Friday, September 5, 2014

A Few Fall Touches

I am rushing the season. Maybe I am missing putting up September bulletin boards (not missing school, however), but I have been adding some fall touches to the decor. I don't usually decorate my home for fall quite literally because this time of year was so busy getting back into the school routines.

On this side of the bookcase, I added my Toomer's Oaks collection candleholders and squirrels.

I fell in love with these candleholders last fall. They have live oak leaves and acorns. Football season and fall!!!

I couldn't resist the squirrels.

Moving right... a little pumpkin on my small hearth.

The bookcases on the right have some pumpkins. Should have turned off the TV...

These pumpkins called out my name at JoAnn's the other day. The flowers are napkin rings from 
Pier 1. They were the perfect touch.

Just another flower napkin ring. 

Coffee table holds a candle set that I bought years ago.

Keeping it real... no staged photos for me. The placemat is there because my son eats here everyday. The coffee table raises up to hold his meal. I told him he had to start using a placemat and he has actually followed through.

The dining room buffet with fall touches.

And the kitchen, well I can't get a picture of my windows, because I am a horrible picture taker. Trust me, it is cute.

Bow with acorns and some fall colored bows. 

Cute fall colored birds.

The island that I work really hard to keep clean has a small touch.

I am not so sure about this...

May rework it and use it on the porch when the pumpkins arrive at stores. I know I am jumping the season especially when the temperature outside is in the 90's. It really made me happy though.

I will wait on doing the front porch until a more appropriate time frame.

Happy about the opportunity to be a homemaker,

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