Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I love September. I love summer like crazy, but when school begins, I look forward to September. I even love writing it in a date. September just writes out pretty. I always wrote the date on the board in my classroom, and there was just something about writing September that signaled we were ready for school. The routines were coming into place, and we were ready to roll.

I don't have a board anymore, but I have located a space in my sewing room to kind of keep me organized. I have found that having this little pad helps me keep up with a few things that are kind of ongoing whether it is an insurance bill to pay or a reminder to go and pick up something, etc. I wrote September this morning. It reminded that life is ticking faster these days, and I need to enjoy every good moment of it.

The month of September begins with celebrating my wedding anniversary. This will be my 31st. We have never given big gifts on our anniversary, but as I shared last year, my hubby is incredible at gift giving. I, on the other hand, am NOT. You can read about his special gift of 30 things he loves about me HERE. It was quite scary how well he knew me. We are having a low key celebration this year. It is midweek and the school year has kicked in big time for him. A simple dinner and sunset boat ride if the weather cooperates. 

The pictures of our wedding leave no doubt that the year was 1984. That dress speaks loudly of the 1980's. Maybe the only thing I didn't do was wear the hat that so many wore, but then I have a wreath of flowers in my hair and gloves. My mother so wanted my daughter to wear my dress, but I didn't even begin to think she would AND I don't blame her. I LOVED it and it screams SANDY, but I think every girl should have the dress they want on their special day. 

I sent this picture earlier today to my niece. She was our flower girl. She is all grown up now and her twins were the flower girl and ring bearer for my daughter's wedding. I figured the twins would get a kick out of seeing their mom as a flower girl.

We have three birthdays this month, mine, my daughter's, and my brother-in-law's, so I will be busy making cakes this month. My brother-in-law isn't married, so I always try to make a big deal for him as well.

I did put out my fall decor in the house yesterday. I just couldn't help myself. After all football season kicks off in earnest this weekend with Auburn vs. Louisville. I decorated for fall last year for the first time in my house. I really never had time when I was teaching. I love the colors and really enjoyed doing that.

I will share the fall decor this week.

One last look at wedding pics... Time does fly...

My devotional on the new First5 app by Proverbs 31 Ministries was on marriage today. How perfect!

A few verses about marriage:

"That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh." --- Genesis 2:24

When Adam first saw her, he said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh." --- Genesis 2:23

God made a woman to be man's ideal counterpart in this world.



  1. Love your wedding day photos!! You were a beautiful bride and I love the Princess Di look a like dress! I will share my picture on Friday...my mom made my dress as most of us 70s brides embraced the do it yourself weddings. And my cousin, Holly, was my flower girl. We were married on her 4th birthday! I think fall weddings are so pretty. Looking forward to seeing your fall decor.

    1. Can't wait to see your dress.
      One of my favorite weddings ever was my aunt's. We were from the woods and it was the first wedding I remember going to. My mom made all the bridesmaids dresses. I love those days. Simple. We go a bit overboard on everything these days. I am guilty! I just got through a year and a half ago with my daughter's wedding.


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