderful and that is the one and only area Lindsay seems to be totally fine with. She has him on a schedule and doing well. Her anxiety manifests itself in not being able to sleep and panic attacks that she will never sleep. 

Grandma's first hold.

Uncle PAP and Aunt Katie's first hold.

I am writing this to let people know that postpartum stuff is real as Lindsay is usually one cool cucumber. 

Time is our friend on both accounts. Palmer is growing and so precious. 

Tucker with Harbor Docks stickers. There is a story behind them. I will maybe share that another day since it is getting long.

Tucker with Palmer. 

Tucker's hospital stay involved a horrific hurricane and the aftermath.  I thought many things that went wrong then were because of that. Palmer's involves being delivered by the nurses. All around both have left with a less than feeling about the hospital. 

Anyway, we are moving forward and looking the future and solutions.

Blessings abound!!!
I don't have much to write about other than little Palmer and Tucker for now. I have an overload of pictures still to share so be prepared for awhile.


  1. Oh that PRAYER!!! Little ones are precious to Jesus and He surely answered that prayer! I have the baby envy but I do not envy poor Lindsay and all she is going through. I know you will be her advocate.

  2. Oh, my! What a story you will have to tell little Palmer when he is older. First of all, thank God for a healthy, beautiful, precious baby... I am sure Lindsay will get back to herself with the help of the medicine and your loving support plus lots of cuddles with Tucker and Palmer. Having a baby can really wreak havoc on the mom's hormones--thank goodness it is more talked about it in this day and age. When I had trouble after my first birth, it was swept under the rug, sadly. I had that same trouble sleeping that it sounds like Lindsay has. Sending prayers to all of you, Sandy (and tell Tucker his prayer was the sweetest ever!).

    1. Thanks, Carol. I am thinking I might try to do a calligraphy print of Tucker's prayer for Christmas. It was so sweet and such a memory for us. It took about three weeks last time and I can tell each day she is better. Now, for the bladder thing I think she has a little longer on that she would like but praying it heals up on its own.

  3. Lovely family pictures, and my best wishes that the mom recovers soon

  4. What a story! I LOVE Tucker's sweet innocence and that prayer was exactly what was needed at that very moment! It's like God was truly listening to his little voice and did exactly what Tucker requested! Oh to have the faith of a little child! Praying now for Lindsay to be able to relax and enjoy her sweet new baby and to feel stronger day by day. Praying the incontinence issue will clear up in due time and she will then also feel much better. And so happy that Palmer sounds like a healthy and perfect little baby boy! May the Lord bless this sweet family with peace and rest and joy. Amen.

  5. Oh Sandy, Palmer is so precious. Welcome to the world, little one. Rejoicing in Palmer's safe and healthy delivery. What a beautiful prayer from Tucker. Praying for Lindsay during this time.

    1. Thank you so much. I am praying the bladder heals up on its own.

  6. How beautiful!!
    May God's goodness be upon Palmer and Tucker as they grow in brotherly love.
    And may His strength and compassion surround Lindsay as she regains her wellbeing.
    Thank you for sharing all the sweet pictures.

  7. Congratulations to All!
    Prayers for Lindsay, and all
    Adjusting after giving birth is rough at times, for a long time. I focused on body chemistry, like eating too much, the mix will settle itself. With prayer and love, the journey is easier.

    1. It took about three weeks for her to begin to feel normal last time. The bladder thing is another issue though. I am praying that heals on its own even if it takes a while. Thank you.

  8. Wonderful news and beautiful photos! Those boys are both so adorable! Share your pictures with us always!! xo

  9. What sweet pictures. I especially love the one where Tucker is laying on the bed, nestled into Lindsay. I'm glad Palmer is here and everyone is safe. Saying a prayer for Lindsay's complete recovery, and that she returns soon to her cool cucumber self. Keep us posted (if you can) so we can pray, and YES- share all the photos you want!

    1. Thanks Becki. I want to share another batch soon but I have to take Mama to the doctor today and may have to pick up Tucker from daycare and you know the drill. The day gets away from you.

  10. Precious, precious Palmer family pictures!! Keeping Lindsay in my prayers as she heals from everything.

    By the way, a similar thing happened to me at the Air Force Academy Hospital when I was told to show up for the induction of my third baby. Sent me home and I cried a lot. Very frustrating. But all ended well two days later and now that baby is married and a mother of two. All is well now but it was a tough pill to swallow at the time.

  11. P.S. What an amazing prayer by Tucker! This thrills my heart!

  12. Sandy, I got stressed just reading this!! I'm so very glad that the delivery went well despite Tyler not knowing the difference between a leg and arm! That made me laugh, how stressed he must have been. Tucker is the sweetest little boy and that prayer shows it! He is going to make a wonderful be brother. I hope Lindsay feels better soon, I will keep her in my prayers. I loved all the photos!!! Tucker holding his brother is so touching. Be sure you get your rest!!!

    1. Thanks for the prayers, Mary. It just takes time. Everyday is a better day. I got a kick out the arm instead of the leg going up. Tyler had some funny moments later. It was all quite shocking I think.


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