Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Is Spring Here? This Tree Says Yes!

My PaPa on my mother's side had a saying for everything, so my mom carries on this tradition.
We were discussing the spring like weather the other day when Mama asked if there were any of a particular tree around here anywhere. She calls them Japanese Magnolias. I said, "Yes, I had seen those in a neighborhood right near me each year." She reminded me that when those bloom, you can say spring is here. We had one in our yard back when I was a girl. 

Mama was out of town yesterday, so I drove over to her home to check on things and remembered to look for these trees. This is actually a large one for this area. The ones I have seen are much smaller. They were all in bloom in this neighborhood.

I hope Mama is right...that spring is here.

However, it doesn't feel like it this morning. It is not real cold, but the wind is blowing like March is blowing in. We were lucky with the storms last night, but not Pensacola. I am headed that way this morning for a doctor's appointment, but I think I will be on the south end of it. They got quite a few tornadoes last night.

While Mama was gone, I took a few photos of her very small back yard. She is after me to get it pretty with her. 

It is actually a nice space with the right amounts of shade and sun. A very rusty fan is up there. I know that is coming to change that!

This is one side of her little deck.

The other side.

This is considered her yard. She is wanting grass like NOW!. There were several trees cut down. You will see what it must have looked like in the next picture. I think I like the sun she gets without the trees, but it left her side bare. We will get it looking good.

This other side is probably what hers looked like at one point. The trees were cut before we bought it. 

She as definitely got everything looking great and seems to be much more content. She had to go and stay with my aunt (her sister) because my uncle has been real sick and Mama thought she needed a break and some help. 

One last thing today.

I bought some tulips way back in November and stuck them in the bottom of my extra refrigerator. I have never grown tulips and know absolutely nothing about them other than I think they are pretty. Good intentions never got off the ground. Those things could have rotted in the refrigerator. I finally pulled them out and figured I had thrown money away. I decided that I would just throw them in three pots that I had on the side yard that we use for vegetables each year. 

This morning I went out and I have ground broken. I am so excited. I have no clue if they will actually bloom, but we will see.

Stay tuned for tulips and spring,


  1. I hope spring is here too but the wind is really blowing here this morning. It was shaking my van as I drove Kendall and Landon to school. I am glad your mama is getting settled in her new place. I love tulips as well but have never had much luck with them. Someone told me that here in North Alabama you have to plant them every year as our ground does not get cold enough long enough for them to come back and bloom. Nothing is so cheery to me as a bed of red and yellow tulips. Nothing is blooming here yet, Daffodils are up but I think it will be next week before they bloom. It has been so dreary here that I am ready for some bright yellow pops of color.

    1. March is definitely blowing in like a lion. I think you may be right about those tulips and if that is the case then planting them in a pot will probably be the best I ever do. Maybe they will bloom since they have been in the refrigerator since November! Gasp!
      I love daffodils. I never seen them down here. I don't know if that is because they don't do well on the coast or if they just never got popular here.
      I am hoping the wind dies down before I have to drive over the Pensacola Bay Bridge. I hate driving over it when it is windy.

  2. Oh Sandy we are secret sisters....I feel the same way about bridges. There was one I had to cross over Lake Lanier years ago when we lived in Athens Ga and I would always pray before I drove over it. It had those old what we called Ronka would literally shake your car. I am better about it now but wind is a game changer.

  3. It's so cold here again, but this year I didn't fall for it. Even though the flowers were blooming and it was warm last week, I knew the cold would be back. I hope the flowers don't get killed! I picked an armload of azaleas today just in case!

    1. I did Mama's flowers, but I am holding out myself as well. I have only put out the tulips and pruned my roses. I am anxious to get started though.


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