Monday, March 23, 2015

Planting Time

I have always said there is wee bit of farmer in me. Actually, I couldn't cut it as a farmer if the truth be told, but I do love to grow things. There is something special about putting your hands in the earth and then watching patiently for the growth to take place.

This past weekend, Hubby and I tackled more outdoor projects.  We had previously put out fresh pine straw in the flower beds around the house.

This weekend we added some flowers and planted some tomatoes and peppers in containers.

We loaded up the buggy at Lowe's.

We are in the process of getting a new upper deck on the back of our house. It is long overdue (more of those endless repairs), so I have everything on the lower deck down by the water, so everything is temporarily kind of pushed together. Once they get growing and we spread them out over the back, they don't look so bad.

Three pots of onions.

Tomatoes and some basil.

Peppers. There is nothing like fresh salsa. Hubby makes great salsa.

More tomatoes.

And even more tomatoes. I think we have 6 pots total of tomatoes.

I changed out the pots on the front porch. It is kind of cloudy this morning, so not the greatest pictures.

We added some impatiens and ferns in hanging baskets out front.

After seeing the photo, I am thinking I need to lower those ferns. 

The leaves on the live oaks are beginning to fall. I love the live oaks, but it is unbelievable the load of leaves they drop in the spring.

The impatiens will keep some color as the azaleas fade away.

The azaleas are beginning to bloom. LOVE THEM!!!

Can't wait to get geraniums and begonias back in there spot on the upper deck. Those are two of my favorite things to look out at. Patience. It will be through soon.

I have two showers (a baby and a bridal) to give in April, so I am hoping everything will be popping out and looking a little better by then. 

Until next time,


  1. I have pots of onions and tomatoes outside as well. Can't wait for them to come in. Of course, right now, it's easy, but once the intense summer heat comes, I'll have to water-water-water!

    I meant to tell you that I didn't have time to comment before, but I had read where you have RA. Me too! I was diagnosed at 39, which is incredible because now I'm only 38- hahaha! Hope your's is under control, and I completely understand how easy it is to get worn out. Make that, "Plum" wore-out! I taught school when I was young, and don't see how in the world I could have done it when I had RA. Take care of yourself!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. RA is stinky for sure. I have had my ups and downs along the way. I got pretty bad towards the end of my teaching career, but I have made it. I am under control now, but have learned you have to be careful and not overdo it.

      Love your column...I can tell we group up in the same time frame and in close proximity. You take me down memory lane a lot which is always fun.


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