Thursday, June 9, 2016

Throwback Thursday #2 - Dining Room and Family Room

I really thought this little project of sharing our house way back would be so easy, but it's turning out to not be so easy. 

What started this little idea? I was searching through a tub of pictures trying to find out how the side of the house looked in order to fix a drainage problem I was having. I found a whole bunch of pictures of the house as it was being built and then quite a few of the outside. It is simply amazing to see how much things have grown in 32 years. I will share that next week.

As I discovered this week while sorting through albums is that my mother-in-law took lots of videos. The kind where are talking lots and the camera is on a tripod and recording us eating our meals around events. They are something else ---just imagine listening to your family conversations. I am not sure if they are boring or downright hilarious.

She stopped taking still pictures unless they were on vacation.

It has been really hard to find still photos of the house, but I managed to find a few of the dining and what we call the living room, but I guess it would be the family room on a house plan.

First up the dining room,

I know y'all are dying for me to share the video of this meal. I am sure you can tell from the picture how much fun that conversation was. 

Behind Jeff's dad, you can see the built in china cabinet. For me, it is way too stuffed. Although, one might say that of my version as well. On the right, you can see the Kent "Silver Pine."

Mrs. Palmer had made a set of dishes with decoupage that we ate off of each year, but Jeff says he remembers eating on the "Silver Pine." as a kid, so we have used them every year since 2002.

Current day china cabinet.

In this one, I blanked out Jeff's face for his sake. IT was not meant to be photographed at this minute, but I needed the photo to show you the wallpaper and buffet.

I gave the buffet to Kristan who is the little girl in the photo, our niece. Y'all have seen her twins on the blog before. They were in Lindsay's wedding, and I had quite a few photos of them back at Thanksgiving.

The buffet matches the table and chairs which I kept and the desk that sits in our pool table room. I think she will get that down the road as well. I am kind of holding it for her.


I found the new /old buffet at an antique show and it is one of my favorite pieces of furniture I own.

And I don't miss that wallpaper not one bit. 

Everybody can go goo goo over the new wallpaper all they want and tell me how easy it is to remove...not having it.

Now, onto the a few of the living room.

The TV is currently where that lamp is. It actually was there for them as well shortly after this picture. They bought this huge freestanding one that fit there.

For less than a year it was on the bookcase by the kitchen wall.


We added the cabinet piece under out TV. You can not tell it wasn't there all along. Previously, it had been just a stained piece of wood and the TV sat on the floor.

Gone are the brass doors on the fireplace as well. The mantle went through tons of changes. Mrs. Palmer never liked that. The last mantle was marble and I actually still have it downstairs in a closet. Her last thing was to take it down all the way, and she had a really ornate wooden thing with a mirror and shelf.

The above picture was taken in June of 1985 and the mirrors went up shortly after this picture was taken.  The glass sliding doors as well as many of the windows had the pop in grids. I took them out and really liked it better without them. I still have them downstairs in case they come back in style.



I think that was the biggest sofa ever. It was pieces that she changed on a regular basis. 

Oh and by Christmas 1985 the mirrors were in place.

Constantly changing with the styles, 


  1. hello, sandy! Oh my gosh, I had a laugh at the name of your blog. I majored in Home Economics, too! I ended up going back to school to get certified in language arts and spent most of my career teaching 8th graders. Hope you are having a great day!

    1. Oh how funny! I think I had read in your blog that you taught English. I could see the handwriting on the wall for home economics in "this area" very early on, so I got certified in elementary and then secondary social studies. I taught a variety of things over the years, but most of my years were spent in elementary. I actually became the science lady at the last two elementary schools and ended my career as a science coach for the district.
      I never regretted my home economics degree though.

  2. It is neat to see a home evolve over the years!! That is one gigantic china cabinet!! But I would probably have enough things to fill it and I would not be wondering where all my serving pieces etc were because I could see them. And all the fads are there too!! Those mirrors...I remember when they were the rage. Wallpaper...totally agree. I have spend too many days scraping it off!! I see it is making a come back but not in my house.:)

    1. No wallpaper ever ever ever here.
      You have to go check out my new treasures. Just posted.


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