Friday, February 5, 2016


This is what happens daily at my house when Jeff gets up to ready himself for work which BTW is very early. He leaves at 6:10. I do NOT miss those days at all!!!

No, I am not seeing him off to work. I just grunt Bye!

I took this one morning a couple of weeks ago. They hop up and sandwich me in after Hubby gets up. If I make the slightest move they are at my nose and ready to go. The sun is coming up earlier and earlier, so they are stirring now even before Hubby gets out of the house. I have the alarm set for 6:30, so I am not a total lazy bum.

The sun is coming up earlier and earlier, and I haven't quite made the adjustment yet. 

I get up and feed them and then they are ready for a nap again. Seems a little wrong to me.

I am looking forward to a calmer day today than yesterday. 

I took Mama for an ultrasound yesterday morning. She has had some kidney issues for quite awhile, so we are going back to the urologist next week. Sometimes this makes her feel a bit bad. I am hoping they can figure out something to make her feel good. She is a fighter and most would not even know she is feeling poorly, but I can tell. She would be working circles around me if she felt good.

Lindsay came home for lunch. She likes leftovers and is not dumb. I warm everything up and have her a hot meal ready when she walks in the door.

Then my sweet Lucy had a really bad afternoon with her seizures. Three back to back. She started about a year and a half ago. They are very irregular. We have narrowed some of the cause down to food allergies, but not all of them. I literally think changes in the air pressure mess with her. The vet and I have not chosen to put her on meds yet, because many of those are pretty yucky, but they are getting worse and longer. 

She can do a sad face very well. 

I took her in yesterday evening after she settled down and I got her cleaned up. She got a Valium shot and we are going to do some bloodwork on her. I think I am going to put her on meds. She will be 11 in April. You would never know it, because she gets around great and is quite spunky.

She is highly allergic to treats such as Milkbones. They are a sure seizure. I have read that about quite a few dogs, so be careful out there.

Hoping for a peaceful weekend at the farm. We are planting carrots and potatoes. Maybe that will keep me settled down here at the house and not try to stalk Lowe's for spring flowers too early.

It is all quiet at home right now and I am Enjoying it immensely. I guess getting up early can be a good thing!


  1. Poor Lucy...hope the meds will help her! It sounds like you are really enjoying your retirement Sandy. I love lazy days where I can just piddle around the house. Have fun at the farm....sounds like a nice weekend.

  2. That's the saddest looking puppy face ever!
    Hope you have a good time out in the garden this weekend!

    1. Spaniels can work that face on you! She is feeling better and off to get bloodwork this morning for meds. I hated to put her on it, but I can stand the seizures either.


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