Monday, September 14, 2015

Double 5's

Someone might just have a birthday in September. That person might be the double 5's. 

That really is sounding much older, but I don't dread birthdays. 

I made up my mind sometime after turning 30 that I would never dread them. I celebrate them, maybe not in a big loud event like the younger days, but in relishing the fact that God has seen fit for me to be here and live life with those I love so much.

You see, I lost my dad when he was in his early thirties. I had a really rough time around that same age. I looked at my little ones and it hit me harder than ever that it must have been so hard for him to leave behind a five year old and a wife. I have always believed that God blessed me with an incredible gift. I do remember him. I know I was five and that is very hard for people to believe, but I do. There are several vivid memories even after all these years that no one could have told me about.

Anyway, yes, I am 55, but that is good thing. I have watched my children grow up.

For that I am grateful.

So what--- that I have silver hair and the wrinkles are beginning to appear. I think it is just fine and I choose to embrace life and the effects of aging.

Celebrating today!

BTW, that new blog header was created during the game Saturday trying to avoid looking at the TV. We had let the kids use all of the tickets. I make all my blog headers with PicMonkey. I just use the freebie version. I am not serious blogger...just a hobby.

I do hope the season will get better. Football is pretty popular around our house. Our game was not so fun to watch. I am one of those Auburn people who loves my team win or lose though, so I will be sporting my colors all the time. My daughter and son-in-law brought me home a new ornament for my Auburn Christmas tree. We may need another miracle this year though:)

It's great to be an Auburn Tiger.

I treated myself to orange roses. I love roses and well, it is my birthday.

Here's to double 5's and banana pudding today. The real kind!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday!! This year it was 60 for me but so happy to celebrate. Like you, I have lost dear ones who did not make it as far as I did!! That game was a nailbiter. One of my North Ga cousins is in the JSU band and she thought they were going to pull it out. Several teams had surprises this weekend. Love those pretty roses!!

    1. Thanks, I did have a very fun day!!!


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