Friday, June 10, 2016

My Latest Treasures

I have acquired a few treasures for the farmhouse.

My aunt is downsizing and doesn't want them anymore. Her daughter, my cousin, is more of a minimalist, so she didn't want them...that left me.

I can't even tell you how excited about the first one I am...If nothing else, the memories it brings back are priceless.

This antique bread bowl was my grandmother's on my mother's side. Mama says she really doesn't remember Grandma not having it.

Grandma kept this on top of cabinet (pie safe type) in her kitchen....of course she had a flour sack draped over it. I have stood by her side while she made the most amazing biscuits in the entire world almost every evening for years. She had the patience of Job and ALWAYS let me make a baby biscuit for the last one.

After my dad died, Mama and I moved back to Conecuh County to be close to family on both sides. We built a house about 300 yards from my grandparents and my PaPa made a trail just for me from my back door to their front yard. I walked it every evening. 

Now, I know everyone one thinks that they are the favorite, but REALLY I was!!!

I can still remember Grandma's every step using this bowl to make biscuits. I have tried to replicate it  to no avail. I am not kidding when I tell you there was magic in the bowl or her fingers.

You could eat them dry and day old and they would melt in your mouth. The last good biscuit I had was the last one she made for me.

When my aunt said I could have it I was over the moon excited.

Priceless treasure.

It was cracked and I was sad about that. It had gotten really dry, so Hubby started putting vegetable oil on it and brought it back to life. I struggled with whether to repair it, because that means I probably can't see if there is MAGIC in the bowl, but I let him repair the cracks.

That is not all folks.

My great grandmother had a Hoosier cabinet.

Hubby went up to my mom's house in Brewton (which has not sold---whine) and picked it up last evening. We will take it to the farmhouse this weekend. We have to put it all back together, but it has the flour sifter in it and a roll top door. I remember it in my grandparent's kitchen.

I would not be able to keep it either if we didn't have the farmhouse, but it will be perfect there.

If that wasn't enough, there is one more item. My great grandmother had a antique butter mold.

Y'all it is Christmas in June for me.

One more thing...
I can still remember Grandma emptying a new bag of flour in the dough bowl. I really thought I had remembered it wrong on the brand, but thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I am not. 

It was always a bag of Shawnee Chief.

I have a very busy weekend. Two birthday boys. My husband and son are one day apart, so two desserts to make. I also have one of my best friend's daughter's wedding this weekend. Hubby and I are putting up a basketball goal tonight, so that when they come home from rehearsal they can play basketball like in the movie "Father of the Bride."

Off to get busy on cake for the first birthday,


  1. Sandy...we have to be KIN! I love all those items and I am looking for similar things for my little house but how special yours is because of all the memories. I can't wait to see them in place at the farm house!! It is going to be so cozy and warm.

    1. Thanks Arlene, I am so excited about them. The cabinet has to be put back together, but I know it is just going to be perfect.

  2. Great blog Sandy... Enjoyed visiting it! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog also... When I saw your dough bowl, I got a very wide grin. I have the fondest memories of the one I inherited... Such treasures you have~

  3. Sandy... what a beautiful sentimental post. I bet your grandmother is looking down from heaven with a smile remembering all the memories that you two shared. And I can't end this comment with out that Superman of a husband you have!! How wonderfully thoughtful he is. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Thanks Katie! I do have to brag on the Superman. Last night he spent time after supper in our Florida humidity and heat putting up that basketball goal. I can't wait to hear how the father and bride to be enjoyed their evening.
      I think I will keep him:)


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