Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Deck Progress

The top deck is complete, but rain is hampering progress on the bottom levels.
The top deck was completed just in time for the spring rains. The rains have kept me from cleaning up and doing the touch up painting that is needed from where the old and new didn't meet. Yesterday was the first sunny day, but I spent the whole day inside with doctor appointments for Mama. Today we had more of those, so I am hoping the sunshine will hold for tomorrow so that I can get busy outside.

Without further ado, here is the top level.

I went outside early this morning to get a few pictures. This view was taken on the side by the stairs going down and looking back across the deck. The table and chairs are right outside our kitchen door. 

We used a composite material for the deck boards. All other material is the regular pressure treated lumber used along the water. I chose the  darker color because when the other boards age they will be similarly colored.

The next shot is where I keep my geraniums.

Unfortunately, they are not blooming. They will be popping soon though. They do well here, and I love to look out my kitchen window while washing dishes to them. They also make a great little side note for suppers on the deck. 

I love to sit in the tall chairs. We had them especially built for the deck so that you could see over the rail. They are wonderful, and I thank God every time I sit in one for the view that I am so lucky to have.

The grill is right out our family room door. Hubby is a fine grill master, I might add.

This is the view to the right from my chair.

This is straight ahead.

To the left is a tree, and if it looks like a long way down, it is.
The truth is that this deck is much like three levels up. I will show you in a moment.

Going downstairs, the second level is the downstairs to our home. It has a tile porch and the former top deck rested on the stone wall. It had finally given way to the deck. So, we moved the support beams out further and they are in the ground with concrete. It actually added about a foot and a half out on the top deck.

We have to get the stone wall repaired. We are pulling up the tile and putting in a metal rail on this level. It will have a gate which I am so excited about. The dogs will not be able to sneak off at will for a swim.

The tile is awful. It is impossible to keep it nice looking. The only thing I don't like about the new deck is the big posts. In order for us to get a real secure deck that I won't worry about made them a necessity. 

We didn't redo the bottom level because we can a few more years out of it. When we do we will use the composite material to do it as well.

I purposely didn't make these big because I have a mess to clean up down there. Everything is just dirty. Hopefully, next week I can get outside and get it done.

This is looking back from the dock.

 The second level will have railing when we get the stone repaired and tile repaired.

Now, for an interesting note. The water levels are way down during the winter months, but during the summer they rise to the top to where no sand is showing on a regular day. The right side of the yard is grass and you have to step directly into the water. We have a ladder on the dock to climb down in the water.

When hurricanes come in, it is hard to believe, but the pilings directly in the front and center of you are covered with water very early. During IVAN, water came up to the top of the stone but never overlapped onto the tile. VERY scary.

As for Mama...we are continuing to try and get her feeling better. After her blood pressure shot to stroke levels back in January, I have had her going to all kinds of doctors. Yesterday, we finished our visits to the urologist. She has a kidney stone embedded and some para pelvic cysts, but everything checked out ok there. Cardiologist has gotten her blood pressure settled down, and we are done with him. She has a massive sinus infection, so we are working on that with a month long prescription of antibiotics specifically designed for her problem. Possibly a balloon procedure on tap for May.
We visit her new internist, now her primary care physician next week.

busy, busy, busy....

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