Monday, September 28, 2015

Random Post (Great Views)

This post will be a random assortment of things.

I was looking through my photos from the last few days, and they will guide this post.

I like to have time to just play house. Last week, I finally stole a moment to play with a place setting for no reason other than I just wanted to play.

The plates on the bottom are from my daughter's closet. I was digging around in there looking for something else when I came across them. My mother had given them to her when she moved in her apartment at Auburn. They have been boxed up since her graduation in 2012. Oldies may recognize them from their younger days. They were purchased at grocery store. I think it may have been Piggly Wiggly or the A&P. They came in the green or gold. Anyway, they worked perfectly with my duck salad plates that I got from Tuesday Morning a while back.

We went to Auburn this past weekend. I will speak not of football scores, even though I love my Tigers win or lose. I am faithful.

Mama and I went up Friday to the cabin, and Hubby and Son came up Saturday morning. I took the dogs with me. This is what they did for most of the time. If not outside, they were looking out on the screened porch. I can not even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my porch. 

My daughter turned 26 this weekend. Wow, I can't believe how time has flown. She will always be my little girl. She and her husband headed to Cape San Blas for the weekend. They had a great weekend. If you have never been there. It is amazing. Old Florida at its best. 

New Costa sunshades were her birthday present from Mom and Dad.

Game day attire.

A few photos from Auburn.

I have something new to share about soon, but here are a few hints.

It was a blustery day in the Fort today. It was quite windy on the bayou.

The water was up and quite choppy.
Well, that is a wrap on my randomness.



  1. I remember dishes like those Sandy!! Your tablescape is beautiful. I am still catching up with housekeeping this week but I hope to get pumpkins and mums out on the front porch soon!! Your cabin looks so restful. And what beautiful children you have too!! I love random posts as it kind of fits in with my line of thought these days!! Are you on Instagram? I try to post a picture a day. Email me if you are and we can follow each other. I put a cross stitch photo on yesterday!!

    1. Loved your hot chocolate bar and your stitching. Maybe one day we will catch up with that Priscilla:)

  2. Sorry about the football. My team didn't play this past weekend, but I realized I was wearing orange and blue, which oddly, are my favorite colors. I told everyone they were for Auburn, NOT the gators! Hope you survived all the rain!

    1. We have to be careful about the colors we wear on a Saturday in the fall. I can only wear that other team in the state's red during the summer. If I do, I make sure it is much more of a garnet than a crimson. I am afraid I am going to have a very long and sad year for football. Good thing I love my team anyway. Nothing like football in the south.


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