Sunday, September 7, 2014

Living Room Tour

My family has always called the room with the sofa and TV the living room. I grew up in the days of a living room being the formal room on the front of the house that you never went in except at Christmas. I suspect that the only reason you were allowed in the living room was because the Christmas tree was on display in the picture window. The den was the place where you actually lived day to day. When we married and moved into our second home that we built, great rooms were all the rage. Yes, that would be the 80's. That great room simply became the living room. When we moved into our current home, it had a formal living room and great room. We used the formal living room as a game room. It was in a location that I knew we would never go in otherwise, so I was talked into the pool table. The great room is still our "living room."

While adding the fall pictures, I thought I would share our living room. I will give you a tour around the room.

Starting at the bookcases. 
One set to the left of the fireplace and then two to the right. I love bookcases. I am an avid reader, so I have to have a place to put them. It doesn't help that they are fun to decorate too.

Lemony is sitting on the end, but that is usually Lucy's spot. Lucy hates pillows, so rarely will you see them on the sofa.

Lucy in the recliner, so the pillows are out. Trust me, I have actually seen her jump on the couch for the sole purpose of putting them on the floor.

The mirrors on the wall to the right were there from my mother-in-law. They actually came around a little further. Her furniture for this room was much more modern and they really went well with it. She liked them because it mirrored the view of the water on that side of the room. At first I planned to take them down, but ended up only taking the ones that went behind my sofa down. I ended up liking what she was talking about with the view of the water. I knew they were very 80's, but if you like something it shouldn't matter about style.

The dog box for Lemony is always there. Can't move it or she would be lost. It houses the pillows that Lucy knocks off and extra blankets for the cool nights.

Oh and did you catch that messy ottoman. That would be my hubby's special spot. I gave up and let him have it. After all, that is real life and I am not about sporting a magazine spread. 

The geese above the doors are from the 60's. My mama still has the same set at her house. I always loved them. My mother-in-law had the same set. I think they look fab above the door.

The alcove holds my Christmas tree. It is perfect for that. It is one of three on the back of the house. Each one is a little further out to catch a view of the bayou in all rooms.

My little bit of real life is safely tucked away behind my rocker! This is my favorite little spot.

Now, this is Lemony's typical place if she is not in her box.

And this is Lucy's place unless she is under the dining room buffet.

Hope you enjoyed the living room tour with the real life tossed in.

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