Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Beginnings of a Garden

Hubby, Mama, the dogs, and I spent the day at the farm. Hubby tilled up a small area back in November for us to plant a garden in this year. I am so excited about this. 

Years ago, we had one in our back yard. It is a ton of work, but the fruit of that labor is delicious.
We will again attempt to have enough time to manage a garden, but this time at our fairly new farm.

We are starting small and will only plant things that we like to eat. Today, we started with some things that should get us started. 

We did three rows today and will add rows as the season continues.

I will give you a rundown of our activities. Hopefully, we will be successful!

He tilled up the three rows again.

Then added Black Kow.

These three rows are for root plants, so we planted on the hills today, not the valleys.

Once the hills were made, Hubby flattened the top to plant. On the left you can see the little trench that was made to add fertilizer.

That fertilizer was Red Fox. 

The rows were flattened again. Now, the first row is potatoes. We used seed potatoes. I used the hoe handle to make a hole for the potatoes. 

Then potatoes added.

The second row was onions and the third - carrots.

Lucy kept trying to walk in the rows. She was feeling much better today, but Daddy had to get after her about walking in the rows, so she decided that going to be near Grandma was the thing to do.

Lemony rode it out under the truck.
She avoids all trouble and is more of a city dog than a farm dog.

In fact later in the day, she decided she might need to ride in the mule.

She settled for the back.

Lucy had more than one swim in the pond. Ugh!

The completed three rows of potatoes, onions, and carrots. The metal pan marked the spot where we had two kinds of onions, but not enough to finish that row. We will add to it.

To finish up the day, I checked our fruit trees. We planted 10 trees back in November. There is a bit of budding. I am hoping a freeze doesn't bite them!!!

A beautiful and productive day. 

We will see how it all goes down.

Digging in the dirt,
Farmer Sandy


  1. I hoed many a garden growing up and I have decided I will just go to the Farmers Market I like the idea of gardening but boy is it hard work!! Your garden looks so pretty and neat...good harvest!

    1. It is indeed hard work. We will keep it small as I don't want more than I can handle and it still be fun. The funny thing about the weekend is that I woke up Sunday morning with sore legs. Going up and down in that garden was WAY MORE workout than any gym workout since the beginning of the year. So much for lifting weights...all I need to do is some squats! Ouch!

  2. Planting a garden is hard work!! I was sore after Elliott left because I was not used to lifting that much weight!! Looking forward to seeing the yield!

  3. Sandy, it's just beautiful out there! I love seeing those tall trees against the blue sky. That garden is going to be a lot of work but very worth it. Can't wait to see pictures of your veggies. Pinning to my gardening board. :)

    1. It is a pretty place and we are going to be experimenting a whole bunch, but I am excited to have my own home grown food.


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