Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fall Decorations 2015 Part 1

Last year was my first year really decorating for fall. When I was teaching I simply just didn't have the time. When it got closer to Halloween, I would put out a few things and of course the jack-o-lantern on the front porch.

I absolutely love fall, so last year I embraced the idea of decorating for the season. I fell in love with it. I grew tired of it just before Christmas, but of course I was thinking of Christmas. The other thing I noticed about it was that I loved clearing out everything for January. I am sort of a no nonsense, no clutter kind of person, BUT... I am NOT a minimalist. I love how the things you display in a home tell your story. I love color and mementos on display. 

Now, that I have cleared that up I am going to share in two parts my fall decorations this year. I love pictures, so the posts will be picture heavy.

Without further adieu, you my blogger friend may enter the front door. I would rather you enter here than in my back garage door BECAUSE that is always messy. 

The foyer table got a few pieces. 

 A close up.

I painted the front door a couple of weeks ago. I am still not sure about the blue accent. My son said an emphatic no to it. Does anyone else have children that share their opinions of what you do so freely? Not that I pay too much attention to it, if I like it:)

Below is a picture of the stained glass in the entry. The colors in it are blue and green. There are blue pieces all around, so the blue is not just a random color. I am still trying to justify the color.

Moving on to the "billiards room" is the desk that is out of place, so I thought I would help it out.

A close up.

The desk was in my old sewing room and matches the dining room table. I just love it and don't want to get rid of it. I had no where to put it, so it ended up by the pool table. I may move it downstairs now that my son has moved out. I guess I will be slow to do that and see how that move really goes.

The small table has the cutest squirrels that I found at Tuesday Morning the other day. I just fell in love with them. I found the globe and pumpkins in the foyer and desk there as well.

The dining room has an added pumpkin to the centerpiece. I am not sure about that pumpkin yet. A real one may replace it later. It was a Walmart find.

I added the brown flower to the shells. Those flowers are scattered around in several places. I found those at Pier 1 last year. They are napkin rings.

The guest bathroom got a small touch with the candles.

I will share the living room and kitchen tomorrow.

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  1. I like your fall touches Sandy!! And if you like your blue accent, ignore the son!lol. I have one son who I do trust for decorating advice. He is artistic and has an eye for things so I will solicit his opinion if I am in doubt. Then I do what I want most of the time. I am still debating over a color for my front door. I want to get it done before I put out my pumpkins and mums in several weeks.


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