Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Holiday Weekend Recap

 We went to Auburn for the 4th and I left my computer charger there. I only turned it on once in the time I was there and it needed charging so--- I plugged it in and ---boom...I packed it up on the last day and left it plugged it in. I now can hardly remember anything I would have shared. Am I getting old?

We did have a very nice relaxing time. 

We made a trip to the farmer's market and I put up peas and beans. We have no local market anymore that is really good. I haven't had any fresh peas and beans this summer. Mother would usually go and get fresh stuff from up home, but she hasn't been going either so I was in need of a good vegetable plate. I took some pint sized freezer containers and a good cooler with me and put up about 20 pints. 

I also bought one of the best watermelons I have had in ages and ate almost all of it over two days. 

We went over to Pine Mountain one day and looked at all the antique shops. We really didn't need anything but love to look. We did buy three Life magazines with space themes. I know my mother owned all three since we to Life as a kid in the 60s. If only, I had been old enough to know to keep them. 

We also went to an antique store in Opelika that I love to walk through. There was the most amazing selection of framed prints that were probably all from the 80s and 90s. If I needed prints I would have loaded up. The frames alone are worth the prices. I am going to remember it for when I need to frame one of my larger samplers and go back. 

I had taken fish from our local market with us, so we cooked fish and shrimp for friends up there one night. We sat outside and visited with friends. We had a Darts game competition on two nights.

No video - just a picture...

Jeff took a video of my terrible skills to send the kids. I later decided that I was at least 6 inches shorter than anyone and needed to stand on something so I didn't have to lob it up. I got better. 

I am usually the picture taker so I had Jeff take a picture of me for posterity's sake.

Of course, my sidekick, Gus is always close by. Wouldn't have it any other way.

The next picture is going to make you think Gus has a new brother, but he doesn't...

Meet Blue.

His owner lives three houses down from our home in Auburn. They had a Golden named AJ that I had met many times on walks up there. He was old like Lemony and passed away two weeks before Lemony. They have gotten a new puppy. I went down to meet him and he was so adorable. 

My friends who are living in Huntsville now but have a home in Auburn on the same street lost their lab recently and they are getting a Golden from the same kennel as Blue above. He will be picked up next week. I will now have two Goldens to visit when we go to Auburn. 

I still am teary eyed when I speak of Lemony but am still resolute that now is not the time to add a puppy. I am going to love on these two and GUS of course.

I stitched on Let Freedom Ring while in Auburn. It was the only thing I took with me. I felt it would be fun to work on it over the holiday. I am currently stitching Baby Palmer's name, so that is my lone stitch. It was going to be too hard to take it with me since I am basically creating the pattern as I go as I did with Tucker's name.

I will give a stitching update with pictures soon since I ordered a new charger and it came today.

The trip was just what I needed to be ready for Baby Palmer's arrival. We are getting close. I will close it up with Tucker and his cute 4th of July shirt.

Someone is still refusing to get his haircut. It is getting a bowl shape from Tyler having to do what he can. I pray he grows out of this soon, but he is still cute.

Thankful for my many blessings,


  1. Love the picture of you and Gus!! And that Tucker, haircut or no haircut, he is cute as pie. I cannot believe it is time for baby Palmer already. I envy you those baby snuggles and kisses. We are off to Savannah for four days. I am at the tail end of the cold Audrey gave us and poor Marvin is still hacking. New rule for the not send your child to stay with us if they have a runny nose!!

    1. I do hope you guys can enjoy yourself and relax. Hopefully the rain will be out soon. If it is the same as here, plan for very long waits at any eating establishments. Two things...summer and then no workers has made it near impossible for locals to eat out. Lindsay is scheduled to be induced on the 20th. I am really glad about that because I was so worried about the traffic.
      Take care and hope you and Marvin both feel better.

  2. Sandy, What a nice relaxing weekend you had! That is such a nice photo of you with Gus, you look great!! Darts sounds like fun, I haven't played that since the 70's, it was popular in the little town in Mt. that we lived in at the time. I think Tyler looks just adorable with his hair the way it is!! How exciting that Palmer will be arriving soon!!

    1. I honestly can't remember the last time I played darts either. Paul Allen had found it at a yard sale and brought it up there. Jeff fixed up a big ceiling tile (?) behind it and we are all set now. It was actually quite fun. 

  3. Tucker is adorable, very photogenic. My goodness, big changes are very near for him, aren't they? I hope he quickly adjusts to Big Brother status and enjoys it. (and he will)

    Watermelons and cantaloupe - you just never know if it's going to be good until you bite into them.

    1. I do hope Tucker is ready for his new brother too. He took to his new bedroom well so that is one good thing behind them. I think he will be a little jealous but I also think he will be happy too. It is happening either way:)

  4. Sandy, Tucker is adorable and will be a great big brother! Cute pup pics!! Glad you had a great Auburn get-away!! xo

  5. What a delightful weekend you had! Oh, that picture of you with Gus is just adorable! Gus is sitting pretty much just like you! Such a beautiful doggy! And that Golden pup is also adorable. I would be very tempted to want one, but I understand your situation, with baby Palmer on his way you don't need to be training a pup at the same time! And Tucker is also adorable in his cute 4th of July T-shirt and there's not a thing wrong with his haircut! He is so cute! Did you embroider his t-shirt? It ought to be framed when he grows out of it, which he probably will before next year! And playing darts is such fun! I am glad you had a relaxing time and now you are ready for action! Take care and enjoy the rest of your relaxing days while you can! :)

    1. I didn't do the shirt. Lindsay has found a cute shop on Etsy for getting those shirts. Trust me they are worth buying. Trying to machine embroider brings me stress. Gus is not far from me ever. He follows me everywhere which I do enjoy:)

  6. It sounds like that you had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday. That watermelon looked delicious. Precious photo of Tucker!


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