Friday, September 18, 2015

Cross Stitching and Coaching

Yesterday afternoon, I finished counted cross-stitching the first thing I have stitched in years. At one time, it was my number 1 hobby. I really don't have a count of how many things I've stitched. They are all over the house, the cabin, at my mama's house, and were given as gifts. It was a real passion. When I retired, I knew I would bring that back into my life. I have always needed something to do when watching TV. That is Jeff's favorite thing to do in the evening, but not mine:) 

I started off with a challenging project, an Audubon heron. I just couldn't muster up excitement, try as I might. I finally let myself put it up and look for something else. When I came across the monthly cottages at Priscilla's blog, I knew what I would start on. I love the way she displays them other than the traditional framing, so I am now on a new mission. 

I finished the first month, September on September 17th. Whew! I must go faster.

I stitched it on 28 count lambswool linen as the pattern suggested. Throughout the process, I kept thinking I needed to go back to eye doctor. I said after a little ways into it that I would stitch the rest on Aida cloth, but as I surveyed the final stitch last night, I changed my mind. I may be blind by the time I finish the twelve months, but I am going for the linen to finish them.

I wondered if I should start on November and skip October, but I think I have my groove back. So, October is started as of late last night.

Today, I am off to find a frame and the sheet metal or something equivalent to it that Priscilla talks about. I will share when I am finished IF it works. I think I have it figured out.

Oh, and can I just brag for a minute? My son is still in school at 23. He has recently decided to change his major, so I am not thinking he will finish anytime too soon, as now we have shared the cold hard facts that he has to work and fit school around work, not the other way around. He works at a car dealership in the mornings and coaches football at a local middle school as an assistant. The car dealership has been the first place he has worked that is will to work with the football schedule or any of his coaching endeavors. Prayers answered!!! He is very passionate about football and much to this Mom's dismay always has. He is great at baseball, which I liked a ton more. No tackles there:) I love the coach that he is working under. He goes to our church and is part of our small group. That actually occurred after Paul Allen was coaching with him. At some point, during some sermon, I realized I needed to pray for other people to have influence over him, because at certain ages they don't listen to parents. The coach is another answer to prayers.

Anyway, back to the bragging, because above isn't so much to brag about. 
Paul Allen is just a natural at coaching. He was so insecure when he first started. He has been doing it for about 4 years now. He started as a volunteer. Now, he is paid to do it. He has so much more confidence in himself. The kids really listen to him, and I just have the warmest heart when I watch him out there. The little team this year is going to be fun to watch. They are little, but with such heart and the word team is there this year. There were so many little things last night that spoke of team. It was Crazy Fun to watch them last night. little Lindsay, set her table this week and sent me a photo. She remembered the fall napkins she had made when I was teaching her to sew and dug them out of her closet here at the house. She is so talented at choosing fabrics and making things fun looking. 

Stayed tuned next week for the downstairs reveal. Nothing for a magazine, but still I enjoy cleaning up and making it look a little nice ON  A BUDGET.



  1. Love it!! Priscilla's blog has really lit a fire under my cross stitch hands!! Like you , it is a passion for me. And I have an answer for your eye problem. There are magnifiers that will clip on your Qsnaps. It is the only way I can cross stitch on linen anymore!! I got one at my cross stitch store. It does not bother me at all as it is light weight.

    And congrats to your son on having some of his dreams come true. And I think you and your hubby are wise to let him find his way on his own. Prayer changes things!! I love Lindsay's table!! So the gray paint on the table..looks great with the fall colors.

  2. You are my rescuer once again with the cross stitch stuff. I was at Hobby Lobby in Destin waiting for something to be cut, when I saw your message about the magnifier to clip on the Qsnaps. I had purchased another kind for the neck. Didn't like it, but clipping on the Qsnaps. Well, that is a whole different thing. Thanks a million.

  3. I really could not stitch without mine Sandy. I am not sure of the brand...I was ready to buy one of the Dazor(?) lamps that cost an arm and a leg when Marlene, my cross stitch lady showed me the magnifier!

  4. Looked it up and Amazon has them for $19. Flexilens.

    1. I did find one for the same price. I think it was a different brand. It should be here this weekend. I can't wait.


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